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Review #1, by SallyKayy When I'm Gone

18th February 2009:
wow... so emotional
well done

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Review #2, by RitaSkeeter When I'm Gone

8th June 2008:
is good. i like

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Review #3, by almost_witch When I'm Gone

6th June 2006:
i like that and the letters were well written. it was great but the end seemed too rushed and needed more 'passion' if thats the word u use.. lol

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Review #4, by Ashes RonandHermione When I'm Gone

18th April 2006:
wahhhh killed Ron! I always knew you were the evil one! This was really good..and made me really love Ron even more! [Ron weasley...not you silly! lol]

Author's Response: Oh shush you! I like it when Ron is the hero!

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Review #5, by Prince Of Darkness When I'm Gone

25th March 2006:
you portrayed ron very well in this short story, so well done for that. it was very close to what he seems to be thinking all the time. it didn't have the happiest end but it was still a very emotional read.

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Review #6, by Jenna When I'm Gone

12th March 2006:
Honestly, that was extreamly unrealistic. I know, I know, its a ficFIC. But Ron knew he was going to die? They set a date and a place to battle in a feild? Voldemort? The SECOND (after Dumbledore *R.I.P*) most powerful wizard in the world, battleing in a feild..? I notice everything moved quite quickly aswell, one moment Ron was sending an owl, the next he was at war with Voldemort. Several Grammer mistakes, yet the storyline kept my attention. I suggest revising, look it over, perhaps make it longer, give more details and backround information. Also if I was writting the last letter to my family I would ever write, I would make it a bit longer wouldn't you? Happy Writting. xxJennaxx

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Review #7, by msbigbad When I'm Gone

10th March 2006:
OMG!!!! So so so so so good!! I am sooo crying right now!!!! I loved it!!

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