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Review #1, by Nymphie Lupin The Rat and his Master

24th March 2008:
wow, you are amazing. Great job. I really loved this fic! Keep up the fantastic work! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, I don't quite know what to say! Thank you!

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Review #2, by SiriusLivesOn The Rat and his Master

18th June 2006:

Author's Response: Eh... is that a good thing?

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Review #3, by sauerkraut_poet The Rat and his Master

19th April 2006:
Wow! I can't believe I didn't realize this fic existed till now. You'll have to PM me about such things in the future. Anyway, I love the way you have Peter's thoughts centered around one motive for the entire course of the story. It creates this effect like he's actually trying to convince himself that he believes these things to be truly the most important things in life, as he lets Snape lead him to his new fate. I also really liked the image you set up at the beginning of them walking through the rain - it was very vivid and set perfectly the mood for this story. As far as suggestions go, I did feel that the part where Peter got the Dark Mark came kind of out of the blue. It seems like he would have to do some tasks to prove his loyalty first, or something. I suppose I'm really in no position to say that, considering I did the same thing with Regulus, but I am starting to think that maybe the mark wasn't given out so easily as I used to believe. Voldemort was perfectly in character though - I think your version is much more realistic than many scenes like this I've come across in that respect. My other suggestion is that it would be nice to have a flashback of how Snape approached Peter and convinced him to come, to show why he was walking with Snape in the first place. The story works fine as it is, but I think it would help make it hold together a little more naturally. I think that's all. Great story, and please be sure to tell me whenever you write a new one!

Author's Response: Wow, haha thanks. First, of all, I'm so relieved that you though the image at the beginning was good. Description is really not my forte so I was very worried about that part. About Peter and the dark mark, now that you mention it, it would have made a little more sense to put more in there about Voldy allowed him to get it. When I wrote that part I was kind of thinking that Snape may have told Voldemort about Peter and how he was that type of coward that would do anything for his "master". Then, on top of that, Voldemort has his legilimency... but still, that probably wouldn't have been enough for him... heh, oh well. Well, thank so so much for the awesome review. And yes, I'll remember to PM you next time I have a new story, lol.

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