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Review #1, by PhantomsDaughter13 Dear Journal

4th August 2006:
This was so sad! I love slash stories, and this is one of the best I've read! You have a real way of getting your readers to feel all of the emotions that Draco was going through in just a short story! I love it!

Author's Response: i'm really glad you liked my story. it's the first one i attempted to post and wasn't feeling too confident about it.

the feelings were as real as i could get them. it was how i was feeling when i wrote the story, three days after my sisters funeral. every story i write is based on how i'm feeling at the time.

i wanted to show readers that it is possible to merge the authors real life emotions with fictional characters' emotions, and i really hope that i can continue to do so.

if you like this one please read the other ones that i'll be posting ASAP.


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Review #2, by harrystrulove Dear Journal

24th March 2006:
I love Harry/Draco slash stories, and this one is no exception. OK, so the ending is sad and I wished I could see Harry and Draco back together in the end, but this is still a really good fic! I like the way you portrayed them as having a secret relationship and how you got inside Draco's head and talked about Lucius and Voldemort from his point of view. I could see him really thinking these thoughts. Good job and I look forward to checking out your other stories!

Author's Response: thank you for the feedback. i'm glad that somebody actually enjoyed it. i always get the feeling that they're hiding something from the rest of the world with the many looks they're constantly giving each other. i am currently working on my second songfic as well s a longer fic based on hermine and ginny (not femslash). look forward to reading your stories

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