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Reading Reviews for A Mistake of Fate
136 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Tabi Prewett Snow Days

27th November 2007:
You know you have always been a very good friend and I love your stories. But U are lucky I can't come there at this moment and whip you butt. You need a good kick. I don't have your email but I was hoping you would get this here. I am the one who gets to try and pick up the pieces thanks a lot..

Keep up the good work...

Until next chapter...Tabi

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Review #2, by sweetsummer09 Snow Days

9th November 2007:
hiya coach! I though you were finished writing this story

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Review #3, by sweetsummer09 Meet Ginerva

8th October 2007:
the confrontation was amusing like Gideon said.

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Review #4, by Sweetsummer09 Catching Up on the Past

2nd October 2007:
It is short but it works well. Kidda lets u relax after that last chapter.

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Review #5, by daisyCHIC963 The beginning

29th July 2007:
whoah...this is awesome so far!!! i didn't believe it could be done, but...YOU'VE DONE IT!! Yay!!! okay, now I am going to shut up and read--what I do best!--and thanks for making such a wonderfully amazing story :) !

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Review #6, by WillowSong Snow Days

20th June 2007:
ok so covering the last few chapters this was very good. I really like the way it is taking a turn. the dreams were a good connection. Cant wait for more!! Willow.
PS when are you posting again professor?

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Review #7, by ElissandrAnne Snow Days

26th April 2007:
*Hands sagesolon a few cookies because three chapters in a week is just great!*

OMG, I so hate and despise Peter. That was priceless: “No, I don’t know who. Peter will you please tell me?” Dumbledore responded as he crossed his arms. Thanks for that bit… I just love your Dumbledore!

And for the rest. This chapter is priceless. The whole chapter. I love it! The Animagus prowling the Forbidden Forest, the talk between Albus and Minerva, and above all Ginny’s comments and Ron’s reaction. Haha. That one is almost as good as the first. ;) The interactions between the characters are just great. And I love how you characterize them all. That’s just awesome writing.

Of course, in this fic, it can’t be Ginny who controls the basilisk. But who??? I know I’m going to think about it all day – maybe all week! Or till I finally get the answer…

Anyway, that was great. I DO love this chapter - but I must have said this a couple of time already. *hands cookies and gives a big hug*

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Review #8, by fjdksla Forgotten Dreams

23rd April 2007:
As ron says, "bloody brilliant!" best iv'e read!! more!

Author's Response: Once it passes the validators It'll be up.

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Review #9, by ElissandrAnne Forgotten Dreams

20th April 2007:
So they have the same kind of dreams. I love it that though Ginny took Harry’s place as the Chosen One, he still is somehow connected to it all.
That part: “I know he has his faults, I know what he did with you was idiotic to say the least, but. I also know that if there was one man who I had to rest the fate of Wizardkind in the hands of... It would have to be him. So, yes. I trust him with my life.” That’s truly Albus – I bet he would say as much about himself! hehe.

I’m intrigued. Ginny doesn’t want Albus to take a peek inside her head, but when he tells her he’s going to be deaf and blind for a few minutes, so they can talk, she believes him? lol. I love the way you wrote the three of them in this chapter. It’s good to see that Harry trusts Albus – he does in the books, but generally he pays him a visit after the events, not before/during, when things could be dealt with differently.

If not Ginny… who is possessed by Diary Riddle?

Amazing chapter. Just amazing. And the ending...


Author's Response: You have to remember that Ginny switched places with Harry so, in my mind it makes sense that only those two would have a sense of the future events. Ginny? interesting guess.

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Review #10, by ElissandrAnne The Uneasy Truce

18th April 2007:
That’s a great chapter, not just a filler! I love it!
So Minerva knows, eh? I’ve always thought this witch was overly underestimated by the students. But don't students tend to underestimate their teachers? hehe. Too bad we don’t know more about her in the books. But we can fill in the blanks…
I think the truce is a wonderful idea. School unity! Exactly what the Sorting Hat would want. But will it last ? lol.
You did great in choosing Cho’s and Luna’s animagus forms. Especially Luna’s. A hummingbird. It’s so like her! And the way they brew that potion – Snape would probably shed a proud tear if he knew. (jk! lol)
Oh, well, you know I love your stories – I might have mentioned that a time or two. hehe. Even this kind of chapter makes me wonder what kind of plot twist you have in store. I cant wait to read the next two chapters.

Author's Response: Well, school unity... it may only be fleeting. Trust me, the Slytherins are plotting just as much as the Gryffindors. It just won't come out in this book.

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Review #11, by WillowSong The Heir's Aftermath

26th March 2007:
loverly professor just loverly but i think you might be board with this story. although it is my second favorite. Portis Latari is my fav. do you have your stuff elsewhere? and further along??

Author's Response: No, definitely not bored with the story!! Just kind of taking my time with it. Not posted anywhere else. Just here. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by ElissandrAnne The Heir's Aftermath

20th March 2007:
Since I put the link to the banner for The Huntress and Mercury's Star in a review, I'll do the same with the banner I made for A Mistake of Fate:


I love this fic!!!

Author's Response: Thanks You're Great Anne!!

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Review #13, by TheWorldISee The Heir's Aftermath

21st February 2007:
Great chapter. I enjoyed Lily's explainations. Will the Slytherin friend of her's play a part in the story at all? I'm interested to find out who it is, though I have a guess. I like the maturity in Ron, I think it makes sense. And the line of Luna's was great. It made me swell with pride just reading it. hehe, good for Ron. Wonderful job, I'm so happy to be able to read your work again.

Author's Response: Thanks. glad you liked it. Missed you guys. Hope everything has been going great for you. And I loved Luna's line too. It has to be my favorite line I've written on this fic so far.

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Review #14, by ElissandrAnne The Heir's Aftermath

21st February 2007:
Um, wait, the prank involved... "a regurgitating toilet and a singing toothbrush"??? Ok, finally, I'm not sure I want any more detail. But it sure cracked me up!
I loved the way you wrote the interactions between Ginny and Ron. You really did a great job. Oh, and I loved the part about Ginny proving to Hermione that Lockhart is a fraud - how I hate that character!
I can't even find the words to tell you how much I loved the way the dueling practice turned out and Lily's words. Great job there. Wow, that was a great chapter. I loved it!!! And I can't wait to read more. But I'll be patient - as we all must be with a good storyteller. ;)


Author's Response: Haha. glad you loved it Anne. I loved writing Lily's part at the duel. It's a great explanation of life. And.... I hate Lockhart too so you know he had to get his just desserts. or is it deserts? I always get those two messed up.

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Review #15, by TheWorldISee The First Attack

5th February 2007:
You haven't stopped writing! I'm elated!!! This was a great chapter (as usual!) I still have a hard time accepting the plot line of this story haha, it's so odd... Intersting way of having Harry discover he's a parselmouth! Wonderful job of writing Dumbledore, with the singing to himself and what not. Though I couldn't honestly see McGonagall act the way she did to Gilderoy. It seems to me she wouldn't let herself go over someone like Gilderoy who simply annoys her where as someone like Umbridge enrages her. But that's just my opinion. But other than that I thought this chapter was great! So glad you haven't stopped writing!

Author's Response: Ahh, but she is protecting a student. I think that is always what will put her over the edge. Glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by mythic77 The beginning

5th February 2007:
I haven't read this sory, I'm just writing this because you don't seem to be replying to any reviews for "Hearts, Bars, and Scars". I was just wondering if you were ever planning to finish that story? I looked at your profile, you have seven stories listed, and only two complete fics, have finished nothing in over a year, and the only other completed fic was close to two years ago. I'm afraid to get interested in one of your stories, even though you write well, as I'm justified in thinking there's a very good chance you won't finish what you start, and I'll be left hanging out there with another unfinished story, and the frustration of never knowing where you would have taken it. Do try to finish something!

Author's Response: mythic, I understand what you're worried about. I've had that problem before. HBS is actually a big problem. I've tried to get the next chapter up before... It is written, the problem is it has been denied every time I've published it. Yes, I did go on a break in which i focused on family. So, please don't worry, I'll finish them I just have so many stories to finish. It may take me years, but I'll get them.

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Review #17, by WillowSong The First Attack

3rd February 2007:
Love it. when do i get more???

Author's Response: be patient. lol. It'll be up and running again.

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Review #18, by ElissandrAnne The First Attack

2nd February 2007:
omfg! I love your Minerva! "If you step anywhere near Albus while he is looking at this student, you will be passing urine through your ear holes for the rest of your life!” Now I know what I would have loved to do to Lockhart all along while reading the book AND watching the movie. hehe. ;)

Oh, and I love you Dumbledore too - Albus snickered and said, “Mr. Potter, for the next few minutes I have gone temporarily deaf and blind.”
So much in character... You're doing a great job writing him and he's probably one of the most difficult canon characters to write right. OK, I can't possibly quote all the things you made him say or do that I loved. But there were a lot! :D

Uh-oh... Both Ginny AND Harry hear the voice and understand parseltongue? So Harry was born with the ability. Interesting. Very interesting. I love it, in fact. Nice twist.

Great, great job once again. I LOVED it. 20/10!!! *hugs*


Author's Response: Thanks Anne. I think I nailed them pretty well. Yeah, Harry and Ginny switched places, he still has some of his powers from the first universe. Ginny took his place so she has it too.

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Review #19, by WillowSong Informing the Ravens, and Quidditch

21st September 2006:

Author's Response: ehehehet. lol.

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Review #20, by ElissandrAnne Informing the Ravens, and Quidditch

21st September 2006:
Oh, I so miss writing an Animagus! Even if I must admit there are "things" I miss even more. lol. Sirius and Rosmerta - I like that. Really. I like seeing that Sirius has a life. And Ron with Angelina... hehe. Why not. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yeah, there are tons of things I miss about TF4. haha. But as for this fic... I loved the day I thought of putting Sirius with Rosmerta!

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Review #21, by ElissandrAnne Just Another Animagi Chapter

21st September 2006:
Love it! You did great. I know how hard it is to try to figure out how one becomes an Animagus. lol. Not so strangely, trying to find your inner animal seems to be the answer that comes to anyone's mind.

Author's Response: Yeah, very difficult chapter to write. Tons of problems faced it. and I had to fix many things over and over. lol. all in the prewriting I guess though.

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Review #22, by ElissandrAnne Clandestine Antics

21st September 2006:
Great, as always. lol. Not much action? Maybe, but there's a time for action... and a time for observation. Your Ginny is the one... and yet she's still Ginny. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks. I think this one was very nicely done... btw who do you think will open the chamber??? It will surprise you all. lol.

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Review #23, by ElissandrAnne The Hat Once Tested

21st September 2006:
I don't mind a good needed cliche. lol. Great chapter. You did great with the Sorting Hat scene. And I totally agree with your/Ginny's opinion on the symbolic division of the Houses/wizarding kind. That's one thing JKR did wrong... or was it on purpose? lol.

Author's Response: Yeah, that always nibbled at my conscience. It just seemed so wrong to pit so many people against each other.

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Review #24, by ElissandrAnne The Birth of a Coven

21st September 2006:
Great chapter... you're so good at making the canon characters both yours and still JKR's. I particularly love your Luna. lol. She's so... Luna. So Pansy is the bad girl, eh? Does she have two hulking girl friends? lol.
The more I read, the more I like that story, hun.

Author's Response: Hmmm... Pansy has minions, but they are a bit more.... subversive than Crabbe and Goyle. lol.

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Review #25, by ElissandrAnne Unnerving Skills

21st September 2006:
Wow, isn't she even better at that than Harry? But then she had a wand, so it wasn't wandless magic. Anyway, I love it.
(Miss you at TF4 and TEQ... But I knew you'd never stop updating here.)

Author's Response: haha, yeah, she did have a wand. lol. Thanks for the review Frenchie. lol And I miss yall too.

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