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Review #1, by navygirl529 A Brilliant Idea

4th July 2006:
cute idea! i've always wondered what inspired the marauders, and i like the side you present! nicely done! and btw i like how you did the cheesy quote...fantastically worked in!

Author's Response: Huh... you know, that is both fawning AND intelligent!

Thank you, you are brilliant.

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Review #2, by emily A Brilliant Idea

20th March 2006:
okay, you are a good lawyer, so i won'tkill you for missing that.

Author's Response: Oh yes, well said. definitely. after all, I SURELY deserve to be killed for a canon error! you are SO merciful.

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Review #3, by a certain queen A Brilliant Idea

11th March 2006:
my god, what horrid trash!!! how dare you dishonor the unsmudged name of Harry Potter by distributing such lies? Haha, gotcha faithy

Author's Response: you. called. me. FAITHY!!!!!! evilevilevilevilevil person!!!! the...er...unsmudged name? how do you have an unsmudged name? and I have really sarcastic friends. really. Just so you know, everybody else, Waxwing and a certain queen ARE being sarcastic! they wouldn't be that mean. I hope. GAHHH!!! Now I'm totally paranoid!!! *breathebreathebreathe....breathe* *faints from hyperventilation* *has bucket of water thrown at her* *stomps off, soaking wet.* Oh dear, I have really finally lost it. Cheers, everybody! *laughs head off for no apparent reason* *head rolls around on the ground, still laughing* *body falls over dead* wow...I scare myself.

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Review #4, by Waxwing..............;-) A Brilliant Idea

10th March 2006:
ok...im officialy scared. probably cuz u said u should be a lawyer at the end but whatever.......anyways, im gonna pretend i dont know you and give a review. i think that technically u could be sued for this. u dont think and this story was insignificant to her books and the quality was a thousand times worse. keep trying kid and u might make it one day but today is not that day....im totally jk! like i have said many times im in a weird mood today. it was totally cool and they sound totally hot as always, especially sirius's hair falling "handsomely" into his eyes! good mental image, good story! simple as that! ttyl!!!

Author's Response: U are so mean, V. And of course they sound hot. They are hot! with the definite exception of Peter. And I always scare you, so I'm just going to ignore that little bit. But thanks! I honestly did not think you would review it...you don't read a whole lot. but whatever. Thank ya!

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Review #5, by Rogue_and_Raven A Brilliant Idea

5th March 2006:
lol, thats a relly awesome begginning for what should be an awesome story. great Marauder writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot!

Author's Response: Well, I'm not sure it'll be an awesome story, but thanks! It won't be very long, though. probably less than five chapters. I know, I know, that's short, but my other story, The Confessions of Kitty, A Marauder, is going to be very long.

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Review #6, by _Lilly_flower A Brilliant Idea

4th March 2006:
i loved IT!!!!!!! lol it was so good

Author's Response: Thanks muchly! watch for the next chapter that's coming on...March 23 probably.

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Review #7, by hermy A Brilliant Idea

4th March 2006:
and yes, I forgot: "Yo ho, yo ho, a Marauder's life for me" is a great title!!

Author's Response: Yes- I had just finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and I was having trouble coming up with a title. But it seemed to fit. :)

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Review #8, by hermy A Brilliant Idea

4th March 2006:
This is great!!!! Please update soon!! I think, as the Marauders created the map and the twins only found it, the Marauders are more skilled, even though they created the map somewhere around their fifth year and the twins got it in their second. But that's not the point. I like your story, so please update!

Author's Response: Hmm... never knew that. Oh well, who cares anyway. Canon can be interpreted, right? RIGHT?

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