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Review #1, by _iloveremus_ Unspoken

24th November 2007:

Author's Response: The warnings said this was a slash piece with Remus and Severus as the characters. Who did you think was going to be "involved?"

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Review #2, by GREENTIGEREYES Unspoken

26th August 2007:
this is so sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks. People either like this or absolutely hate it. It was written for a challenge and was not supposed to work out this way, exactly.

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Review #3, by silver phoenix Unspoken

21st August 2006:
Well now, that was.....interesting. A very random pairing, and a little squeamish. I don't mind slash at all, but I never would've imagined these two together. Yet you managed to pull it off with grace, and effortless beauty. You are a very talented writer, and this was a very well written story. I really liked this :)

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I never intended to write this story. It was a response to a challenge on another site to write an opposites attract piece for last Valentine's Day. It was actually supposed to be Remus Lupin and Narcissa Black-Malfoy. But the characters insisted on a different story. When Snape wants you to write about him, you have to listen. He has a nasty temper. :) Thank you for your kind words.

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Review #4, by Holly Fawkes Unspoken

24th February 2006:
Wow. Interesting pairing. At first I was like, eww! (Okay, I'm still pretty much like eww.) But it's fairly well-written. I love how they speak to each other and don't say what they're really saying, but yet know what they're really saying. That's great. As out-there as I find this pairing, perhaps because I find this pairing so out-there I'd almost like to know the history behind it...why Remus and Severus together, and how? Overall, I liked this fic.

Author's Response: I know it was an eww pairing. It actually is to me too. And it is out there, intentionally so and I expect to get flamed for it. The challenge I was answering was to do an opposites attract thing for a February challenge. This story actually started out to be Lupin and Narcissa Black Malfoy, her coming to him to hedge her bets to protect Draco. She said in HBP she'd do ANYTHING to protect him, even defy the Dark Lord. I got the first three paragraphs done and realized that wasn't the story Lupin was telling me in my head. I started with something in mind, but the characters had a different idea. I just take dictation. *smiles* Thank you for taking the time to review.

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