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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs Angel

28th May 2008:
I like it! Expect for Hermione not really loving Harry and Harry leaving, but great work nonetheless.

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Review #2, by estonian gal My Immortal - Evanescence

13th March 2004:
Ok, it's the only story from u that I started to read and didn't finish, I don't intend to bechause of 2 reasons. 1. I hate the Ron/Hermione stuff and 2. I can't stand songfics. But other than that I want to wish u luck on your writing, it's fabulous and I think if u like u could be a writer some day... bye

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Review #3, by  Angel

4th February 2004:
cool, i like the idea, are you going to get them back together

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Review #4, by Kayla Here With Me

30th January 2004:
thats good!!! I like it!!! good song!!!

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Review #5, by shade 3 Doors Down -Here Without You

29th December 2003:
Okay, reviewing for chapter 2 and 3 here. Maybe I'm just a sucker for sad stories, but this one is really getting to me...and as proof that you are writing it well, I normally don't like the Harry/Hermione pairing...but your story is making me actually care! You write very well, but I wanted to point out one particularly good image: when you wrote about the snow falling into Harry's black hair and contrasting sharply....Good, good, and may I just say GOOD work. It's hard to take an image in your head and make is accessible to readers...that so perfectly painted a picture in my mind, I could practically hear snow crunching underneath his feet. Well done! You are going to finish this...right? Please?

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Review #6, by shade Here With Me

29th December 2003:
Good gravy! If that's your standard of 'not very good' I'd love to see the stuff you really think rocks! - Listen, I normally don't like songfics much because I seldom know the song....however, this really packed an emotional punch and I think it was very well written.'s almost deceptively simplistic, starting out with seemingly few words ...but WHAM...there you are with the big emotional concepts and they WORK. It is is rare to be able to evoke an emotion with few words but every single one you've written ends up carrying emotional resonance with it. Wow. Keep this up. Off to read the next chapter....and yes, sorry, my reviews are hellaciously long. Good work!!!

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Review #7, by dragonsnake My Immortal - Evanescence

22nd December 2003:
This was great! I love this song btw, and I wrote a songfic on it too =) you are a very good writer.

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Review #8, by Faithful My Immortal - Evanescence

14th December 2003:
[ reviewer squeals in delight ] ~~~~~ I LOVE THIS SONG !!! I love it so much that the L/J fanfic im writing at the moment, is fully inspired by that song! ~~~ i've always got the song on repeat when i sit at my computer, only problem is that the computer makes the song stutter if u type too fast. I was also hooked on that song *white flag* for ages and 3 doors down is definately a fave.......... The stuff that u've written is good too, emotion packed, cant wait for more. It looks we've got the same taste in music - and if ur overly into that "be faithful" song or "shake ur tail fetha" or any of the "black eyed peas" songs.......its getting SCARY.

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Review #9, by Voldermortlover My Immortal - Evanescence

9th December 2003:
oooooooooo cool

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Review #10, by littleaquarianprincess Here With Me

5th December 2003:
hey its the quhtor here i just wnated to say that i might take me awhile but i have decided to continue the sonfic and that i have four songs lined up . :)

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Review #11, by Utada Here With Me

30th November 2003:
Awsome i love it

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Review #12, by amyblack Here With Me

28th November 2003:
hey this was quite good keep it up

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Review #13, by Paige Here With Me

26th November 2003:
That was sad...but itr was a great story!!!!!!! I hope to read more to this stroy!!!!!

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