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Review #1, by badboyjazz1735 No

30th September 2006:
Your stories are awesome,brilliant - GENIUS!!! I can't wait until you update this story and it's completion, though i do hope it turn's into a novel length story. AWAITING MORE!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!!! more should be up some! Cheers, Blaise

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Review #2, by cec No

26th September 2006:
I love the chapter it makes me just kidding, but yeah I like your story can't wait til next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks, i'll probably write the next chapter soon!!! thanks, Blaise

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Review #3, by cec Confession

29th June 2006:

Author's Response: thank you, i'm finally writing more of it.... keep reading, please.......... Bee

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Review #4, by Boofers Confession

25th March 2006:
That was like 6 chapters at once :O and yeah they are both a little bit messed up.. but who isn't?but dysfunction seeks out dysfunction and they finally found eachother.. let the healing begin hooray

Author's Response: yeah, i was ill and had a bit of a writing spree as i couldn't do anything else... aaah messed up people can be such fun!!! enjoy... Bee

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Review #5, by Boofers Hogwarts

19th March 2006:
Oh yeah.. Get Well Soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, i almost am already... Bee

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Review #6, by Boofers Hogwarts

19th March 2006:
Once again another two splenderful chapters.. If I remember rightly there should be three more awaiting validation and I can't wait.. 10/10 .. 5 stars .. two thumbs and one toe up.. keep it up.. I always have plenty of idears floating around my head but I can never seem to come up with a solid plot to administer them to, but I will most likely email you sometime tomorrow with some ideas if you would like them

Author's Response: Please do, and you'll probably see them somewhere in my plot, all ideas greatly apreciated... Thank you very much, Bee

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Review #7, by Boofers Indecision

18th March 2006:
Another splendtacular chapter.. I hope chapter 5 is validated quickly, but not too quickly so that I don't have time to come up with another fake word to describe it with

Author's Response: hey i'm quite liking the fake words, i had a ginormous (okay confession time i thought that was a real word and have been using it for years!) amount of fun writing it... thanks, Bee

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Review #8, by Boofers Interview

17th March 2006:
Should be interesting watching them try to control themselves at school.. great start so far 2 thumbs and a toe up

Author's Response: Or will they give up the whole controlling it thing???? who knows? (apart from me who has written the next five chapters and is waiting for them to be validated, obviously...) Thanks, Bee

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Review #9, by roselilah Hello

15th March 2006:
good! keep up da good work! ur summery is fine, you should cut out the "i'm awful at summerys" part of ur summery, you'll get more reveiws, you need to sound more confident about your writeing skill's! u rock! keep up da good work!

Author's Response: Will do, thanks for the advice.... keep reading, Bee

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