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Review #1, by Bothering_Snape319 Over

11th June 2006:
Wow, that was fast! Thanks for emailing me...! Appreciate it greatly.

Lissy Abbott :D

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Review #2, by Bothering_Snape319 Over

10th June 2006:
*Hugs Candy*
I love this story! I mean, I really, really like it!! :D
Also, do you make banners? I could've sworn someone told me that Candy made their banner, and I need one. Email me @ and let me know! Thanks much!

Lizzy A. :D

Author's Response: Sure! I will make you banner, and thanks for reviewing ^^ Please e-mail me back allt he specifics :D And the link to your story if you can.


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Review #3, by ronsbiggestfan09 Over

30th May 2006:
that was a good story. oh so sad. but good. do ya'll remember me? we used to role-play together. w00t. hey you think you could make me a banner? i need one. email me or im me or something or leave a review on one of my stories. whatever. lol. bye!

Author's Response: Sure! I'll make you a banner :D And thanks for reviewing ^^ Come on AIM and I'll talk to you abit about the banner and...we can talk about other things, lol xD Thanks for R&Ring!


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Review #4, by Ron_Weasley50 Over

21st March 2006:
That was cool. Honestly. Sad. But cool

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like it. It was meant to be sad. I'm currently working on the sequel ^^ but my beta is not on..also I can't submit anything yet. Thanks for reviewing! :D -Candy

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Review #5, by Nagini Over

11th March 2006:
that is rele good.. haha dunno if hermione ever struck me as someone who would swear tho.

Author's Response: Lol, she swore cause she was so mad and heart broken. I know she wouldn't swear though. I'm glad you like it though ^__^ and Hermione has her reasons to swear :P Well, thank you for reviewing!----Candy

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Review #6, by Ashes RonandHermione Over

9th March 2006:
Aww candy is was so cute! Very cute first fic....the thing that made me sad was the ending...the 'its over' when it said Hermione was saying it to Ron...and Lavender was upset about it...thast what made me sad. ohh sequel interesting. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories! ... just not your Hansy one, which I'm sure is going to be brilliant..just cnat read it. your going to grow in your writing..and its going to be wonderful!! ^^ Always, Ashes lol

Author's Response: Aww, gee, thanks Ashes! *huggles* I'm happy you enjoyed my first fanfic ever >> Lol, don't spoil it! * covers Ashes mouth* Any hoo, I better be going, thanks for leaving a review :D---Candy

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Review #7, by Amanda Over

4th March 2006:
For a first fic, this is great. You did a good job with emotions and whatnot. However, here're a few things I'd like to point out: 1. Check for grammatical errors. The one that really stood out was right at the beginning..."bad" should be "badly." There really aren't that many grammatical mistakes, though. 2. There was A LOT of opportunity for plot expansion that was not explored. I can think of quite a few ways to extend the fic. I know it's a songfic, but story development is still very important - perhaps you should try not to clump lyrics together. For instance, you might try putting the lyrics in the fic two lines at a time. I know that might seem a bit tedious, but it will give you more opportunity to develop the fic, and will strenghthen your writing. 3. Characterization is also something that could be developed. Although, I CAN picture Ron kicking the wall like that... XD Other than that...this fic is good. *grins* I am looking forward to seeing how your writing progresses. w00t!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks Amanda for reviewing my story and pointing out sooo much that I need to fix *coughPansycough* my beta'er should've picked it out XP But I don't blame her, I blame myself for my weirdness of this story xD And this is my first song fic :o Lol, thanks again! I'll try to put more stories and stuff :)----Candy

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Review #8, by raylees_12(not logged in) Over

4th March 2006:
OMFG CANDY! You finally did it, you finally wrote a fanfic! great for you, this was so incredibly awsome! I loved Lavender's reaction, it was so real! I can't wait to see what else you dish out!

Author's Response: Aww gee, thanks ray ^^ I'm glad you liked it! Please please thank Pansy for being my beta person :D I loved Lavender's reacion was most realistic. Thanks for reviewing! Hopefully my sequel to his will come out soon, but I am currently working on a story for Pansy xD Which i will make another one..then another..yeah alot ^^ Thanks again!---Candy

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Review #9, by GoddessMoonstone Over

4th March 2006:
Omgomgomgomg XD I'm reviewing this >> lol I cant help it!! I love it and I can't wait for the sequelll :O Am I hoping you write that one too? I hope so, I really enjoyed this one ^^ Although I promise not to like, almost completely take over the whole thing next time xD I got carried away. ^-^; Well, talk to you later twinny!! ^-^ *huggles* -Pansy

Author's Response: zomfg zomfg, Thanks for reviewing it Pansy XD I mean Goddessmoonstone XP I'm glad you can wait for it, but you're the one to be the first to read it! LolxD I am going to write a sequel to 'over' I will :D And you promise not to take over this one XP Well, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Talk to you later twinny :)----candy

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Review #10, by ronisacritric Over

4th March 2006:
looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeddddddd it

Author's Response: omg david, I'm so glad you loved it!! *huggles* I'll try to write more :o!! Thanks you for reviewing ^^---Candy

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Review #11, by wytchkitty13 Over

4th March 2006:
Ohhhh nice :) Good one Candy!!! *huggles* Can't wait for more stories from you :D

Author's Response: Thank you kitty :D *huggles* Omg Pansy is my faithful Beta'errr shes so great ^o^ I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :D --Candy

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