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Review #1, by Yasmin The Pairing

3rd October 2011:
I loved all of it :)! It's lovely, and really well written :)! x

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Review #2, by Pixie Break the Circle

29th July 2003:

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Review #3, by cassidy Break the Circle

22nd July 2003:
aww... this is so cute. It\'s more believable than some of the Draco/someone pairings i\'ve read. they turn him into a complete softie. this is a really good story. i enjoyed reading it.

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Review #4, by Snakegurl Break the Circle

21st July 2003:
Very good. It creeped me out...and it takes a lot to do that believe me!

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Review #5, by darkangel Break the Circle

19th July 2003:
Hi! I just wanted to say that Break the Circle\'s a great story. I loved it!

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Review #6, by *KAT* Break the Circle

17th July 2003:
this is good when are you gonna update it

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Review #7, by latinchick Break the Circle

16th July 2003:
hey, omg this story is really good!! please keep writing!

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Review #8, by ali Break the Circle

11th July 2003:
dis is really imaginative i wanna see where it goes, hu ever wud have thought? malfoy and a gryffindor? lol - this is great

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Review #9, by Amy Break the Circle

7th July 2003:
This is really good. And I can\'t wait for the fourth review to come so you could post the next chapter.

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Review #10, by latinchick Break the Circle

4th July 2003:
hey, your story is coming out really good! keep writing! now u don\'t have 2 send me ur stories thru email nemore lol now that its online, (unless u want 2 send me the \"Tabitha\" story ;) lol well thanks alot for ur review and yeah i had a great time in Georgia...i have soo much 2 tell u!! lol...well ttyl!

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Review #11, by Rose Break the Circle

29th June 2003:
hey hey i really like this story!!!! ur an xcellent riter n there were only like, 3 spelling errors n tht is seriously gr8!! keep writing, i wanna no where this story goes! **sitting anxiously** cyz!!

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