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Review #1, by CrazyForYou A different kind of love letter

8th August 2007:
oh! =)
i really liked it =)

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Review #2, by HarlequinHangman A different kind of love letter

25th March 2007:
That was sweet. =D

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #3, by fidelius-finite A different kind of love letter

14th March 2006:
Very nice. No spelling errors and few grammar errors. You may want to space out the text a bit more, though. But that's just me.

Author's Response: Thank you. Although there were others who have stated they did I'm glad you didn't find any prominant errors. Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by SilverQuill92 A different kind of love letter

12th March 2006:
This was so cute! I hope their a sequel.....*winkwinknudgenudgeseizureseizure* lol You are good at Dramione and hope you do more! xxX...Steph...Xx

Author's Response: Aww...thank you for that. As I was writing I was considering a sort of sequel actually but I don't know. You'll have to keep an eye out. ;-)

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Review #5, by the_golden_trio A different kind of love letter

10th March 2006:
i loved your story .. it was really great. tho i think you should've called it something along the lines of "Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"

Author's Response: Thanks. I appreciate the review. I do like my title though.

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Review #6, by PhoenixStorm A different kind of love letter

8th March 2006:
Well I have no particular like nor dislike of Draco/Hermione, and I think you have a nice one here that has a lot of good aspects to it.

I did not pick out all your grammar mistakes because there are quite a lot. I'll get to one I did in a minute, but I strongly suggest you get a beta to look this over for punctuation. It was quite hard to work out some of your sentences, and getting it beta'd would really make it flow better :). Though unexpect at the time some good had come of it unexpected. She stood slowly wanting to stretch out the moment but at the same time wanting badly to see the person that was on the train This is one of the confusing sentences. "She stood slowly, wanting to stretch out the moment, but at the same time wanting to see...train badly". Those eyes had changed though the pain still remained deep within those gray eyes didn't hold the terror and hatred that they once did this sentence, while relatively easy to work out what you mean, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It needs rephrasing. Habitually she crossed one arm in back of her and started figeting with her other arm that hung by her side A very confusing sentence. "Habitually, she crossed one arm across her back and started fidgeting...". She glaned at him briefly with tears in her eyes glanced.

I really liked the idea you based this around, I thought it was quite believable as a base to the relationship between them, and I like how you don't get overly wordy about it all and let it just sort of come together.

My particular favourite part was your introduction. I like how you based it around the canon event of Dumbledore's death. This line Remus and Tonks had uncovered the fact that their love could withstand anything. Fleur and Mrs. Weasley had found mutual ground in their worries I really liked, especially how you've put an optimistic spin on it.

I liked the interaction you wrote between the two, especially this bit Once they reached each other they hesitated unsure of what to do next because i htink it's very real. It's all well and good to have developed this intimate relationship over letters, but meeting in person is a whoel new experience. I like how you didn't just jump straight past the awkward stage. And I also thought it clever how you played around this line Time to see if distance truely made the heart grow fonder (truly is misspelt by the way).

The part with how Draco had been treated, neither one thing nor another, was also really good. This line was particularly touching No one had bothered to save him and really speaks of all he's been through. A really nice fic you have here, I enjoyed reading :).

Author's Response: Thank you for the advice. I will probably get a beta. I usually have someone at least proof read my storys though sometimes it takes a while. I'm grateful that you've pointed out the grammar mistakes and confusing sentences. It will help me in the future. Your review and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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Review #7, by rainbow92 A different kind of love letter

8th March 2006:
Firstly, this was a wonderful story. Well written and sweet, really beautiful! I enjoyed it muchly.

I only picked up on a couple of typos-apprehended, not aprehended, in inhibitions, not inhabitions. They were the only ones I noticed though.
I greatly enjoyed reading this. It was, like I said, really sweet and beautiful. The fact that he kept her letter adds a lot to it, makes it more powerful. It truly shows true love. I felt, however, it maybe could have been a bit longer, gone into a bit more depth? About when exactly Draco went to Azkaban, whether anyone died in the war, how they fell in love...stuff like that. It'd just add a bit more to the story, and make the reader feel more for the characters.

Anywho, that's just my opinion. I really liked it though-the emotions and feelings conveyed are very powerful, very beautiful. Good work!

Author's Response: Thank you. I am horrible with typos and don't usually catch them so thank you for pointing that out. I am happy that you liked it. As this is only my second one shot I appreciate any and all CC so thank you for the CC and the review in general.

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Review #8, by harrystrulove A different kind of love letter

6th March 2006:
What a beautiful story! I love it--it's so sweet and touching, and extremely well-written. I love the way Draco and Hermione fell in love long distance, and the fact that Draco kept that first letter she sent him. The story was well thought out and believable. Reading this got me choked up. You're a great writer, well done!

Author's Response: You have no idea what that means to me. It was believable? I'm glad you thought so. I like to keep things at least somewhat believable. Although this might not be something I should own up to this fic only took me approximately 15 minutes to write. It was done on a whim. So I find it fascinating that it appears thought out. Thank you so much for your R/R. I really appreciate it.

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