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Review #1, by pippinsmcgee Studdering and Spontaneity

11th April 2006:
I love it! It is so adorable! Are you going to write more at all?

Author's Response: thanks, i promise i will type the next chapter out soon, i have it written i just left it at school, you will be able to read it on 4/18 at the earliest

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Review #2, by sugarsweet A Chance at a Glance

21st March 2006:
oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why did ya have to leave it at a cliff hanger

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Review #3, by laura A Chance at a Glance

20th March 2006:
good start! keep it coming!

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Review #4, by maggiedalena A Chance at a Glance

14th March 2006:
ooooooo! Darn you! Why'd you have to leave it there?!

Author's Response: sry.. ya really like it? its ok i guess but i will try to get around to typing the next chapter cuz i have it written down already

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Review #5, by ritu A Chance at a Glance

12th March 2006:
AHH!! so short.. you started it out great.,. i think this story is gonna be good.. i like the "inner tug-of-war"..i LOVE RON and his nervous behaviour!! keep it up! i hope the next chapter is longer...Hheehee

Author's Response: oh thanks, that means alot.. since it is my first ever... ya the next chapter is longer i just have to get around to submitting it

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Review #6, by RKLova22 A Chance at a Glance

8th March 2006:

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