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Review #1, by dark_side_of_the_moon Sunny Day

10th March 2006:
Yikes, that's scary! When I saw the banner I thought it was Snape (and so probably Lily), but obviously not! Blimey. Very good, mind. But... scary.

Author's Response: LOL! I hope it didn't scare you too much! I wouldn't wanna scare anybody off with my fics! I'm glad you liked it, hope you weren't too scared and hopefully you come back soon! Thanks mate!

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Review #2, by Amaryllis Sunny Day

27th February 2006:
This was a scary story. In another writer, this could have been a strange, ill-thought out peice of writing, yet you did a spectacular job! The way you captured the desperation of obsession, the twsited logic of the mind was wonderful- beautiful and terrible at the same time. I do wonder though; who is being obsessed over by whom? Again, a terrific, extremely well-written story. It was great!

Author's Response: . . . wow . . . You really have no idea the effect of your review. It really helps to know that people can follow the logic of his mind and still understand that it is beautiful/terrible, because what others don't follow is that this is what he really believed in. Like how expect the sun to rise in the morning, just a simple thing like that. I'm probably not making myself clear at all, but I do appreciate the great review and look forward to (if you want) hearing from you again! Thanks again mate!

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Review #3, by Shii and Nel Sunny Day

26th February 2006:
pretty good, though I couldn't tell who the characters were, but that may have beena good thing. Maybe I just missed something, a grammer problem here and there, like you wrote 'the' as 'they' (a very common mistake). This story had great voice, I could hear the person talking. The voice and the poison under his bed told me that it was probably someone like Snape or Rodolphus, or someone in a similar situation/character. I really enjoyed it, I love sad endings, I'll add it to my favorites. =)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the wonderful review! And thank you for adding it to your favs, it makes me all tingly and warm inside!! I'm gald you enjoyed it and thank you again for the great review.

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Review #4, by Dead Among The Roses Sunny Day

26th February 2006:
Wow that was great. Your decriptions were amazing. Fabulous job.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the compliments and for leaving a review!

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Review #5, by Disco Alien Sunny Day

26th February 2006:
Uh, Snape and Lily or random people? Really good and gives a clear insight into the mind of a lunatic with an obssession.

Author's Response: ha ha, I tried to capture the psychopathic nature, but I don't think I paid fully justice to the complexity of it all. Thank you so much for the compliments and for taking the time to review!!

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