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Reading Reviews for James Next Door
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Potter_Lover2011 New Neighbor

30th December 2006:
Why did you abandon this story it is very good

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Review #2, by James_Fan New Neighbor

7th December 2006:
This is so good. I think that u should continue. This story would be a really great story to read. Hope u continue.

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Review #3, by Saranwarp New Neighbor

9th November 2006:
I totally disagree with Anika R! I loved it. UPDATE SOON PLEASE! No presure O.o

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Review #4, by axelvaz New Neighbor

8th November 2006:
That was good.

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Review #5, by harry799 New Neighbor

1st November 2006:
if this is is your first ffanfic and youve written at least 3 more then why arent you updateing??? this is really good!

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Review #6, by Rose_4Ever New Neighbor

23rd October 2006:
Its good, you should keep it goingm even if it is a one-shot!

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Review #7, by Infantasia New Neighbor

18th August 2006:
Hmm this was interesting :) I have to say, this was a little bit weird as a one-shot. It would've made an excellent first chapter to a story, but for a one-shot, it didn't seem...complete, so to speak. I recommend turning this into a story, if you have time, that is, and if you want to. I completely sympathize with Lily's gaping demeanor. A boy that she has hated all her life suddenly becomes her next door neighbor. Talk about a nice neighborhood eh? :) Anyway, I'll look forward to reading the rest of your stories.

P.S. Lily's last name is spelled Evans ;)

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Review #8, by FalconFeathers New Neighbor

21st July 2006:
Pic this story backup it is sooooo good

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Review #9, by HeyDude New Neighbor

19th July 2006:
Please!!!! PLEASE!!! Don't abandon the story i want to find out what is going to happen at dinner and between them over the summer!!!!!!!!

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Review #10, by t_angel_1993 New Neighbor

24th May 2006:
:) it was cute, but why is James calling Lily "Evens"? isn't it "Evans"?

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Review #11, by FalconFeathers New Neighbor

13th May 2006:
It's really good

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Review #12, by ron rocks New Neighbor

11th May 2006:
why did you abandon it it's good so far i would lik to read more !!!!!!

Author's Response: I didn't think I would be able to finish it because I was being swamped with homework and stuff but since I know that people are still reading it, when I'm done with my other fanfic I 'll continue this one.=]

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Review #13, by wolf2010 New Neighbor

6th May 2006:
yay! good work! update soon

Author's Response: =]

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Review #14, by DanRadcliffe57 New Neighbor

3rd May 2006:
Hey nice so far keep writing it okay

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Review #15, by DRHGforever New Neighbor

23rd April 2006:
Great story! I love the idea keep thoose chapters coming.

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Review #16, by jameslover27 New Neighbor

22nd April 2006:
love it! but evans is spelled with an a

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Review #17, by LivingWonderStar9876 New Neighbor

15th April 2006:
This was good, but you had a lot of misspeled words, like Evens(Evans) and Apperate (Apparate)

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Review #18, by Sandra New Neighbor

9th April 2006:
This wasn't short at all! If u saw my first chapter you'd know short :) This was a enjoyable chapter 2 read. I rarely read fanfics about Lily and James, but I just thought I might as well read this. I always assumed that Lily and Petuania got along, before Lily found out she was a witch, but it makes perfect sense that they wouldn't, when i think about. Good chapter!

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Review #19, by pippinsmcgee New Neighbor

9th April 2006:
I really like it! You are doing a wonderful job! Even though Evens is actually spelt Evans. hee hee. Anyway, keep it up! I can't wait!

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Review #20, by CourtneyFaith New Neighbor

27th March 2006:
~Really Really Great Start. I love it.~

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Review #21, by harrypottersangel New Neighbor

26th March 2006:
A little bit boring but I am positive that it will pick up the pace! ~K

Author's Response: Yeah I'm not very good at making it interesting on the first chapter. I'm hoping to make it better later on though.

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Review #22, by Anika R New Neighbor

25th March 2006:
Pretty crappy story. I mean come on! Its completly unrealistic. YOU EVEN SPELLED EVANS WRONG! And also how the hell are you suppose to feel "safer" in a muggle town? Use your brain woman. If you even have one...

Author's Response: You make good points. Sorry about spelling Evans wrong. My bad.

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Review #23, by AnnaLily78 New Neighbor

25th March 2006:
Not bad, not bad at all... Update soon!

Author's Response: THanks. I'm trying to get the next one posted soon.

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