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Review #1, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans ...can make...

22nd April 2009:
aw, update soonnn :) loveee it

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Review #2, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans ...cold fires...

22nd April 2009:
awww, loved the part,
shes so beautiful, yes you are. waw. loveee it.

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Review #3, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans maybe...

22nd April 2009:
haaa. that must have been so aakward, seeing your future self snogging someone right next to you, lol love this storyyy :)

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Review #4, by Erisal95 ...can make...

3rd January 2008:


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Review #5, by Janhavi ...cold fires...

23rd August 2007:
hahahahaha very funny!

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Review #6, by Janhavi maybe...

23rd August 2007:
Hahaha, it seems very funny!

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Review #7, by cavexgirl ...can make...

21st April 2007:
ohhh i cant wait for the next one i bet there's going to be something weird about futcher harry it's a really cute story plz update soon

Author's Response: thankyou muchoos

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Review #8, by lovehp ...can make...

19th March 2007:
could you please update soon?

Author's Response: "_" ahhhh yes. sorry about that one
it kind of....waddled off somewhere

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Review #9, by cavexgirl maybe...

27th February 2007:
lol loved it is futcher ron a pro quiditch player ?

Author's Response: (:

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Review #10, by Lovehpforever ...can make...

21st February 2007:
I love this! Really clever :D Wish I had a fantasy like that :) Cab't wait 'til the next chapter ^^ 10-10 + faves!

Author's Response: yay~
arigato :) thanks for your review~
and faving the story!

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Review #11, by EvilSmurfa ...can make...

4th January 2007:
No! I need to find out what happens! i must have more!


Author's Response: (:
there will be
i just..i hate my procrostinating habit

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Review #12, by rosai_gryffindor ...can make...

25th December 2006:
aw i want to know what happens next!! hope you update soon!

Author's Response: oooee!
thanks for taking the time to read and review my story... and woa! many have on their christmas time o.0 -- wow!

it makes me happy to still be seeing reviews
yes the next chapter is comingn soon!

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Review #13, by mrshermioneweasley ...can make...

6th November 2006:
This story is so wonderful, I read it a lot because it just gives you a happy feeling inside. It's a really creative plot you came up with, and I definietly CANNOT wait until your next update! So keep up the FANTASTIC work, I really enjoy your story! :)

ron and hermione forever

Author's Response: thankies

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Review #14, by Label N/A ...can make...

1st November 2006:

Author's Response: thanks for the review (:
im very happy that i still have continuing readers out there.
much love~~~

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Review #15, by Secret_Lover maybe...

23rd October 2006:
Please let it be Harry and Ginny... and plese update

Author's Response: i appreciate your review, girl.

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Review #16, by axelvaz ...can make...

21st October 2006:
Cool I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: im such a procrostinator.
im so sorry ):
but dont worry!
it WILL be written (:

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Review #17, by Secret_Lover ...can make...

11th October 2006:
O.o future Harry... and his future wife??? PLEASE

Author's Response: heh...?
do you mean PLEASE as is
'please' update or please as in
'puh-lease' that is weird.


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Review #18, by Secret_Lover ...cold fires...

11th October 2006:
O.o very nice

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing my fics~

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Review #19, by Mrs_Roonil_Wazlib ...can make...

21st September 2006:
great story so far! I love it! hmmm wonder how Ron and Hermione got together like they r now in the future AND after they learn some stuff will thye get together or NEVER get together eh? lol UPDATE SOON .. like NOW

Author's Response: woa that was quite confusing shall have to wait (:

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Review #20, by Too Much Sugar Girls ...can make...

17th September 2006:
great chapter hope the next one is up soon!!

Author's Response: such a procrostinator
im suh sorry

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Review #21, by sammy lupin ...can make...

6th September 2006:
this is cool, i like it, you should update 9/10


Author's Response: im a total procrostinator when it comes to updating
like.....the third chapt is almost finished...i just have to type it and have it run through my beta. darn
thankyou (:

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Review #22, by potterfan97 ...can make...

25th August 2006:
Very interesting - looking forward to more!

Author's Response: yay~!

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Review #23, by mamasboy ...can make...

23rd August 2006:
hate reviewing because i am extremely lazy...hey at least ive admitted it, but can you please update sooner? i know i sound whiney but it shows how much i love your story and am constantly waiting to see what happens but yeh as you can see, the story is really good

Author's Response: thankee and i know how you feel. sometimes i dont like reviewing cause im super lazy or tired cause i read so late at night. anyways...i only have have to submit one story at a time. so yea...they take so long! i know! thankyou for your time though ~!!

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Review #24, by iluvgreenday ...can make...

20th August 2006:
I'm so happy that you've updated! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: if your happy
im happy
we can all be happy together in one whole fantasy land!
hmm..scratch the fantasy land.
just keep them reviews coming

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Review #25, by DeathByMoonlight ...can make...

18th August 2006:
Gah! Not a cliffie!! -.- Loved, it though!! Can`t wait for more!

Author's Response: yay! loving it is one of the necessities!
thanks for the review!

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