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Review #1, by nott theodore The Slug Club Ambush

10th July 2014:
Hello there!

This was a really interesting chapter of your story! I liked the way that you introduced the Slug Club and the idea of being ambushed by it which is in the chapter title - that's so funny because it really is exactly how Professor Slughorn manages to get people to go along to all of his little Slug Club parties. The invitation that Rachel received was so funny because I think you somehow managed to characterise the teacher perfectly, even though it was just in the written invitation. And then when Slughorn appeared later on that was really funny and your portrayal of him was great as well. I liked the way that Ginny and Rachel were friends as well because it was interesting and helped situate the story and characters better. But then that ending! It's very interesting, I wonder what will happen next!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review Educational Decree #7

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Review #2, by Lunar Moony Dearest Aunt...

25th June 2012:
Please finish this. I truly hope you let Fred live.I am enjoying this story very much!

Author's Response: I'll do my best and we'll see. Thank you for the review and sorry for the late reply,

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Review #3, by Gred_Forge_Nargles Rain in August.

22nd June 2011:
This story is great! Definitely my favorite fan fiction on here! Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovelly review. I hope you like the rest and yes I'll keep the writing up.

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Review #4, by Kristen Word Fix Most Things

27th April 2011:
I LOVE it! Your such a good author! Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Kristen,
Thank you your review means so much. I'm writing the next few chapters so I'll get some more on at some part.

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Review #5, by Ang3l1c Flow3r5 Goodnight and Welcome

21st February 2011:
Awwws ~ so cute! Haha ~
And the plot thickens ~ ^~^
I await the next chapter!
Thx for updatings often!
Angelic Flowers

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews- it's always nice to hear from you. You're welcome and I'm glad you like the updates.
The next chapter's being written

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Review #6, by Ang3l1c Flow3r5 Remusís Problem.

6th February 2011:
Hmm..poor Remus and awesome! :D
Ahahaha I think he thought Rachel was gonna get mad at him like
Harry~ LOL
"Actually I was gonna ask for my girlfriend back"
So funny! ^O^
I'm so mad at Kingsley for making it a cliffy!
Update soon ! LOL Thx for replying to my review ^O^
Angelic Flowers

Author's Response: thanks Angelica.
I didn't realsie it was meant to be funny but thanks all the same- I guess it is now thinking about it. Don't worry I've updated- it came up pretty quickly to my surprise.
And you're welcome- The lovely people who review deserve credit for making me want to finish this off.

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Review #7, by Ang3l1c Flow3r5 Visitors.

4th February 2011:
Time moves fast.. xD
So many questions and a really interesting cliffy! Will things go smoothly? Ahaha.
Hmm, so Fred was really protective over Rachel and she consequently holds them in high respect..
Update soon!
Angelic Flowers

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it. I do love writing this story. I'll hopefully answer your questions and I'm aslo trying to write the years before this story so you'll be able to read the whole thing from this is context soon, hopefully.
I've updated the 30th chapter but I'm still going,

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Review #8, by Ang3l1c Flow3r5 First Dance.

22nd December 2010:
This is definitely the best Fred/OC story I've ever read..I think ;P.
The elements are great and Rachel's personality seems to
really fit Fred although we don't really see him in the HP series.
Please continue writing this and update soon,
Happy holidays,
Angelic Flowers

Author's Response: Awwh thanks for the lovelly compliments- I love writing this story. I'm going to update as soon as I can.
Thanks for the heat-warming review

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Review #9, by Tash Livingstone First Dance.

20th December 2010:

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like this. I'm updating the new chapters as soon as I can.
Thank you for the review and I hope you read the other chapters as well,

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Review #10, by Annabelle The Nightmare and Then the Dream.

9th November 2010:
Thanks for the update, short but some Fred action is always fun. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovelly comment and I agree with the 'Fred action'. I know it's short but I can't seem to write long chapters as I just write what I can think of and don't always edit afterwards but I hope that you'll like the next few chapters because I'm building up to one of my, and what'll hopefully one of the reader's, favourites ones in the story.
I'll update soon and thanks again for the great reveiw

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Review #11, by Neige The Battle, the Funeral and the Mirror.

6th October 2010:
This story is awesome! Plz update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm waiting for the validation on the next one.
Thank you so much for reveiwing

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Review #12, by fwlvr13 Slytherin v Ravenclaw

12th February 2008:
the story line is amaing! but you should slow down a bit, i had a bit of trouble understanding sme of it. and all the jumping around just confused me. but i really like the plot! up date soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reveiwing. Sorry if the chapters are confusing I know most of the story of by heart and I'm trying to fit it in with JKRowlings version. I'm a bit like you because I also like Fred Weasley alot! he's really funny!LOL

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Review #13, by snufflesdaughter Another year.

1st June 2006:
That was the best i won't more ASAP!!!

Author's Response: Don't worry I've just got to wait a little bit for more!

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Review #14, by dw431 Letters, Owls, Book lists and Diagon Alley.

10th May 2006:
who is that check

Author's Response: The girls name is Rachel Williams.

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Review #15, by Blueflamme Letters Between Friends

9th May 2006:
It's cute...

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #16, by Rose Letters, Owls, Book lists and Diagon Alley.

4th May 2006:
this is really confusing. hope other chapters will make it clearer!

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see I've just started.Its about The last two years of hogwarts through two young people who have conections to Harry, Hermione and Ron and some history to there familys witch makes it dangerous for them.

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