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Review #1, by aussie_princess_94 Sweet Merlin!

11th December 2005:
Great chapter! update soon

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Review #2, by aussie_princess_94 History of Magic is just the beginning

3rd October 2005:
GREAT story! i really enjoyed it (probably because i love greek mythology)

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Review #3, by kenny Sweet Merlin!

10th May 2005:
wow! i didnt see that one coming a girl?? weird but anways i think this is a great story hope u update soon

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Review #4, by Draco5Harry Sweet Merlin!

3rd November 2003:
please continue with it!!i like it!

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Review #5, by loopy Myths and Legends: The Mis-spoken Curse

21st July 2003:
great story. keep on going

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Review #6, by REDhead87 Myths and Legends: The Mis-spoken Curse

8th July 2003:
Write more, PLEASE!!! It´s a good story and I want to know what happened to Harry, so PLEASE hurry up with the next chapter!!!!

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Review #7, by gonewiththewind Myths and Legends: The Mis-spoken Curse

4th July 2003:
i love it!!!

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Review #8, by jen Myths and Legends: The Mis-spoken Curse

1st July 2003:
a nice bit of foreshadowing there, with the story of eros & psyche (one of my favorite myths), but it may have gone a little too in depth for the first chapter. . . about half way through i started wondering if harry & the gang was ever going to show up ^^; in any case it seems off to a nice start. . . a little nit-picky thing about formatting; starting a new paragraph every time a new character starts speaking would make it a bit easier on the eyes of your readers. i definitely want to keep track of where this is going, though. . . been looking for a new slash fic for awhile now; hope this one will satisfy me :)

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Review #9, by SilverMirror Myths and Legends: The Mis-spoken Curse

30th June 2003:
Hey, this is cool! I\'ve always liked Greek Mythology myself, it\'s very interesting. Well, I like your story and hope you\'ll write more soon! :)

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