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Review #1, by TheDirigiblePlum I can't belive it's not butter!

1st August 2009:
HarryI’msosorrybutDumbledoremadeadodgydealwithabutterbrandthatsaidtheywouldprovideuswithbutterforfreeifweserveditatbreakfasteveryday!” Hermione cried not wanting to be on the releasing end of Harry’s infamous Caps-locky rage.

Caps-locky rage! HAHAHA very clever. :D

This was so funny. And random, and imaginative. :D


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Review #2, by daisychain1 I can't belive it's not butter!

24th July 2009:

this was s o o o o weird!

but was s o o o o hilarious ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I really enjoyed reading this!

If its not too much trouble i'd love your opinion on some of mine.


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Review #3, by Fireball Nymph I can't belive it's not butter!

4th January 2009:
This story is so utterly funny. When i read INcredile BUlk,I cracked up. And the woman jeans. Nice toouch. This is offically my favorite One shot ever! LOL!

Author's Response: Hahaha, oh thank you! This was my favourite one to write, I was in a really stupid mood that day! :D

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Review #4, by Tetanus I can't belive it's not butter!

21st May 2008:
Yeah, I hate Ron, he's such a turd. Funny story!

Author's Response: Yeah, Ron is an idiot.

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Review #5, by insider I can't belive it's not butter!

11th December 2007:
Haha, it's totally random!
I love the last part; brings even more randomness to the whole story :]

Oh, & if you're free, please check out my story, How To Save A Life. Thank you! :]

Author's Response: Done. I'll check it out now! Thanks for reviewing, and yeah, the story line in this fic is a bit erratic, I suppose, ha ha.

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Review #6, by Natalia_ I can't belive it's not butter!

26th August 2007:
That was the most random one-shot I have ever read.
And I love it.
Lawlz, he's more comfortable in women's jeans? xDDD
Abosolutely wonderful job!!

Author's Response: THANKS!

I think i'm going to write more like that, about Voldemort, though.

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Review #7, by Mira_Marauder I can't belive it's not butter!

20th August 2007:
Okay. That was weird. 7/10

Author's Response: thats what i aim for :D

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Review #8, by icydreamer I can't belive it's not butter!

30th June 2007:
loll. That makes me laugh a lot. I don't get it though lol. oh well. Harry wearing girl jeans.. lol. I liked it.

Author's Response: Im glad! Have you ever seen the add where they eat it and they're like: "Oh mygod, I can't believe its not butter!" It vv funny, but its not supposed to be.

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Review #9, by Harrys_BabyGirl I can't belive it's not butter!

21st November 2006:
:S.Im confuzzled.But its funny!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! It was a bit confusing wasn't it? I had to change it so they were OC for reason. Lol! Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #10, by chocolatefrog (not logged in) I can't belive it's not butter!

23rd September 2006:
wow that was brilliant!
and thats my fav. kind of butter too
try nd read my fics if you can

Author's Response: Lmao! I've never tried it... lol. I just thought... hmmm... posibly a good story... :D I will check out your fics too.

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Review #11, by Crossover I can't belive it's not butter!

12th August 2006:

Author's Response: What do you mean, huh?

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Review #12, by That Stinky guy's mature older sister, Emma I can't belive it's not butter!

21st May 2006:
Okay, sorry about the last review. That was just my brother when he gets control of my computer. Anyway, I read your story to him, and he loved it, so don't listen to what he said. Keep writing, but maybe you should try doing something a little more... rifined?

Author's Response: That's okay. I'll try that "refined" thing sometime. *cough cough*

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Review #13, by Minky Doo I can't belive it's not butter!

21st May 2006:
That was sorta bad, but i liked it anyway, because i'm a eight year old boy and i'm slightly obsessed with immature stories. so write more!

Author's Response: Well, that was a loaded compliment, wasn't it?

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Review #14, by Hermione_Crookshanks I can't belive it's not butter!

7th May 2006:
That was HILARIOUS. Great job. LOL. Definitely amusing. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks. I thought so too (Okay, I'm just joking, I'm not THAT stuck up)! Lol. Ty.

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Review #15, by Foxy Bubblegum I can't belive it's not butter!

5th May 2006:

Author's Response: You would be amazed at how many times I've been called that! (Joking, again.....)

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Review #16, by Hermione_Malfoy I can't belive it's not butter!

10th April 2006:

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. I'm really happy that I have another review because when the site was closed down for maitenance I didn't get any for AGES. Well, thanks :)

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Review #17, by Seamusfan1 I can't belive it's not butter!

15th March 2006:
Well...this is interesting...not my favorite, but it was quite funny. Funny ending!

Author's Response: Thanks! An honest reviewer, gosh, that sounds nice :) ....

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Review #18, by _hpfan4ever_ I can't belive it's not butter!

14th March 2006:
haha hilarious story ever. loved it. finally, i have realized there are still OTHER ppl in this world with a sense of twisted humour like moi. I applaude you, and all others.

Author's Response: Why THANK YOU! :) (Seriopusly, I have problems.....)

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Review #19, by Chrissy Radcliffe I can't belive it's not butter!

14th March 2006:
THAT WAS.......................AMAZING... personally i hate "I Can't believe it's not butter," and Fabio but this was ust so hilarious and wierd and ... great! I heat you a lot!!!!!!!

Author's Response: You heat me? Huh? Oh well, i don't care about you heating me, but I do like it that you like my story!

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Review #20, by quik_quotes I can't belive it's not butter!

13th March 2006:
uninspired lunacy. i loved it.

Author's Response: he he he, I love this story... :)

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Review #21, by rainy_nights I can't belive it's not butter!

13th March 2006:
hahaha that was totally funny,LMAO

Author's Response: For some strange reason, before i found out what LMAO meant I alwasy thought it meant lamo.... Thats just shows my logic is, well, illogical...

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Review #22, by hp I can't belive it's not butter!

13th March 2006:
HAHA at first I thought it was crap, with Harry overreacting because of butter, but when it turned out it was just a scene it was really funny

Author's Response: I kind of had to put the scene bit, coz I had no idea of how to end it..

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Review #23, by Catie I can't belive it's not butter!

13th March 2006:
Weird... But funny!

Author's Response: Those words, they describe me as well, do they not...? lol

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Review #24, by iamatree I can't belive it's not butter!

13th March 2006:
Ha! That was funny! I really can't believe it's not butter. Not to slag off the brand itself... but it's nowt like butter, is it? I like the part where Harry is on the verge of using his Caps-Locky rage AND GO INTO A SHOUTING RANT! It's very funny. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. You seriously should check out the Chuck Norris facts website, it has heaps of stupid facts and CHUCK NORRIS CAN BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER is one of them, another one (this is my favourite) CHUCK CAN TOUCH MC HAMMER, I cried of laughter.....

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