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Review #1, by Amparo My Name is Crookshanks

2nd March 2011:
Wonderful xD
I really like it! xD
That is so Crookshanks!

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Review #2, by michelle00 My Name is Crookshanks

22nd October 2010:
LMAO hilarious ! I've wondered about that cat. Great personality portrayal! It's nice to have an insight on the minor characters that deserve a bit more glory. Great idea, very original. :D

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Review #3, by _padfoots_princess_ My Name is Crookshanks

8th December 2009:
I loved this! That's so funny! rat-who-is-not-a-rat...It's a really interesting and fun idea to do it from Crookshanks's pov. Really, he /was/ important to the plot!

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Review #4, by slithern_ice_elf My Name is Crookshanks

25th July 2009:
intresting...i liked it. It gives you a look into the life of all animals, really. jolly good show. =D

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Review #5, by jammiecon My Name is Crookshanks

5th May 2009:
hilariously creative :) pretty much sums up the whole HP series, too, which is cool.

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Review #6, by Mistress My Name is Crookshanks

4th March 2008:
It was interesting, I'll give you that much. Unfortunately, for my taste, it was really scattered. Yes, I realize that was the point, but if you read into the context of the books, it's painfully obvious that Crookshanks really adored Hermione and she was not just some "bushy-haired girl" that went and bought him. Also, I don't Crookshanks is a Kneazle. That's very important...considering he's not a Persian cat at all. I know that sounds kind of snob-like, but I just want to make sure you get the respect you deserve for your writing.

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Review #7, by Sexy Polish Witch My Name is Crookshanks

19th July 2007:
I like it. It's good sarcasm, and it's very unique. That's what I love in story's- uniqueness!

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Review #8, by ardeth My Name is Crookshanks

19th July 2007:
aw its so cute

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Review #9, by kidamokia My Name is Crookshanks

8th April 2007:
luv this tooluv this tooluv this tooluv this tooluv this tooluv this tooluv this too

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Review #10, by hogwarts_girl_5 My Name is Crookshanks

14th January 2007:
im sry, but this isnt very good, i mean, theres no proper story in it...but i like all ur other fics...

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Review #11, by nazozink My Name is Crookshanks

4th November 2006:
this is.AUSOME! I loved it. IT's very believeable that Crockshanks actually thought that! speaking of which.
TO Ms. Crookshanks.
I have always regarded you highly, For you are a pure blood and for what ever reason ( I think it's because I always wind p hateing who every one is supose to like) My friends and I have never like Ronald, WE have always regarded you much higher. As you rightfuly are. WE have writtin scenes were you can't take it anymore and atack Ron. Although you may think you would have gotten in trouble you don't instead you are praised highly.
Also that was pretty smart getting ms. noris( I agree by the way horriable name) to be in the suit of armor instead of you. What do you think about the cat version of Mcgonagle, obviously not as cool of a cat as you but still.
Ok I have to go farewelll Crockshanks and farewell ingenius Author
Ps KATS RULE ALL! (well exept stuff they don't cheese)

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Review #12, by Freakx24 My Name is Crookshanks

30th August 2006:
That was actually pretty good considering you just wrote it to keep another story from failing. Actually, it was also pretty interesting. (And I mean interesting is a GOOD way.)

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Review #13, by Entmaiden My Name is Crookshanks

14th August 2006:
wow, a sarcastic cat, how lovely, i am indeed a sarcastic cat-lover, go figure....i like your stor, though!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #14, by Morgan_Malfoy My Name is Crookshanks

30th April 2006:
When I first saw this book I was like, this is going to be so stupid. Then I read it. I have to admit it was cute. I love how your portrayed Crookshanks, it was very funny and adorable. That's really all I have to say, the only criticism being the part about Hermione dressing Crookshanks up, I don't remember her ever doing that. So be it, I really did like this one.

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Review #15, by lafawnduh dynomite My Name is Crookshanks

27th April 2006:
it is not nonsense it was really funny to bad it's a one shot

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Review #16, by gabzi27 My Name is Crookshanks

27th April 2006:
so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #17, by crookshanks7 My Name is Crookshanks

26th April 2006:
lmao i loved it!

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Review #18, by Unicorn Girl My Name is Crookshanks

26th April 2006:
silly...but in the funny sense of word.

Author's Response: :) thanks!

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Review #19, by Disco Alien My Name is Crookshanks

14th April 2006:
Hey, sarcasm is great fun to read and it made me laugh, I suppose I liked it cos I'm a sarky person with sarky parents and sarky sisters.
I am surrounded by sarcasm! And I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I love sarcasm, too!

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Review #20, by BiG MaMa My Name is Crookshanks

14th April 2006:
lol that was funny! it reminded me of draco somehow! thank god you got bored! i like shot? its funny.

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Review #21, by Ms_Malfoy My Name is Crookshanks

29th March 2006:
i just e-mailed you the banner! i hope you like it! the story's funny! haha

Author's Response: i LOVE the banner! But i can't put it up until submissions are open again. arg! Thanks :)

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Review #22, by Wel Zen My Name is Crookshanks

26th March 2006:
crookshanks is a cat right?

Author's Response: Of course; he's Hermione's cat. He's in all the books from Prisoner of Azkaban up to Half Blood Prince

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