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Review #1, by essenni Godric's Hollow

17th November 2007:
It's a shame that you haven't finished this story. I like your interpretation of events very much.

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Review #2, by HPSpec Godric's Hollow

23rd July 2006:
Burnt Flowers - beautifully written as always!

It does deviate from what JKR told us though (that Harry did not see his parents death because he was in his cot) and I think Snape's actions in PoA suggest that he truly believed that Sirius had been the secret keeper. I love the idea that Snape was at Godric's Hollow that night - I just don't think that Peter showed up until after the Voldemort was gone...doesn't it just seem like wormtail to realize that he was free of Voldemort and to go beg for mercy from the Potters (the people he thought had succeeded in defeating Voldemort) - only to discover there was no mercy at Godric's Hollow, only two dead bodies and a baby?

And I'm rather fond of the idea that Peter Pettigrew will redeem himself because we will find out that he SAW Snape at Godric's Hollow (crying over Lily's death and sending that patronus you mention?) but has never told Voldemort this? Peter would have been a rat at the Snape wouldn't have seen him. This would be a nice way to show that Peter really wasn't 'bad', only 'weak'. He did what he had to for survival, but he never intended to help Voldemort anymore than necessary to make his own like comfortable.

I hope you are still working on the story!

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Review #3, by Tananda The half-blood Prince speaks

30th May 2006:
wow. i'm loving this. you're doing a great job :)

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Review #4, by HPSpec The half-blood Prince speaks

26th May 2006:
Fabulous! I hope Chapter 6 is in queue already!

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Review #5, by stephanie74 The half-blood Prince speaks

25th May 2006:
Oh, Danielle, you're stirring my curiosity now ... lol!
Good job! Dialogues intriguing ... Snape is perfect ... I must say I would expect Remus to be a bit more enraged with Severus at the end - he just admitted he had witnessed the murder of the Potters ... and Severus doesn't sound like he tried to stop Voldemort or anything ... but nonetheless, I'm eagerly waiting for the next one!

Author's Response: Hee, that's the intention :)
And again, thank you thank you thank you. One of the biggest compliments one could give me is telling me I set down an in-character Snape.

Remus... such a decent and sophisticated man. I fear that if I set him down with an even bigger temper he would fall out of his character. I have such a lovely depiction of a nice, slight handsome *cough* man who does his utmost best to restrain himself...

And oh Severus... yes, he was there, but uninvited. Voldemort never intended him to be there, never expected him to see through his foul plan. At least, that is my opinion. But then again, I'm a rusted Snape-is-good believer... :)

More to come, soon!
More thank you's and till the next one!


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Review #6, by Iva Reliving the memory

10th May 2006:
Wow, this is soooo good. I absolutely love it - and I guess, you may not be far from the truth. There has to be a reason why the chapter was called Snape's worst memory. I can really imagine that it had some consequences on the psyche of someone so young. And I am very happy you completed the memory - thanks for sharing... HERE IS DEFINITELY SOMEONE WAITING ON THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you Iva!

I hope you stay with me as the story continues. My mailbox is a 'bit' overloaded su you will have to forgive me for not sending mails, but of course I would love to see more of your lovely comments.

Many thanks!

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Review #7, by stephanie74 The Headmaster's Office

2nd May 2006:
another good chapter, Danielle ... my only doubt is ... where is James? He was in the Order as well, and he he and Lily had "thrice defied" Voldemort before giving brth to Harry ... so they must have been working in the Order together you think he joined later than Lily and James? but anyway, very good reconstruction of Dumbledore's office. I can't wait to see the rest! Bye!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it :)

Where is James? Well... I hope chap five explained a bit more about that.

Thanks for your loyal attention, as always :)

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Review #8, by HPSpec The Headmaster's Office

2nd May 2006:
Burnt Flowers, I'm thrilled the next chapter is out! I hope the next chapter has Snape and Lily discussing the matter, I'm curious as to what you have them think about Dumbledore's proposal. There is a small wish in my heart that Lily chose to involve herself in the Order without being asked and that Snape was trapped into it by previous bad choices - but Dumbledore can be ruthless (as shown by what he has let Harry go through) so your scenario is very plausible. Hard times call for hard choices!

Author's Response: Dumbledore can be ruthless indeed, an aspect I find oh so intriguing.

So you think Lilly and Snape should dicuss the matter? That is something to think about :)

Thanks again for your lovely words!

All the best,

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Review #9, by stephanie74 Reliving the memory

27th April 2006:
Fantastic,Danielle! I love the progression of the story! And I must tell you once more your charcterization of Snape is so good it's just like him ... I liked the details of canon you're mixing in the story. Keep up the good work! Bye! Stefania

Author's Response: In some odd kind of way I lost some responses to the lovely reviews...

So again a big thank you for your lovely review and compliments!


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Review #10, by HPSpec Reliving the memory

26th April 2006:
You are doing a great job of keeping the reader guessing. I want to just skip the review so I can keep reading! But to my horror there isn't anymore! Please let me know when you have additional chapters posted!

Author's Response: Lol, more to come, I promise! Oh, I wish I could just let a little bit of information slip, but that would spoil it all.

Talk to you soon, the next chapter is just around the corner.


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Review #11, by HPSpec Snape's worst memory

26th April 2006:
Great story! I'm sure you are right that Snape isn't the only adult character in the series that feels remorse over past behavior. Cannot wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again!

I agree of course. He cannot be the only one who feels remorse. And I am a firm believer that Snape indeed does feel an amount of remorse over his past.

Bittersweet and sad, actually...

Well, off to the next one!

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Review #12, by HPSpec Home at last?

26th April 2006:
Snape: Do I really need to hand you everything on a silver platter, Lupin? Or perhaps a gold one, if the shine of silver irritates you...

You do Snape prefectly... Flowing dialogue, great atmosphere. A wonderful read!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you decided to leave me a message... after all, this is what started the whole fic-passion. I really must give thanks to you for that.

And thank you so much on that huge Snape-compliment. He is such an intriguing character, and I really do want to make an effort out of it to portray him properly. Sharp, snappish but in the end not all too bad.

By the way, I love that sentence too. Has me chuckling every time I read it.

Many, many thanks!

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Review #13, by flutterby271 Reliving the memory

26th April 2006:
Fantastic chapter. I can't wait to see what it is that Dumbledore assigned Severus to do... join the Dark Lord's legions to find out more about him and his followers? That should prove to be interesting.

I love the way you portray Remus. I always imagined him to regret his actions at Hogwarts (well, where the Marauders' harassment of Snape was concerned, at the very least) and I think you bring that across very well. Also, Snape's desire to be in control of the situation is very realistic.

Nice to see another Dutch person here. I'm Dutch myself. :) Anyway, once again, a great chapter! Thank you for writing!

- Stefanie

Author's Response: Nou, hallo dan maar! :)

Great to see another Dutchie here, I suspected something from reading your earlier review, though ;)

Oh, you're in for treat with the next chapter then. I'll post it soon, as it in fact is already finished.

Thanks again for your amazing review and very kind words!


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Review #14, by stephanie74 Snape's worst memory

13th April 2006:
Very very good job, Danielle - a change of perspective I didn't expect. Yes, Remus now understands better what happened at the time to Snape. And it looks like Lily and Snape already shared something - well, I'm intrigued to know how Remus will react to all this.

Author's Response: Hi Stefania,

I am so intrigued by the whole Marauders/redemption thing... And just can't get rid of the things Snape and Lupin have in common.

And oh yes, the Snape/Lily connection started it all for me :)

Thanks, and till the next one!


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Review #15, by flutterby271 Snape's worst memory

13th April 2006:
This is not only a very intriguing spin on Snape's memories, but it's also very well written. I'm pleasantly surprised! ;) I love that you included Remus - he's my favourite HP character - and the possibility of Lily and Snape cooperating is very interesting. Also, I think that the image of Remus waiting in Spinner's End is a very powerful and realistic one... I could really imagine him being there to avenge Dumbledore's death.

Are you Dutch, by the way? Or from Belgium? I noticed the dankjewel at the end of the first chapter, so I just wondered if you happened to speak Dutch. If you are Dutch, then the writing's even more impressive, because your English is flawless. :)

Thanks for writing, and update soon, please!

xxx Stefanie

Author's Response: Hi Stefanie!

Thanks for your amazing review! I can see we share a couple of interests, and besides Snape, Lupin is one of my fav's too. I always considered Lupin to be one of the first to consider that there might be something fishy about Dumbledore's demise, and perhaps be one of the first to take a closer look at Severus Snape, despite his hard feelings against him.

I am indeed Dutch :) And again thanks for the compliment! But flawless? Oh dear, I am so rusted with my grammar :)
I have to thank my beta for the extra set of eyes she offers...

Thanks again, and I will update soon!


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Review #16, by Hermione713 Home at last?

27th March 2006:
Nice job! I'm definitely interested to read more... :)

Author's Response: Thanks! More is definately to come :)

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Review #17, by stephanie74 Home at last?

25th March 2006:
Oh, Danielle, that was very good! I don't usually read angst stories, but I think yours deserves thumbs up - Snape characterization is perfect, you are letting him speak exactly like I would imagine him to - Then, the ending is quite promising ... I'll wait for your update - soon, mind you!

Author's Response: Snape characterization being believable, that is one big compliment! That was one of the hardest challenges I was facing while writing the story, so I'm oh so glad you enjoyed it.

Chapter two is on it's way!


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