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Review #1, by Me Propped Against Your Rooftop

27th June 2011:
Wow. That was really good. I've never read a story from Peter Pettigrew's POV before, so this was a new experience and I liked it.

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Review #2, by JuicyJuice Propped Against Your Rooftop

22nd August 2007:
Amazing one-shot. This is one of the few fics I've read where description and imagery don't weigh down the story, they make it. Very nice contrast between his young, innocent self and the older man choosing his values. It doesn't make me like Peter, but I certainly believe him. Excellently done.

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Review #3, by Elysian Propped Against Your Rooftop

4th March 2007:
And I thought the last one of your stories I reviewed was the best. This though--this is incredible. Your imagery is astounding, and once more I find myself inside the story, sitting next to Peter and watching as he comes to terms with the fundamentals of his betrayal. It is a beautiful thing, to watch someone realize just who they are, and to see with true clarity their place in the world, in memories, in the thoughts of others. I loved how, well, serene Peter was. How he sat, bathed in all the colours of the sunset, and calmly rationalized his decision.

For just a second, the world seemed so simple through Peter's eyes. There was no hatred towards the Marauders, there was no mention of how they patronized him, or that he was just a follower or that Lily merely pitied him, or anything like that. There was only that calm acceptance, and that dreadfully sincere belief that this was as it should be. Its a glimpse of Peter that I have never seen before, and I find myself enchanted and intrigued. I loved, simply loved the sense of sadness that fills this. Its filled with such a wistful longing, the dying dream of a better world, and you can almost hear Peter saying "If only, if only things had not turned out this way. If only you had seen this coming. If only the night had not fallen so soon."

I loved how he completely twists your perceptions around by saying "The truth is that my rat-like heart doesn’t believe in the weak anymore. I realize that for the longest time, I was the strong one that never needed to be consoled and this entire time, the strong never had to defend the weak because we all fend for ourselves. We all need to because there won’t be anyone around to grieve with or to care about you when we’re all alone in the end." You see, I've had this image in my mind for the longest time of Peter as a weak, stamering sort of simpleton who craved after power. To see him filled with such a strong and unshakable conviction that he is in fact the strong one is incredible, and makes me wonder whether JK Rowling and everyone else hasn't got it all wrong after all.

Anothering thing I absolutely loved was this line: "If I don’t let go of my past, if I don’t burn out, I’ll just burn up." Incredible. I think that really sums up his reasoning. That line right there is the very core of what changed the destiny of the world. It leads right up to another of my favorites, and consequently one of the best endings I have ever read" "They’ve released one side of the rope and allowed the other to pull me into the darkness, where my waning glow can still light a pathway. I turn my back on the brilliant display of color and walk back to the door that will lead me onto my destiny. The pebbles crack one last time. The sunset disappears over the horizon. I push open the door and let the darkness engulf me, ready to make my way through, fending against any obstacle that stands in my way." The way he tries in the only way he can to make a difference, to shine in the only way he knows is so very poignant.

And I'm left with the image of a mere boy, sitting on a rooftop with his hair dancing in the wind and stained gold by the colours of the sunset, as he gathers the courage to make a choice he should never have had to make, and to change the course of history.

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Review #4, by ginnypottergurl793 Propped Against Your Rooftop

10th September 2006:
Wooh. that was good! lol. nice job!

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Review #5, by kelly4draco Propped Against Your Rooftop

27th August 2006:
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Review #6, by Sophia Montgomery Propped Against Your Rooftop

27th August 2006:
The poem is a wonderful beginning and even better in content. But in "My eyes are ready to take in every beautifully spun cloud, every wisp of smoke from the chimneys, and every waning streak of glistening gold that blasts itself across the sky like comets too close to the Earth" I think that since you look for description in the other areas of your story you should subsitute 'beautifully' with something else. How so beautiful? When you say 'They’ve released one side of the rope and allowed the other to pull me into the darkness, where my waning glow can still light a pathway' I can see an image of light fading in my mind but beautiful clouds? No, I need to know more.

When you wrote 'They are at my side, ready for the upcoming task, ready to let go. I think I’m ready now', it feels to me, personally, as if the ready is repetition- just slightly and it could be only me.

Other than those remarks, I think this was a very well written story and the descriptions came to be as being very vivid. As I said before, I really like the poem. Nice work!

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Review #7, by timeturner Propped Against Your Rooftop

12th April 2006:
Finally! Took me ages but I finally found breathing room! So sorry for the delay. Of course, you know I already love this. The descriptions are fantastic and you have crafted such an amazing haunting visual with your words in this. You did a great job with the setting here and were able to pull me into the mind of your character because you just used such eloquent details in every single thing. It's a fantastic work of art, dear. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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Review #8, by Lyn Midnight Propped Against Your Rooftop

23rd March 2006:
So you wrote the poem... it's crazy! The thing I like most about writing - originality. It might be complete frenzy, but if it's new, I always love it! This chapter is perfectly written, Acappella! I really like your style of writing, your choice of words. The way memories entwine with present time is great! I even learnt two new words as English is not my native language /flimsy and translucent - fancy words/... So, the title caught my attention, and here I am. However, I noticed one mistake, it should be "take care OF you". Otherwise it is really great work! I really enjoyed reading it... Have a nice day! :) ~LM~

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Review #9, by fidelius-finite Propped Against Your Rooftop

12th March 2006:
Wonderfully written. This story puts into perspective Peter's feelings about his life and his friends. No grammatical or spelling errors. Oh, and kudos for spacing- it's kind of my pet peeve. It shows that you put a lot of effort into this story. This is the kind of fanfiction that people enjoy reading.

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Review #10, by PhoenixStorm Propped Against Your Rooftop

6th March 2006:
Well I was going to come over and read this fic anyway because Missy recc'd it to me, and wow, am I glad I have read it :).

You have a couple of mistakes; really really small ones, but I wanted to point them out. and the skin covering my knuckles appear almost translucent missing an s on appears. I follow in the temporary footsteps he leaves in the plush carpet and look up footprints would really be the better word. The sunset disappears over the horizon I think under the horizon would make more sense, but it's up to you of course :). Other than this, you might want to read over this for punctuation, there were a couple of confusing sentences (somewhere around middle to end, i didn't mark them down *rolls eyes*) that needed some re-working.

ok so this fic is incredible, it's so amazingly well written I am stunned. You just have a wonderful way of phrasing things. Oh, and the poem! wow just doesn't cover it. I could probably write this whole review on just the poem but I'll restrain myself ;). Needless to say I thought it was brilliant, but I'll focus on the actual fic now.

You started this wonderfully, with the whole description of the railing. I’m not sure if the railing, chipped from the passage of time and bruised from the many handprints belonging to lost souls, is meant to keep me safe from the outside world or from myself. right from there, I knew this was going to be a great fic (well, I actually had pretty high expectations from the poem but anyway) and you didn't disappoint.

Everything you wrote about Peter just blew me away; I don't think you could have written him better. I adored the flashbacks to the first trainride (especially this line for some reason The boy, though perhaps a year older than I, is shoving his social ladder down my throat :D ). It was all very believable and the thoughts Peter has in the present of all that has happened fit in all the better.

You have some amazing imagery in here, especially about Peter. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not ready to leave the ground yet. I’m scared to death and this is how I hold on. It's not a take on him I've ever read before, and I think you did a great job on a different angle to this night/the night he's preparing for what we know is coming. I also really love the whole theme of the colours of the sunset in the last part. I take comfort in the opposing colors because, while others might brilliantly outshine me, in the end, I will not be the first to burn out because it's somehow very Peter and also intensely beautiful.

My absolute favourite line has to be How can the wind be so free? Why is it that the wind, the cold, bitter, inconsistent wind, can be able to go wherever it pleases? It's just such a lovely image, and paired with the theme of the railing made it even more powerful. It just said everything about what peter wants and is so far out of reach and added to the feeling of entrapment he is feeling. Basically I loved this whole fic, I am adding it to my favourites just as soon as I've hit submit, incredible story :).

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Review #11, by rainbow92 Propped Against Your Rooftop

6th March 2006:
I think this is one of the few stories I've read that has captured me from the first word, held onto me till the last, and managed to touch me along the way. This is a truly great piece of writing. The poem in the beginning-it's an excellent poem. I could never write a poem like that, and I congratulate you for it. The story itself...I love Peter stories, love them enormously. This one in particular though-one of the best I've read. You've used amazing description in your writing, which makes it so beautiful. You have a real way with words. Your characterization of Peter is excellent; it gives us an insight to him we rarely get. Excellent work, all in all. Definitely going in my favourites. ~Cathryn~

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Review #12, by forsakenphoenix Propped Against Your Rooftop

5th March 2006:
Okay, so I was mistaken before. This story is my favorite of yours. The language you use is absolutely gorgeous and the imagery is fantastic. You write Peter so amazingly well. I have to pull out my favorite lines because, really, they were so so good.

The elegant boy with the trim cut hair and brilliant grey eyes stands like a soldier by his mother's side. Not even the gusts of smoke from the flaming red engine, dare take a strand out of place. [that comma shouldn't be there, by the way] His face remains placid an I fear that the bitter cruelness of the world that children hear so often about, has turned this young prince into exactly what the high standing parents want: a statue made of gold. That is such a lovely description of Sirius and I love it to death. Oh, and then that line where you said it was as if Sirius was shoving the social ladder down Peter's throat. That was just...gah! It just shows so much about how Sirius was still influenced by his parents' beliefs when he started Hogwarts and he didn't just start rebelling the second he got to Hogwarts. My second favorite line/part, whatever was: I take comfort in the opposing colors because, while others might brilliantly outshine me, in the end, I will not be the first to burn out. I just love this line so much because it's sad. Peter knows that everyone else outshines him, that he's always shadowed by everyone elses' brilliance. But as they say, the brightest always burn out the fastest. Oh, those poor boys...

Anyways, yes, I adore this fic so much. Just...Peter's thoughts and everything about it is amazing and the language and imagery! beautiful. :)

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Review #13, by StepUpTimneh Propped Against Your Rooftop

1st March 2006:
The first sentence captured my attention, and throughout the story I continued to stay interested. Your descriptions are wonderful, and this story was very good. I know that I promised a long review, but there really isn't anything else for me to say. Take that as a compliment! I spotted no errors, and I do not have any suggestions on how to make this any better. It's already fantastic!

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor Propped Against Your Rooftop

25th February 2006:
Beautiful work, Lauren. It's very moving in the way that you let us see how Peter made up his mind and his reasons for doing so. You don't let him become evil at all, you show him as being human, strong enough to make a decision and stick with it even though the memories of his friends plague him. The descriptions in this are very detailed, especially with colours, like in the way that you describe the sunset as having "calmer blues overcoming the vibrant golds". Those make the imagery that much more vivid. Also the way that you introduce Lily and the rest of the Marauders is excellent, telling the reader all they need to know in a short sentence or two. I love your style of writing, it's so poetic, like a piece of art. It's a brilliant story, Lauren. Absolutely brilliant. =)

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