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Review #1, by SimplyStupified77 Yay! Fandomness!

24th May 2008:
awww =] that's sooo cute! i liked it a lot ^-^

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Review #2, by Zaphira Yay! Fandomness!

23rd March 2008:
Wow, I really truly love it!

It was a perfect mix of romance and humour. I just wish books talked in real life! Although talking books wouldn't bring me my own James ... *sigh*

It was so easy to read, the only time I remember actually remembering I was reading was when it got to the Harry part and I was like - wait a second, what? But then I got what was going on, haha.

There was one part that I thought a little more could be added to; where it said
"Alright. But you have to share."
The book cheered them on all through the kiss.

I thought you could have added a little something in between, but I mean that could just be a personal love of fluffiness.

With that in mind, haha, I've got to say my favourite part was when James was saying all the things he'd do for Lily to show that they could be together. I was just like that is the sweetest thing ever!

I also loved the comment about the order of the Invisible Books. Made me laugh =)

And one other thing; I loved the repetition of (very light) bookbag... it linked it very nicely back to the start of the chapter.

All in all, I'd say this is definitely one of my favourites! 10/10

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Review #3, by Infantasia Yay! Fandomness!

26th February 2007:
I don't know what to say, except:

That was nothing short of wonderful.

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Review #4, by wicked26 Yay! Fandomness!

24th December 2006:
brilliant story!
i love it!
sp. harry find'g the same books was so gud!!

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Review #5, by anonydipity_07 Yay! Fandomness!

6th October 2006:
Your a really good writer! I really do think that this has by far been my favorite James/Lily fanship. Thank you!

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Review #6, by LandUnderWave Yay! Fandomness!

19th July 2006:
Awwww. This story's so cute! Oh, and that saying 'never judge a book by its cover' I always disliked that one, because why would they make covers if not to look at and judge by? Nathanial...you haven't read the Bartimaeus Trilogy by any chance, have you?(i think I'm using too many question marks)

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Review #7, by lolurfunny Yay! Fandomness!

28th June 2006:
Shutup and kiss me, stagboy.
thats soooooooooooo cute!

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Review #8, by Dedalus Diggle Yay! Fandomness!

19th May 2006:
hey, i renew the banner you requested in my pottery freaky site and i gave some instructions so as you know how to submit in hpff.com. later then... and nice story!! it's REALLY great 10!! it's really original and wery laughable great job!!

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Review #9, by GryffindorGoddess711 Yay! Fandomness!

19th May 2006:
wow! this is wayyy cute! such a good fic as well! love it!

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Review #10, by Nephele de Tourmalin Yay! Fandomness!

17th April 2006:
This is really really great, Wumpie! I love how it comes full circle in the end. I love the way you write James and Lily (as always!) and I love how it relates to your other stories (the part about Dorcas especially) There were a few little typos here and there, but nothing that totally confused me. I usually hate A/Ns in the middle of the story, but yours was funny so I liked it. Great way of explaining the loss of the map, and of bringing our two lovebirds together in a way that is both plausible and sweet. The way you write is so visually charged and elaborate but never boring, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this one. You're awesome! And my best friend just bought season one of Knight Rider on dvd, so when I see Hasslehoff strutting his stuff I will think of you fondly. Keep it up! You're brilliant :)

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Review #11, by laughing_bookoholic Yay! Fandomness!

13th April 2006:
ha haha love it!!

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Review #12, by Jackie Yay! Fandomness!

25th March 2006:
Aww thats so sweet

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Review #13, by Lyn Midnight Yay! Fandomness!

22nd March 2006:
One piece of advice, answer your reviewers, we like when we know you have read our feedback, and appretiate gratitude, too. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I really think this will help you with your work on this site. Have a nice day! ~LM~

Author's Response: Answering! Sorry, I'm just a bit busy lately...I know that's not a great excuse, but yeah.....can't really say much more....XD

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Review #14, by LunaB1134 Yay! Fandomness!

22nd March 2006:
Aaah. Aagh. So sweet and fluffy. Talking books is a DREAM COME TRUE, no really. This is WONDERFUL, as always, omg, james' parents were so sad! But i love your style, as always, wonderful job! Ooh, and I like the part where HErmione goes to make out with ROn behind a tapestry! yay! Loved it! ~Luna

Author's Response: Yayness! Thankyou for the rockin' reply, I do love reading your reviews Luna XD As for the R/Hr thinng, I think so too. If you ever read this agin (I know, it's just so LONG :D) I think you can see that it's the small things that make this story what it is. Thanks for clickin' that button, it means more than your can guess (or perhaps you can???? *Ponders*)

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Review #15, by The Big Dance Yay! Fandomness!

19th March 2006:
Very cute. Love the ending.

Author's Response: Thanks a bucheon!

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Review #16, by Kivx Yay! Fandomness!

16th March 2006:
awww...it was soo sweeett!!! I love it!!

Author's Response: It's good to know my wackiness isn't just sweet in my mum's eyes XD Have a freckle for reviewing!

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Review #17, by dedalus diggle (bored to log in) Yay! Fandomness!

16th March 2006:
hey, the banner would be submitted soon.. enough! I think sunday would be ready!

Author's Response: Yes it's wonderful...but it doesn't work!!! *cries in corner like an emo*.... ... ..

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Review #18, by O Crazy One Yay! Fandomness!

15th March 2006:
totally like one of the absolute best stories I've ever read! Definately write more L/J one-shots! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: Consider the freakdom warmly embraced, my friend. Glad you like the story, it's not everyone's Cauldron Cake (but it's obviously yours...thanks for sharing!!!)

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Review #19, by The girl who is alive Yay! Fandomness!

15th March 2006:
Awww! Sweet! I liked this lots! Yeah!

Author's Response: Thankoyu. I'd write something wittier, or funny, or amusing, but that's all you really need to know.XD

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Review #20, by mmm_bacon Yay! Fandomness!

15th March 2006:
this is an amazing original one-shot, im a huge L/J shipper and this is so humor, yet, why can't they just get together thype of fic, can't wait to read more of your writing and I especially like the last 1/3 I tihnk, from her ranting about the reasons she couldn't love him to the Ps., PPs, PPPs, and PPPPs

Author's Response: Yeah, I know the feeling! L/J is like my bretheren, it's just so awesome! Yeah, if you want my personal opinion (or even if you don't XD) the stagboy bit is like, the best bit of the whole thing. Kinda like the meringue on the lemon meringue pie: it's all nice, of course, but the top bit is just a bit nicer, and that's why we love it! Okay, weirdest simile ever. XD

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Review #21, by Snake Yay! Fandomness!

13th March 2006:
aww its so cute!

Author's Response: I agree. Nothing wrong with some cuteness.

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Review #22, by Lyn Midnight Yay! Fandomness!

13th March 2006:
Oh. Wow! This was amazing /tear/. They are the most perfect couple… Great idea! And the end nicely surprised me… Your writing is very good and now I am going to read your other stuff, hopefully J/L as well. And I am also excited about this Robbie guy, I will look for his picture; so keep writing and have a nice day!

Author's Response: Ain't they just? *Hugs Lily and James....or just James XD* Yeah, I likes the Harry ending, it's an orig compared to my other fluff-stuff. Thanks, a writer always likes to know their workm is appreciated...

Author's Response: ...Dood, sorry hpff cut me off *is mean* XDXD Anywho, ummm perfect couple..other oneshots...ladedda....AHA! Robbie, my one and only looooooooove XD Yes he's wonderful, I hope you found him XD I did have a nice day, I hope you do too! XD

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Review #23, by MagicalMiss Yay! Fandomness!

13th March 2006:
really sweet! i love your one-shots!

Author's Response: Thankyou SO MUCH! I love love LOVE to know when people have read my other stuff too...I'm going for the whole Barbie set idea...y'know, Barbie has her boyfriend n her sis n her cousin n her house n her car n her dog....and I knida wanna have all these different one shots....wow, that triple chocolate muffin's done funny things to my brain....XD *Is a smiley abuser* XDXDXD

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Review #24, by pearluna Yay! Fandomness!

13th March 2006:
that.... was.... so..... good....

Author's Response: You reckon? I was kinda shofty about it.....it's a bit long, after all...but if it floats your boat, it can take a trip in mine!! YAY friendlies! XDXDXDXD

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Review #25, by Lily Jane Yay! Fandomness!

11th March 2006:
Awwww...that was so cute! It was a great story and so sweet. Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: I will, I like the reviews too much not too! XDXD

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