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Review #1, by Jess the Enthusiast Moments Like This

16th October 2011:
This is one of the best James/Lily oneshots I have ever read! So cute and wonderful and absolutely perfect! 10/10 :D

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Review #2, by nikki Moments Like This

23rd August 2011:
It is not pretty poor!!! Its very very very cuute!

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Review #3, by nikki Moments Like This

23rd August 2011:
It is not pretty poor!!! Its very very very cuute!

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Review #4, by Middle_of_September Moments Like This

23rd January 2011:
Aaw! James and Lily really are perfect for each other. Too bad they never got their two girls... Lily is so lucky, I wish I had someone like James. Anyways, great one-shot, it was amazing :)

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Review #5, by Elvendork Moments Like This

12th October 2009:
this is amazing, amazing stuf :)

favorited + 10/10 :D

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Review #6, by sreduaram Moments Like This

20th August 2009:
That does sound like the perfect wedding day :) the predictions are really cute. haha i love the "conclusions" people would have come up with for their absence ;)

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Review #7, by KRenee Moments Like This

28th May 2009:
That was a really nice story, I throughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work.

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Review #8, by Harry and Ginny Moments Like This

23rd March 2009:
Oh my God! I love this fic because it has Lily and James and the song u putted there in the fic. I like the song very much. keep up the good work^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #9, by caer24 Moments Like This

22nd February 2008:
This is a really great one-shot.

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Review #10, by Unwritten Curse Moments Like This

26th January 2008:
Aww, so cute. It was the perfect wedding day, I will admit. But it couldn't be anything else, seeing as it was Lily and James and they totally deserved a dream wedding. And the ending was adorable as well, when they both picked her up. It showed the love they all shared for each other - whether it was true love, or just a loving friendship. Great work. (:

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Review #11, by Zaphira Moments Like This

29th November 2007:
You sure got the title right -

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Review #12, by ginny_roxmysox Moments Like This

19th November 2007:
OMG!!! This was so funny! I loved how James keeps going on and on about their future with all their kids. Sweet, funny, and romantic. A fic well done!!!
~Sabrina :)

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Review #13, by midwinter_wolf Moments Like This

17th November 2007:
VV good enjoyed alot. adorable but quite sad and deep with the song and how they only get to have harry. James predicted him quite well but he was really telling his own past rather than harrys future lol15/10

Author's Response: interesting... but maybe he loved his life so much thats all he wanted for his son. actually i have never thought about it like that.
thanks for reading!!!

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Review #14, by OvergrownEden9 Moments Like This

24th October 2007:


Cheered Me Right Up!!

Awwhhh ^_^
I Found It Sad And Ironic Too Though... :(

Well Done. Awesome.


Author's Response: thanking you~

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Review #15, by Deadly rose Moments Like This

15th October 2007: cute and adorable..
love all the feelings and the fluffy bits, it was good that you made it funny and sweet at the same time.
felt like giggling while reading this!

Author's Response: i fully support giggling. giggle away!

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Review #16, by ihearttink23 Moments Like This

13th September 2007:
I love it...really cute!

Author's Response: thanks so much once again!

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Review #17, by padfootprongslover Moments Like This

3rd September 2007:
Aww too cute. I love Lily and James. You described them perfectly...and the ending was sweet. 10:]

Author's Response: aww thanks!

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Review #18, by Green Moments Like This

5th August 2007:
Awww... It was SO cute. I absolutely loved it! So sweet! Lovely story!
Loved it.

Author's Response: thanking you for reading then!

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Review #19, by Lily 4 James Moments Like This

27th July 2007:
I totally loved it... Oh my god it was soo cute I'm nearly crying... but good crying... 10/10

Author's Response: i am glad. thanks muchly!

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Review #20, by wicKeDwitch1316 Moments Like This

19th July 2007:
Aww...SO cute! Really, really wonderful and completely realistic. I loved the way Lily kept interrupting and James "yelled" at her. I completely fell in love with James and I couldn't find any faults with Lily. They work wonderfully together. This fic is a perfect mixture of romance and humor. I laughed and felt my heart swell at the sweetness of this. Absolutely wonderful...I plan on reading more of your writing.

Author's Response: i love you for saying that. please please do. read saving ana coz its almost finished so close i can barely contain my excitement!

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Review #21, by cookiemonster Moments Like This

16th July 2007:
That was really sweet! It's so sad to think that James and Lily never got to do all the things they wanted to do. This is really well written, so don't worry about it being a bad one-shot =)

Author's Response: thankyou muchly!

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Review #22, by mochalatte Moments Like This

22nd June 2007:
*wipes away a tear* that was WONDERFUL!!!
i loved the way you captured james/lilys relationship!!!
LOVVEE your writting style too!


Author's Response: why thankyou!!!

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Review #23, by California Moments Like This

7th June 2007:
This is an awsone one-shot. Its really funny and not poor at all. Great ending to

Author's Response: hey thanks!

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Review #24, by firewhiskey Moments Like This

5th May 2007:
"That’s three perfectly good moments you have ruined.” cute!!i rate it a 10/10..yay!!

Author's Response: thanking you muchly!

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Review #25, by Drucila Moments Like This

17th April 2007:
hehe *sigh* the life james described sounds so peaceful and happy... its so sad they didnt get it :(..three children aye? i loved the arguement of the names 'dahlia and iris' and how she already like harry :D. loved the ending too... with siruis inlcuded..they are all so cute!! :D and the last line is classic "its my wedding day!!" hehe this fic made me laugh..and is soo being added to my favourites :D 1000/10 woohoo! ♥

Author's Response: thanking you muchly!!!

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