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Reading Reviews for For You To Notice
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sarah Lupin In the Shadows

31st May 2011:
This is a great story. I was surprised and the ending. Kind of Happy yet really sad. Loved it.

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Review #2, by smilin steph In the Shadows

1st July 2009:
yhat was amazing i luv it

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Review #3, by Lauren In the Shadows

2nd March 2009:
Wow. Does that mean neither of them want to be married? The last part is mysterious. It's all amazing though, really well written =D

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Review #4, by DestinyPrayer In the Shadows

10th August 2007:
Wow! That was so great! It was so deep too.
I usually don`t read one-shots but I love A Collision With Hope on Quizilla so I thought I`d read this and I Love It!
This is definetely going on my favorites!

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Review #5, by Hermione_78 In the Shadows

16th December 2006:
i loved it, not as much as i love truth, but i still loved it. can i make you a banner? it just for some reason with good stories, i feel they should have banners. if so, e-mail me at etsinoustombons@comcast.net, i hope to hear from you soon. Loved the story once again, you're an amazing writer.

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Review #6, by Ronald Weasley In the Shadows

8th December 2006:
This story is great. You pictured Ron's character and true love perfectly. This story is really has sad ending but I like it anyway. I was looking for a story like this so your story really satisfied me. I like the story a lot. Superb job.

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Review #7, by QuidditchSeeker In the Shadows

4th December 2006:
Although I've read this story before (on Quizilla) I never got to tell you how heart wrenching this story is.
Because let me tell you -- it is. Whenever I read this story, I can feel Ron and Hermione's hearts breaking.
Everytime I read this, I want to cry.
Good job

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Review #8, by pinaygrl3123 In the Shadows

23rd May 2006:
Laur, that was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I'm surprised I never thought to read they stories you had here on HPFF, glad I finally did though. I loved it!

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Review #9, by Emily In the Shadows

5th March 2006:
*sniffle* Oh that was so depressing. But good. Very good. Poor Ron. I liked how you had kept names out of the first part, except for "the Great Harry Potter", which I actually thought shouldn't have been there, but apart from that, it was very good. *sniffle*

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Review #10, by Australia's_#1_Hpfan In the Shadows

28th February 2006:
perhaps a bit drawen out at parts but overall very sad and insightful. good job love Aus

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Review #11, by potterfreak16 In the Shadows

28th February 2006:
You already know how much I loved this one-shot. You really know how to depress me, Laur. *grins* Take that as a compliment, though. Your writing is full of emotion, and it really shines through beautifully with each word. Although you and I both loathe H/Hr, I loved that you chose Harry as Hermione's husband; as you said before, it made it all the more heartbreaking for Ron. Beautifully done, Laur; sad and heartbreaking, but beautiful. :)

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Review #12, by candy_shop In the Shadows

26th February 2006:
How cute, made my heart sink slightly. I loved that story.

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Review #13, by Rachel In the Shadows

26th February 2006:
That was really good. You may want to edit it again, as there are loads of grammatical errors, but the story line and the way it flowed so well were both fantastic aspects of this piece of work.

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Review #14, by Life Unknown (NSI) In the Shadows

26th February 2006:
Wow... that was really really good. Beautifully written. My heart broke for Ron at seeing Hermione and Harry married. It made me cry. Not many stories make me cry. Only two other (I believe) have actually made me cry, so good job. Keep up the great work. -Annie

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