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Review #1, by musicgirlhp14 Harry and Ginny

8th April 2007:
Okay, so I have a lot of things to say about your story. First of all your charaterizations are a little strange. The things your characters do and say don't really fit. You may want to go back and see if you can improve on that. Also I think the format got a little messed up in the second part, but I didn't find any problems other then that.

I think your plot line is good, but it's always important to try and incorperate it with your first chapter so that it pulls the reader in. You could possibly improve on that if you made you chapters longer.

Good job so far! I look forward to seeing what becomes of this story.
P.S Thanks for your.interesting review.

Author's Response: thnx [[ii guess]]

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Review #2, by ho fan no.1 Harry and Ginny

19th March 2007:
i cnt believe it is it frm hp 7?

Author's Response: no iit aiint ii just wrote iit off da top of mah head LOL!
cya @ skool Aliicexx

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Review #3, by Scarlet Harry and Ginny

23rd May 2006:
Aren't authors supposed to be at least 13 to post a story on this site??? You're only eleven as you have so flauntly pointed out.

Author's Response: I don't care if there meant to be at least 13. One of my friends is 9 and they come and write stories on here

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Review #4, by quidditch_chic18 Harry and Ginny

8th May 2006:
Nice! I must say this is a pretty nice story:) Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Cheers i loved ur story and i am now restored to full health so i could write this story.

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Review #5, by Grammar Goddess Harry and Ginny

7th May 2006:
I'm here for consturctive criticism! ^_^

1. Well, I think your sentences are a bit choppy, like 'She was coming to 12 Grimmald Place. 12 Grimmald Place is the house that Sirius left him in his will and Harry now lives there.' It could be, 'She was coming to 12 Grimmauld(spelling, too) Place, the house that Sirius had left Harry.

2. 'Ginny has got wonderful red hair and freckles she is in the year below Harry, but she is tall for her age so he doesn’t need to worry about that.' I don't think Harry would care about if Ginny were all enough...

3. Ginny is a year under Harry, so she wouldn't be able to perform magic outside school.

4. Very important!!! Your grammar! A few times it doesn't make sense, like '...but Harry had lost his to a beautiful young girl named Cho who Harry had broken up with only last year over a boy called Cedric.' And, he broke up with Cho because they just drifted apart. Cho is also one year older than him, so how could she get Head Girl?

Well, that's all I have to say! Your story has a great plot and a lot of potential, you just need to polish a few items here and there!

Rating: 7 out of 10 :)

Author's Response: I respect your criticism, but i would prefer it if you could just stick to saying positive review instead of negative reviews as i am only 11!!!!!

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Review #6, by Criticus Harry and Ginny

20th April 2006:
I must inform you, idiotic author, that Cho is one year ahead of Harry. If Harry is head boy, then Cho would have already graduated, you incompetent nitwit. Unless she got held back, which is highly doubtable.

Also, everyone knows that Hermione will be the Head Girl.

Author's Response: Hello for one thing this isnt REAL your ignorant arse hole!!!!! and another nobody knows wether Hermione will be Head Girl or not except J.K. Rowling.
Also i do not appreciate being called idiotic, because i got every question right on my 11+ and i think that shows that i'm not an idiot!!!!!!! arse hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by xxxxtonexxxx Harry and Ginny

18th April 2006:
amazin.ur a vrill writer cnt wait 2 c wot happens.gnna add u 2 my favs!!! bi 4 now toneya xxxxxxxxxxxx

Author's Response: i like ur stories too ya know!

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Review #8, by bmbutlerbabe Harry and Ginny

18th April 2006:
i love it sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

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Review #9, by DD Harry and Ginny

25th March 2006:
one thing....Cho is a year older than harry

Author's Response: Hello i've said before that Harry finds out that Cho is in the same year as him! I didn't say that in the story, but this isn't real!!!

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