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Review #1, by the world spins madly on All Hallow's Eve, 1981

31st January 2009:
I think the conversation in this was pretty weak. When Voldemort speaks, I don't quite picture him saying "Nice try"
also when he's telling the tale, he just seems a bit off.

Author's Response: the honest answer is always welcome :) thank you for your review, hopefully there's a story in my archive that will appeal to you more.
Happy Reading :)

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Review #2, by threatened All Hallow's Eve, 1981

10th December 2008:
A wonderful story. You really should read it. It is my favourite.

Author's Response: read it? I actually don't know what that means (I haven't been on here for SO long. But thank you. outside of founders four its my favorite as well :)

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Review #3, by Changeling_Forever All Hallow's Eve, 1981

19th November 2008:
This was awesome!!! I thought it was really cool how you wrote it from Lord Voldemort's point of view -- I haven't read a story like that before. Well done!! It was really good! 10/10!!! The scene where Voldemort scares the trick-or-treater cracked me up.

Author's Response: If you like stories from Voldemort's point of view look up the title "Vol De Mort" I always thought it was the best account of him. won some awards on this site too if I'm not mistaken. I don't quite remember who it was by though. anyways, happy reading =)

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Review #4, by tyldari_archer All Hallow's Eve, 1981

17th November 2008:
It's well done. Daring to write something in Voldemort's point of view. You could continue with this, of course. I think the ending came too soon. But this is good, well-written, and cleverly thought out. Nicely done.

Author's Response: I'm thinking of rewriting parts of it. Especially the dialogue. I miss this site, and coming on here after not touching HPFF for several (and I mean SEVERAL) months has sparked the want to write more. Especially the story outlines I've had with me for years now (Inferii here we come...). And its all because of reviews like this. Thank you! Really. thank you very much

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Review #5, by no_name_girl All Hallow's Eve, 1981

14th November 2008:
or was this just a one chapter story???

Author's Response: yes. it was a oneshot for a writers duel a while back, maybe sometime I'll keep it going. I've always wanted to write Voldemort's tale. But I have to finish Founders Four first. Thank you for the review...really. reviews make all this worthwhile

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Review #6, by no_name_girl All Hallow's Eve, 1981

12th November 2008:
Omg!!! It was awesome!!! I can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: lol. i'm glad you liked it! I honestly don't think there will be a next chapter for this one however I'm thinking of touching it up (especially the dialogue) but thank you!!


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Review #7, by BKL8008 All Hallow's Eve, 1981

28th October 2008:
Very well done. The suspense is just great!
I had never stopped to consider Voldemort's view of that night.

Author's Response: thank you! I'm thinking of coming back to this site and write again and this is actually one of the first stories I feel needs to be touched up and yet I get such amazing reviews as this one and I'm always tempted to leave it. Thank you again for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by serendip All Hallow's Eve, 1981

26th October 2008:
Oh this was eerie! I love that you wrote it from Voldemort's Point of View, not many take the risk, but you did and it certainly paid off. That last line was brilliant:
The last words I spoke in that fleeting corpse.

They made me shiver violently, and it's a very warm night at the moment. Oh, this was truly brilliant, especially since it was written before Deathly Hallows, and held so much to canon.

Author's Response: wow. thank you so much for the review. you have no idea how much this made my day. Thank you again,


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Review #9, by holly bergman All Hallow's Eve, 1981

28th September 2006:
Voldemort seemed a little...different. I don't see him saying something like 'nice try' or 'die'. He'd probably draw it out a bit. Longer sentences. Still...great. :-)

Author's Response: I can see where you're coming from. In this particular story (unlike Hello Mother; Goodbye Father where he is new to killing) I wanted to portray him as a cat toying with a helpless mouse...except that in this situation he is in a hurry, adreneline rushes and he is eager to kill the only person standing in his way of ultimate power. It is in my imagination that had the circumstances been any less dire, Voldemort would have stayed and "toyed" with James a bit longer. About the words, I also Imagine him to be playful when He kills "insignificant fools". Pain, torture and death are games for him and he enjoys them, I imagine him doing the above just like you or I might play a good one-on-one game of basketball. It's fun for him to see anguish, despair, and realization of death in each of his victims. Sorry....rambling again, anyway thank you for the reveiw, hopefully I cleared a few things up there :P ~Elspeth

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Review #10, by slytheringinny All Hallow's Eve, 1981

26th September 2006:
Hmmm, like I promised, I'm here to review! AND I LOVE IT! I can't say that you've left anything out, because you haven't, and I love your take on it. Love it! It was a great read and spectactular uptake on how it actually happened. I liked his line: "Die." and how he whispered it in Harry's ear. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Oh Wow! I just went back and read your response....THANK YOU! I'm glad this was to your liking, I absolutely LOVE Voldemort's character...I think I might write more of him before my "creative-biography" of sorts, simply because Evil is fun. :P, anyway...THANKYOU SO MUCH! for coming and reading mine...I think I'm going to have to go back and read your other one about the Riddles....sounds intriguing to say the least.

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Review #11, by Fleur Potter All Hallow's Eve, 1981

24th September 2006:
i like it, its a very clever idea doing it from voldermorts point of view. very clever

Author's Response: thank you :) ~Elspeth

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Review #12, by you are not even close All Hallow's Eve, 1981

23rd September 2006:
Wow. I really really liked it. It was really cool. I have never read a story in that perspective before. This is going on my favs.

Author's Response: I'm honoured. Thank you for the trully means alot to see that other people like it as much as I do :P ~ELspeth

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Review #13, by joliefille252 All Hallow's Eve, 1981

20th September 2006:
I looked at my beautifully long and pale fingers. lol I'm just imagining that...

oh, I know this is supposed to be a chilling story (and it is!) but: ..The stupid costumes I was forced to wear and then having to walk into the cold for two hours to get second-rate candy. It was never worth it. Now, looking at these innocent fools, I remembered the wretched holiday and repressed a shudder. lmao! second rate candy...

oh, but wow. another great really have the dark side down! no criticisms here, seriously. good job!

Author's Response: :D I'm glad you found that bit of humour. Most people get caught up on how deppressing it is (and that's how I meant to write it) but little bits of humour are always wonderful :P ~Elspeth

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Review #14, by mrs_heather_grint All Hallow's Eve, 1981

15th September 2006:
I got to yours rather quickly, because you were one of the shorter ones :]:]. I really enjoyed this. I've never read a Voldemort point of view fic of the night Lily and James died. In fact, the idea's never fleeted across my mind, which is strange, because everything else fleets away up there...

One thing that bothered me (which has nothing to do with writing) was the *~*~*~* separations. They're rather annoying, and if I were you I'd use a less eye catching separation, or the one they have the code for in the TOS (or somewhere).

You told me to be honest, but there's nothing to be HONEST about with this one, besides I thought it was good :]:]. Next story, shall I? I shall :]:].

Author's Response: This was an old one-shot that I wrote for a Writer's Duel so at the time it wasn't required to NOT use the whole *~*~*~...I forgot entirely about it, but you are 100% correct, sometime I'll fix it :P.

The HONEST thing is something I say to all reviewers, usually when I request a review I don't want the "OMFG...that was lyke so totally awesom!", that I get from the occasional person that just finds it on the list. I'm not looking for a long, complicated review but I like to know what the reader approved of and didn't so in all actuality you did leave an honest review and for that I thank you :P ~Elspeth

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Review #15, by Sophia Montgomery All Hallow's Eve, 1981

27th August 2006:
'I gave a cold laugh and turned my attention back to Wormtail.' C'mon, you can do better than that. The book says 'cold, high pitched laugh' too many times; you can find a word to describe it better! ;) Other than that, I think it's an interesting way that you have put Voldermort's view to be- cynical, but not taking things very seriously. '“Now that was a waste,” I thought, laughing out loud.' It should be 'Now, that was...' (with an added comma). Other than that, interesting short story!

Author's Response: lol, yea I can see what you mean, I'll go back and see what I can do about the describing part. Elizabeth is so much better as describing things than me but I'm sure I can come up with something ;P. Also, thank you for the CC, VERY HELPFUL! I'm always looking for mistakes and still miss some. Thank you for it :). Also, thank you for reading this story, I'm glad that it, at least, interested you :P. ~Elspeth

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Review #16, by Padfoots Girl 32 All Hallow's Eve, 1981

24th August 2006:
Amazing story really I love how you did voldy's thoughts. Not to mean but mean enough.


Author's Response: thank you :P ~Elspeth

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Review #17, by DirtyLittleSecrets All Hallow's Eve, 1981

4th August 2006:
I loved it. The scene where James died was really sad though. :( Poor James.

Anyway, once again, I think you portrayed Tom Riddle very well. Also, the scenes with Snape and Peter were great too. Another 10/10! Keep up the awesome work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad it was to your liking!


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Review #18, by loca lolita All Hallow's Eve, 1981

30th July 2006:
Ok, I think I called Voldemort a thousand names through that. LOL. Anyways, I loved how you did the story from Voldemort's perspective. I was very good!!!!!

Author's Response: lol...good :P He deserves matter how much I love writing him :) Thank you so much for the review! ~Elspeth

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Review #19, by Darkheart All Hallow's Eve, 1981

29th May 2006:
I liked this one-shot very much, it was very well written. I liked how you added James death. We all know how Lily died, but James is a different story. Great job!

Author's Response: thank you! James actually seemed to me just a space to add on words, and for my friends and I it seemed to be a waste of breath but I am SO glad you liked it :)


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Review #20, by flying doxies ate my nasel hair All Hallow's Eve, 1981

26th May 2006:
wow this is resally well writen and i love it, i loved the way coldy just used crucio before peter had done anything that was funny,
i loved this story as it was really well writed and could imagine voldy thinking like that the only problem was that it was too short so i will give it 9 cos of that

Author's Response: lol...yea I do need to add description to give it more substance, but thank you for the high rating :) ~Elspeth

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Review #21, by Lone Fairy All Hallow's Eve, 1981

8th May 2006:
That was an amazing story! The detail and everything was brilliant! I really liked the comment about Halloween, too, this whole story is a brilliant idea! I can't really find anything wrong with it, so just keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: thank you! I'm glad it was to your liking :) ~Elspeth

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Review #22, by unknown_force All Hallow's Eve, 1981

29th April 2006:
The story was written well, I liked how it was done in Voldemort's point of view, I could see how he wanted to kill Harry out of fear because he had to protect his power. The ending was a little weak though, maybe a more powerful phrase would have made it stronger.

Author's Response: lol...yea *blush* I DEFFINATLEY need to fix that. When I wrote it, I purposefully ended it incompletely as to suggest his story was not yet complete. This short story is only the beginning to the (as my friends say) "The new and improved Voldemort" :) But I completely agree that last sentence needs to be fixed. THank you so much for your reviews! ~Elspeth

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Review #23, by Charmed Ravenclaw (not logged in) All Hallow's Eve, 1981

26th April 2006:
The summary wasn't that good (dialogue presented like that frustrates me but I knw you can't help it) but it was quite interesting. I like the way you wrote it most - the info you added in about the Pettigrews and Snape was interesting.

Author's Response: lol...yea, summeries are deffinatley NOT my strong suit. But I'm glad it caught your attention :) ~Elspeth

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Review #24, by da slappa All Hallow's Eve, 1981

25th April 2006:
fantastic story, and i liked how you told it from voldemort's POV. haven't seen many of them, and it is definitely interesting. really well-written and exciting. is there going to be more?

Author's Response: probably not, I'm thinking about going over it (when I have the time) and re-writing some of it for description purposes but other than that I have no intention of carrying this story further. Anyway, thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked it :) ~Elspeth

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Review #25, by HScarlett All Hallow's Eve, 1981

22nd April 2006:
This was very well written. I loved seeing your take on exactly why Voldemort sent off after Potter instead of Neville. He seemed disgustingly sadistic in your version... ugh. I mean that in a good way, your writing was great.

The only suggestion I have concerns some of what Voldemort says. A few of his lines had that sarcastic-joking tone to them, the kind of thing one might expect of cartoon villains. I can't really picture Voldemort joking. I don't know. I just thought that a few of your lines for him seemed awkward.

Author's Response: I can see your confusion, I wanted to make Voldemort human ( I know he isn't really anymore but still) with human emotions and matter how twisted they are. I always thought Voldemort would approach his killings with that kind of mild humour...something to be enjoyed not all that serious. Any way THANKYOU! for reviewing. I'm glad you liked this :) ~Elspeth

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