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Review #1, by Ravenclaw Lady A Change of Heart

4th January 2008:
Different. Very different. I HOPE you go back to this one at some point. RL XX

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Review #2, by blackthoughtsredwriting A Change of Heart

17th September 2007:
Oh the beginning is so good, why is it abandoned? I mean if it's a question of ideas or something I could help you with it if you want. I just hate to see a potential awesome story go to waste. =]

Author's Response: Oh, I had about 5-6 chapters written & posted, but I deleted them. It REALLY got away from me. It turned down the sexual road which wasn't my intentions. I think once I'm finished with my Narcissa story I'll go back to that one. I loved the ending of that chapter & want to explore it. And yes!! I may need your help!! lol

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Review #3, by noraxslytherin A Change of Heart

2nd August 2007:
aww you shouldnt've abandoned this.
excellent job!!!


Author's Response: Thanks Nora! I had about 4-5 chapters up with this & then it completely in a direction I wasn't intending on. So I deleted them to possibly start over. I have to rething where I want to take it. Thanks for the lovely review, I sure do appreciate it!

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Review #4, by Nymphie Lupin A Change of Heart

20th February 2007:
Why'd you abandon this? It's good! I like how Tonks is comforting her cousin. And all of the details make for a great plot line.

"For the first time in my life, I had total fear of Harry Potter."

Are you nuts for dumpin' this or what? LMFAO!!! Well, as Harry says "There had better be a good explanation for this!" LOL!!! But really, did you like lose inspiration for this one? TELL ME! This started off so good, but then you just abandon it!!!


Hey, when are you going to update A Deep Black Secret? I'm having Narkikki withdrawals!!! LOL!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Author's Response: I had about 4 or 5 chapters on here and I went and deleted them because all of a sudden it turned into a sex for all. I have to go back and rewrite this, I really liked the way it started out as well. Hopefully I can get back to it soon. I'm stuck with a Deep Black Secret as well. I didn't get as much response on the last chapter and I think I lost my steam. Hopefully soon I will be able to give you your Narkikki fill! lol I have to pat my own back on that one, that cracks me up!! lol Thanks Shea for your great review, as always you inspire me to write more!

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Review #5, by queennysnickers8077 A Change of Heart

31st December 2006:
I really like this one-its very realistic.

Actually, I wouldnt be very surprised if

something similar to this happens in the

7th book.

Keep up your interesting stories!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! You know, I actually wrote more chapters with this and posted them, but I ended up deleting them because it COMPLETELY went another route from how I started to write it and I became really disappointed in it. Hopefully after I finish my Narcissa fic I will return to this chapter and continue it.

I feel that way too about the 7th book coming out. I don't think Voldermort is just going to sit back and let things go unpunished. Although Dumbledore is dead, he is still going to be ticked because it wasn't Draco who killed him. Thanks again for the great review!

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Review #6, by SYN A Change of Heart

11th July 2006:
An awesomne beginning. I never thought that Snape was bad. I thought that Dumbledore may have ordered him to kill him so he could keep as a spy. I like it.

Author's Response: It's so hard to decide wether or not Snape is bad. Everytime I think he's not, something inside me says "Woah!! He's bad!!" lol

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Review #7, by *dee* A Change of Heart

31st May 2006:
Fantastic!! This story is great - it has made me consider a whole new journey the story could take. AND its believable (well, in the world JK created!) - I'd love to see it happen!

BUT! when will you update? soon i hope!

Author's Response: Oh Dee, I'm so glad you are liking this. I think that is the great thing about fan fiction, you can jump on another author's page and take a whole new journey then on to the next one!! Next chapter is waiting to be validated. stay tuned!!

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Review #8, by scarletheartedlioness A Change of Heart

26th May 2006:
This is great! I like it how you fast-forwarded it through the minor details and went straight to the meeting at Grimmauld Place. There is quite a lot of detail, and all in the right places. I think I am going to enjoy this fic. Well done! ^_^

Author's Response: Oh thank, I really tried to not fast forward, but I really found it irrelevant to where I want this to go. I hope you do enjoy this fic!

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Review #9, by sagesolon A Change of Heart

23rd May 2006:
Great beginning. You have got a winner of a fic started here.

It is amazing how much your writing has improved from that first fic I read a few minutes ago. Great reactions from everyone, I only wish you could have shown us the actual Snape/Draco arrival to Grimmauld. That part seems a bit rushed, but I think it's because you want to get to the Draco/Hermione part of the story. I just hope you don't rush everything else.

Author's Response: lol, oh this story is full of rush! It's difficult writing a Draco/Hermione fic that is in the now and not rushing a romance, I tried, but I think I miserably failed. I know on my Narcissa story I'm taking more time and effort into it.

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Review #10, by Elena A Change of Heart

16th April 2006:
G'day Mum_Weasley, just thought i'd swing by your profile page and see if you had any stories, and you do!!!! :) So here I am reading and reviewing.

I'm already liking this story, Snape and Draco back at the Order...What will Harry do??? I guess I'll find out...

Author's Response: Howdy Elena!! I'm soooooooo glad you decided to drop in :D. YOU are actually one of the reason's I decided to write a Dramione story. I think you do a much better job then I'm doing with the transistion of these 2 though. Very difficult if you there isn't alot of time in between.

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Review #11, by Jessi_Rose A Change of Heart

26th March 2006:
Very very good so far!! I like the ending where he says that he has total fear of Harry Potter - It really shows his vulnerability.. Great job! I'm off to the next chapter :O) ~Jessi

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Yes I felt pretty good about that chaper ending as well. I hope to keep it going!! :)

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