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Review #1, by Reader A Marauder Married!

6th May 2007:
I love your story. You did a great job. It was so sweet!

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Review #2, by dissendium A Marauder Married!

29th January 2005:
*wipes tear* awe very very thoughtful. i especially like the detail you put into little things like lilys dress and also the conversation between the marauders. brilliant. love it.

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Review #3, by Emerald_Angel A Marauder Married!

26th October 2004:
Lol I really enjoyed this. You portray Sirius really well, and James is sweet!

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Review #4, by Kpotter A Marauder Married!

2nd May 2004:
that was cute!

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Review #5, by nymphomaniac A Marauder Married!

10th March 2004:
aaaaahh!!!!! lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely!!! they're all SOOOOO unbelievably perfect! i had no clue you had written a short story like this! it's perfect! just the way i'd imagine James' and lily's wedding!!!!! I boq down to you, i seriously do. it breaks my heart to think how things could be if stupid voldy hadn't been his stupid self and if peter had died years before - as painfully as possible. Lily is probably my favourite. the "we're going home" bit was awesome!! If you start a new story, any story at all, please inform me!! :-D

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Review #6, by Chandee A Marauder Married!

20th January 2004:
Really nice! I love this story! Keep it up!

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Review #7, by babygirl A Marauder Married!

15th January 2004:
that was sooo good!

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Review #8, by hermharry A Marauder Married!

4th July 2003:
wooohoo mr. and mrs. potter!!! finally!!! great story!

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Review #9, by Amy A Marauder Married!

1st July 2003:
I loved this. It was really good.

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Review #10, by KaOtIcAnGeL A Marauder Married!

30th June 2003:
this story is so cute i love it some spelling mistakes but it\'s great i gave it a 5/5

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Review #11, by LTDan A Marauder Married!

30th June 2003:
WHOA! That was great! You kept everyone in character so well! I especially liked Remus\' comment, \"Go home.\" ...Hilarious! Hehe...I think I\'ll just be running off to read more of your work... *~LT. Dan~* ~Alexa~ Overall Rating: 10 of 10 :)

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