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Review #1, by Harrysgirl35 Love kicks

20th April 2008:
Great chapter! Please update soon!10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try!

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Review #2, by Harrysgirl35 I'm the one confused

16th March 2008:
Ohhh! I like the entire story! It is on my faves. I hope you update soon!10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, yay another review, I've only been getting very few reviews and at times only from one person so thank you! I feel like sending out muffin baskets now. I'm not sure when the next chapter will be out but keep checking when you feel like it and check out my other stories.
Thanks again!

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Review #3, by HauntedLyra22 Marks of the Past

11th July 2007:
ooh that was good...i like this, its kind of AU and everything but its awesome! Stanley showed up...i liked him too even tho he turned out to be a death eater...YEAH anyway i have to go read the next chapter and i ll leave a nice long lovely review for you to read!!
rock on!!
-Wolf Girl
P.S. yeah we're going to see the movie today too, my best friend her sister and my mom anyway...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I've kind of put this story on hold since I've had such inspiration wtih Changes, but I shall try to get another chapter out soon.
Thanks again!

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Review #4, by Journey Transformations

28th June 2007:
Much better, i had a feeling that something was missing. Great story. Its unique and i like it

Author's Response: Thank you, yes I relized I got some titles mixed up with some chapters so there was a whole mess up there anyway Thanks again for the review like I said-I think i did in the last review XD- if you hadn't pointed that out well I don't think my story would get many reviews, Thanks :O)

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Review #5, by Imawriter I'll Try

13th June 2007:
OMG good job! 10/10! P.S. why does your banner say Lone_Wolf when you're not Lone_Wolf?
Anyway loved the story, but I don't like paragraph 3.

Author's Response: Thanks! I use to be Lone_Wolf, but-I forget now- but I think I either changed it beacuse I moved or it got deleted somehow. But that is an old banner and I havn't been able to contact the person who made it to change it so I just left it that way. Anyway, Thank you so much for your 10/10 that means a lot.

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Review #6, by black_wolf_girl Secrets revealed

13th May 2007:
okay.well in that case after im finished reading what im reading now ill come back and read all this!!
rOcK oN!!
~Wolf Girl~
P.S. finals suck.we have one in algebra in three days and im gonna fail!!^_^

Author's Response: yeah, im working on chapter six for changes and chapter five...i think should be up by tuesday, algebra i hear ya! im so gonna fail cause in my class i try but i don't get it and i get graded for at least trying and showing work even if its wrong. I know that won't pass though in geometry which should be soo fun next year-not lol Thanks for the reviews your the only one who does any more and I'm sincerlly greatful Lupins_cub

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Review #7, by black_wolf_girl Secrets revealed

12th May 2007:
hey, i know i havent been here for A LONG TIME, but where'd all ur other stories go??? i was going to come back and read chapter 4 but when i did i could find were three stories!! what's up???
rOcK oN!!
-Wolf Girl

Author's Response: Well… (Don’t hate me) I sort of started things over. Yeah I haven’t touched them in a while now because for a bout a month I’ve been gearing up for finals, but this summer I plan to redo a lot of things. I was reading through them and began to change so much that I decided to just stat over. A few scenes though I refuse to let go cause I absolutely love them. Plus my grammar was awful and a few plots were thrown in there was irrelevant. I’m also progressing (slowly) on what was to one shot Who We Are. I’m not sure where it’s going but I hope it will turn out. But yeah, maybe I should have put what I was doing on my personal page I’m usually not that impulsive especially with my work and throwing it out. As well as finals I’ve been working on a completely originally story of my own so I bounce around. But it’s nice to hear from you! I wish you well and such, so yes business- as I call it has been slow lol, but expect a speed up this summer if I’m not moving or traveling.
Thanks for the review and sorry to alarm you!
Thanks again Lupins_cub (wow…long response O.o)

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Review #8, by o0o_MoonyGirl_o0o I'll Try

26th January 2007:
Cute little moment, I really like your banner too. There were a few grammar issues but nothing so severe as to distract me from your story. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, wow i havn't heard from you in a while, its cool, yea the grammer im working on, with finals just ending heh i really need too XD Thanks for the review check out of my Saga! including Changes the Sequal: Traitor and the Saga: The Last of them, if you have the time i know there long. Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Gothic Angel I'll Try

13th September 2006:
LOVELY 1shot! I lurved it! I think that it could have been better if you took more time to write it and was more discriptive. But its GREAT the way it is. One thing you REALLy should take care of is the grammer. There aren't really big mistakes, but it would make the fic SO much more enjoyable. Loved the fic. On my way to continue reading your works. Happy Writing! ~Gothic

Author's Response: yeah i know, my beta sort of left me so those stories havn't been edited but i have been reading re reading and reading again all my chapters, so trying to work on that. Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #10, by black_wolf_girl I'll Try

4th July 2006:
awww that was sooo sweet!!!
awesome one-shot it rocks!!!!
rock on!!!!!!
~wolf girl~

Author's Response: yeah alot of people were confused by it and i have no idea how so whatever thanks for reveiwing!

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Review #11, by SirenaLuna90 I'll Try

5th March 2006:
Oh wow confusing...head hurts, but in a good way. Please update soon this is really making me want more.

Author's Response: its a one shot i'm maybe i could contiue it. Yea its kind of choppy is tha t why your head hurts? but yea its a one shot so um i might update it not sure. I'll see how many reviews i get i guess. Thanks for hte review!!! oh and please contact me and tell me what ur confused on maybe i can clear it up.

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