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Review #1, by Jessica Reader Abandoned Aspirations

13th October 2008:

What a nice variation from the usual stories!

Author's Response: Thanks! It`s definitely not your usual one-shot. =)

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Review #2, by xxMugglePrincess Abandoned Aspirations

23rd August 2007:
I liked it, it was amusing how stupid he seemed once he found out he was a father. It was sweet. :)

Author's Response: I imagine all guys go through a sort of stupid phase, or some similarly ridiculous stage, just because it's their way of coping. Thanks for the lovely review.

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Review #3, by SkinAndBones_ Abandoned Aspirations

7th August 2007:
I love babies! this was so cute! *teehee*
alright, now that I have that over with, we'll get serious

I absolutely loved the father, who we know is Xenophilius now. You really had him well characterized. He wasn't as 'loony' as he was in DH (he could have grown loonier over the years lol) but at the same time, he did have little qualities that that 'lovegood' written all over them. The paragraph were you explain his morning routine (which was what caught me, because it's in the summary) was brillant xD I really thought it was adoreable.

You've made the characters really 3-D. Their believable as real people, not prefect characters like a lot of stories tend to do when not thought out. I loved Katherine. She struck me as a really smart, strong woman. :) and the name choice was prefect. Katherine just fit so well for Luna's mother.

I loved how you stayed IN CHARACTER. you wrote it in first person, and you really made it seem as if the FATHER was writing, and not you. He talked about thinks he knew, and left out things he didn't, and used his ideas and thoughts to protray things in the story that might have happened, but he didn't know for sure (for example "I had the sneaking suspicion that she made it one night and put it out the following afternoon, so that it would be old and stale by the time it got to me, but I suppose now that it was her way of having control." wonderful :) )

I have to say, you've done a wonderful and unique job with this. I've seen a lot of one-shots about pregancies, and their all usually the same,which can make the boring at time, but i could tell right from the beganning of this fic that this was one different. Somehow you strayed away from the norm of fluffy 'new family' fics and gave us someone equally and cute, but still real, special.

I just loved it. loved it loved it :)
onto my faves for sure.

and a 10 for you, because I seriously found nothing wrong with it, after reading it twice lol.
xx SkinandBones

Author's Response: Eeek, I love this reviewing circle! I didn't want to make my narrator too loopy (otherwise, how could the readers trust what he was saying? It's actually an interesting predicament that I'd like to explore some other time, but in this story I didn't want to stray into the Lovegood = crazy category).

The morning routine - I don't know how that came to me, but sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in little ruts, and after years of the same habits growing, I thought it'd be cute if he could just list them off. And obviously I liked it and put it in the summary.

Katherine is a pretty popular name for an OC, but I thought it fit - not too wild, almost predictable, and not at all what you'd think for a Lovegood. I figured she'd have to be a strong personality to experiment enough with magic to DIE, and I like the idea of Mr. Lovegood as a weak character (and we found out he was!).

I never thought of my first-person writing like that, but I love the way you described it and I'm so glad it sounded authentic to you.

Ahh, again, I love this Hufflepuff stuff! My face almost hurts from grinning. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave this tremendous review, and I'm SO glad to hear that you liked the story. Sometimes this one gets overlooked, even by myself.

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Review #4, by SiriuslyCrack Abandoned Aspirations

27th June 2007:
Wow, Elfy! A really nicely written fic. I got confused half-way up, not knowing in which tense we were but reading a little further, I understood I guess it's no big deal. When I read the summary, I saw that Luna was one of the characters and couldn't help clicking on the title (yes, I like Luna :D) and as I started reading this one-shot, I was curious to know how Luna would come in. To tell you the truth, I was absolutely amazed by the end. Really nice Loona touch. Enjoyed reading this fic :)

Author's Response: Who doesn't like Luna? She's amazing. I'm glad you could enjoy this, dear.

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Review #5, by jenniiiiii Abandoned Aspirations

23rd May 2007:
I could swear I've read this before. Must have been my awful lack of reviewing at work again. :(

Anyway, I love Luna's dad. He's so like I expected him to be, all Luna-like and funny and just totally endearing. In hindsight, it seems so obvious that they're Luna's parents but I didn't guess before the end.

I also love how Katherine seems to be a complete contrast to her husband's and her daughter's loony sides, but then there's still a little hint of Luna's strength and steadfastness there.

'Get married or go splinch yourself'. Hilarious. :P

So yeah, awesome job! Very cute and funny.

Author's Response: You're such an awesome reviewer. Don't knock yourself.

I'm so glad to hear that you didn't guess, but still understand it in hindsight - that's really what I was hoping for. Anyway, thanks Jenni!

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Review #6, by sam Abandoned Aspirations

16th April 2007:
wait a minute! who died? im really confused =S

Author's Response: Died? I'm confused, too. Point out where I said someone died and maybe I'll figure it out ... sorry I'm no help. =(

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Review #7, by sam Abandoned Aspirations

16th April 2007:
aw. i really liked this was great.keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by Yeller Abandoned Aspirations

28th December 2006:
Much better. Than I'd Rather Die, I mean. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad that you found it to your taste. =)

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Review #9, by Potterholic Abandoned Aspirations

25th October 2006:
Very excellent one shot, Elfy! I like how you wrote Luna’s parents and didn’t even tell us they were Luna’s parents. They sure have an interesting relationship, don’t they? I always pictured Luna’s parents as loving couple with a little vague side like Luna, but this gave me a whole different perspective. It was really plausible, and I like Katherine’s characterization. She married me without complaint; she bore our child without grumbling; she endured years of us without once asking for what she did not have; and she died without so much as a yelp. Love it! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, darling! I really wanted to try something different with this, because that's what fanfiction is (to me), so I'm glad that it's plausible. *blushes* I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed it.

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Review #10, by Pure Muggle Abandoned Aspirations

29th August 2006:
Oh this was fabulous! I absolutely love this!

What an interesting character choice. You had me guessing until the very end who this might be (had to stop myself from scrolling down to the end a bunch of times!). And it fits in perfectly, just as I could imagine Luna's dad.

Marry her or go splinch himself! What a classic line - very good!! lol...

It's amazing to read this story from Luna's dad's point of view. The strength of Katherine seems to portray in the strength that Luna seems to have, never complaining, taking everything in her stride.

This fic is very well written, descriptive, emotional and imaginative. Full marks my dear! *huggle* ~Mon

Author's Response: Oh, stop it, you're making me blush! Wait, don't stop. =P Anyway, thank you so much dear. I'm thrilled to see that you responded positively to my character choice. =)

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Review #11, by magicalperfect Abandoned Aspirations

8th July 2006:
I finally have time to read some of your fics. I enjoyed the way you wrote Katherine and her husband. Their relationship is one of those were you shake your head in disappointment thinking that it's going to be a failure. They both seem so miserable in this relationship, but this one-shot was just so interesting. Who knew that these two bickering married couple were the parents of Luna Lovegood? This was so creative and unexpected. I enjoyed reading every single part of it. The confused father in a hospital is so classic and perfect. Brilliant one-shot! ~Lisa

Author's Response: THANK YOU LISA!!! Well, there has to be some reason that Luna's so ... out there. I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it!

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Review #12, by CanadianStar Abandoned Aspirations

3rd May 2006:
Yay! Finally got around to reading this, and I'm glad I did. It's a cute story, it really is. I like how you portrayed her father (I have it in my head that his name is Paul, so if I let it slip here, you'll know who I'm referring to), it seems very in character for the man who's the editor of The Quibbler. I like her mother, too, with all her independent-ness, though I always pictured her a bit more ... eccentric, considering she pretty much blew herself up. =P I really enjoyed this, though, especially the whole monologue likeness right at the beginning. You captured a rambling state of mind, and it flowed really nicely.

Author's Response: Thanks dear! Ah, good old fanon and its influencing ways ... for some reason I have it in my head that his name is Adam. Odd. The circumstances of her blowing herself up are vague, so I decided to take some liberties with her. She was fun to write about. =P What can I say? I love to ramble. Thanks again, Jenna!

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Review #13, by Jessi_Rose Abandoned Aspirations

2nd May 2006:
This was a very sweet story. Very original character choice; I liked it. You've definitely got the anxious feelings of a first time daddy down pretty well, too. Oh, and the fact that he was reminiscing after his wife passed away was good for your plot, too. It makes it all the more fun when you see some of his memories of her. Not too sappy, but light and playful. All in all, this was well written. I would have liked to see you mention his job at the Quibbler, though.
"Marry her just after graduation or go splinch myself." Beautiful! I think I might have to use this one on my hubby one day (only, we're already married.) That was a priceless addition to this fic. I think that in that one line, you really caught the centerline of the relationship. It was brilliant - not to mention hilarious. Another good one, Elfy. Why on earth are you doubting your writing? It's terrific!! ~Jessi

Author's Response: Thanks so much, dear. I've been putting off responding to this because it's wonderful to see a nice long review in my unanswered reviews section (but now that it's gotten to two pages, I think it's finally time). ^_^ I'm so glad the feelings came off as real; it was difficult for me to imagine being a dad of all things.

You're amazing and your review makes me smile like crazy. That's about all I can say without getting ridiculously sappy.

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Review #14, by Steph Abandoned Aspirations

2nd May 2006:
great job... i was trying to figure out who it was... lovegood... makes sense

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad it made sense.

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Review #15, by neck_tie Abandoned Aspirations

21st April 2006:
OOOOOOOO............... I like this story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

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Review #16, by aharrypotterobcession Abandoned Aspirations

23rd March 2006:
wow i didn't even guess that til the very end. great job, it was so nice to hear from you.

Author's Response: Thanks; it's nice to hear from you, too. =)

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Review #17, by Aisu Hoshino Abandoned Aspirations

16th March 2006:
Oh, I loved this so much! The writing was really well, and kept intrigued the entire time. I loved how you portrayed Mr. Lovegood, and when he was looking for Luna, it was hilarious! You did really well with this, and I am really glad you participated in this challenge! Mr. Lovegood was different than I pictured him, but like I said, I loved this portrayel.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for both the lovely review and the inspiration to write this! I wanted to try something different and to work with an "unknown" character, and Mr. Lovegood gave me just the right opportunity. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, Aisu. =)

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Review #18, by Infairi Abandoned Aspirations

14th March 2006:
I really like this. One of your better pieces, in my opinion. Now whenever I read something with Luna, I'm going to think about this. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm not as happy with it as I am with some of my other pieces, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it. =)

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Review #19, by Sophia Montgomery Abandoned Aspirations

14th March 2006:
HAH! It all makes sense now! I really should get myself logged in, but I'm much too lazy. So I'll just say that was quite a clever ending. Lovely story!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm very mad at you for not logging in, as you can tell by the following smilie. =P Kidding. Of course. Thank you so much, Sophia - your reviews always make me actually smile.

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Review #20, by ginny'slittlesister Abandoned Aspirations

13th March 2006:
Funny combination. Weird yet awesome. Rating- 8/10

Author's Response: Should I take that as a compliment? Well, I am anyway. Thanks! =)

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Review #21, by Rue42 Abandoned Aspirations

13th March 2006:
hmmm. intereseting start! youve got a really good writing style!

Author's Response: Thanks! But, actually, it's a one-shot, so that's all that there is.

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