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Reading Reviews for Field Trip Kisses
19 Reviews Found

Review #1, by abby Good news from Prague

27th June 2012:
i hope you plan to finish this. uts a huge cliff-hanger

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Review #2, by Andros the Invincible Good news from Prague

14th January 2007:
Good story! It was an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by My Furry Little Problem Good news from Prague

8th August 2006:
Awww, for precious! Lol it was cute. And very well-written; you find too many of the amateur writers here on this site, and you're definitely not one of them! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I took some time reading your stories. They were very nice. I'm not much of a D/Hr shipper, but the stories were good none the less.

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Review #4, by Redheads_4ever Good news from Prague

6th July 2006:
Aw, very good! Loved it! Keep on writing!

Author's Response: I wil! I hope to start a new story soon. bob

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Review #5, by thebandbuddy Good news from Prague

7th June 2006:
OOOOoooo!!!!! I liked it!!! Ron was very in character, and I love how it ended!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Thankx! It's been a while since anyone reviewed this one-shot, but it's good to see people still like it.

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Review #6, by This is Who I Am Good news from Prague

19th May 2006:
This is Iliana, and I finally did get around to reading your story and . . . Wow. I liked it! A lot! Ron fumbling around with muggle money was amusing to read. At the very beginning of the story, I noted some grammatical errors, like missing commas and incorrect capitalization, but minor details that didn't take away from the story at all. All in all, I rate an 8. =)

Now, I must go read some more of your fics! Keep writing! --Iliana

Author's Response: Try Hermione's Gift, currently my longest and best work of art. I'm going to add a new story soon, so I hope you'll bear with me on that one too! Thanks for the r/r and the 8.

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Review #7, by presi Good news from Prague

16th May 2006:
soooo cutte!!! adorable!!!! love it!!! what more can i say?


Author's Response: Thanks! It was written in repsonse to two challenges, so I tried to make the best of it...

ps. no, I'm not Czechian, but I have visited Prague. I chose it as location because it is old, has a rich history with lots of 'magic' in it and is also romantic.

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Review #8, by Seamusfan1 Good news from Prague

21st March 2006:
This is FABULOUS! I would give it a two thumbs up and a romance-tea-reader (a.k.a. it's not a run-around crazy...it's calm) I love how you ended it (YAY!) and how you used the quote...I did "I Just Can't " for that challenge...and I've read about the field trip one, great job fufilling both!

Author's Response: Thanks for your very positive R/R

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Review #9, by lauta Good news from Prague

20th March 2006:
oh my goodness that was so cute!!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #10, by amanda weasley Good news from Prague

20th March 2006:
I loved it! It was a great combination of the two challenges! I loved Ron's reaction at the end, it was so.. Ron... Great Job

Author's Response: thanks! That coming from the mouth of a Weasley really means a lot to me :-)

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Review #11, by starving_artist722 Good news from Prague

19th March 2006:
I love it! I love that he responded with "I think I'll pass for today." That made me laugh...The ending was very sweet, and all in all you did a great job with this one! Thanks for taking up the challenge!

Author's Response: You're welcome. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as you did.

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Review #12, by candy_shop Good news from Prague

17th March 2006:

Author's Response: thnx! I hope you enjoyed it...

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Review #13, by unknown_force Good news from Prague

14th March 2006:
Nice story. Just out of curiousity, are you from the Czech Republic?

Author's Response: Nope, but I've been on vacation there once.. thanks for the R/R!

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Review #14, by DM_SS Good news from Prague

14th March 2006:
Nice story, keep up the good work =)

Author's Response: thnx! Will do!

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Review #15, by purplepygmypuff Good news from Prague

14th March 2006:
Good job combining the two challenges! I liked your version of aren't you going to kiss me goodbye! Eww. *giggles at the thought* Poor Ron! I hope some of the kids were Ravenclaws and knew something about the city!

Author's Response: I expect he'd just behave like every other tourist there, reciting from a guide and walking around with a map in his hands. :)

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Review #16, by maggiedalena Good news from Prague

14th March 2006:
Aawww. Cute! But why don't you continue it?

Author's Response: because it's written to be a one-shot for one... And because I'm already working on another r/hr fic called "Hermione's Gift". Try it if you like.. thnkx for the r/r

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Review #17, by Algebra_Geek5 Good news from Prague

14th March 2006:
100% awesome!! I loved the begining, middle, and end. *Adds to favorites* BRAVO!!!~~Emma~~

Author's Response: Thanks for the positive feedback! I love r/r!

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Review #18, by nikkithewrestler Good news from Prague

13th March 2006:
Very good story. keep up the good work. I loved the fact that you had Ron run around Prague with a group of 16 year olds. Hilarious!

Author's Response: thnkx!

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Review #19, by iamatree Good news from Prague

13th March 2006:
Aww I like it. Hey, at least Ron got the attention he annoyingly craved during HP. I've never been to Prague so I can only imagine *sighs wistfully*... but hey I quite enjoyed it.

Author's Response: thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it, youareatree (?).. I've been to Prague once, it is a beautiful city, with blistering heat in the summers... bob

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