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Review #1, by harrypotterishot ch 8.

2nd August 2004:

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Review #2, by Harrypotterishot ch 8.

28th July 2004:
Wow. You're gooood.

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Review #3, by Mione Potter ch 8.

2nd July 2004:
The story is really good. It is one of he est ones i ever read. I like how ron and hermione dont rush into their relatyionship like in all the other stories. keep on writing!

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Review #4, by Amy-Chris ch 8.

5th June 2004:
Oh this is a really great story! You are a very talented writer! Please update soon!

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Review #5, by HUGE Ron&Hermione fan ch 8.

16th May 2004:
Pleeeeeeeeease update? I know i don't review much but that's because i'm lazy sometimes.

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Review #6, by HUGE Ron&Hermione fan chapter 7

16th May 2004:
Dang! They were so close! Right now i'm probably gonna despise Ginny for a bit!

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Review #7, by Meaghan ch 8.

7th April 2004:

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Review #8, by Meaghan ch 8.

7th April 2004:
I love your story. I would have to say it is the best story I have ever read. I noticed that you haven't seemed to have written in awhile so please tell me you haven't given up. I really want you to write more. I'm becoming dependant on your story.

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Review #9, by e r i k a * ch 8.

21st March 2004:
OOH... keep writing! I really enjoy this story, you kept Harry single =)...It just seems so Harry that way. And the Hermione and Ron chemistry is growing slowly...unlike other stories they rush into eachother..Keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by spider web ch 8.

15th February 2004:
I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 plz up date now! ok later buit plz soon i luv it i m hooked!

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Review #11, by Cariel ch 8.

10th December 2003:
I love this story!! I'm glad it's back. :)

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Review #12, by Slopper_x chapter 7

3rd December 2003:
Another great story.Hope you add some more as fast as you can.

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Review #13, by Cariel chapter 7

2nd December 2003:
Has this been up on I swear I've read this before, but in a good way!! I'm a sucker for R/H romances. Just make sure to have different paragraphs each time someone new is talking ;)

Author's Response: I had it up for a short time, but I got sick of, I don't like the whole set up there so I took it down...but yeah it has.

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Review #14, by HisGirl The Summer before

27th November 2003:
Very cute start. I look forward to more....just as soon as I finish reading the rest of the chapters! Keep writing! ~HisGirl

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