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Reading Reviews for To be or not to be?
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Review #1, by jkr_lover Finally reunited

22nd December 2007:
Ok, you could have continued that story and made it a lot longer with lots more chapters but, this is a good plot.

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Review #2, by JamieL_A_M_P_Weasley Finally reunited

10th August 2007:
It lies kind of flat but otherwise I like it!

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Review #3, by Ginny_Molly_Potter Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

15th June 2007:
“I knew that git wasn’t my father!! I’m too cute to be his!"

That was funny. hehe. luv it.

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Review #4, by Katie Finally reunited

9th November 2006:

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Review #5, by mrskimberleyweasley Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

26th October 2006:
mmm malteser buns really? well if you insist...

i really like it. i'm not really convinced that hermione woud just flee the country and if she did i dont think she would change her mind about her decision in an afternoon. but i'll go with it for imaginations sake.
just make sure we get a happy ending and i will believe anything you say

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Review #6, by AliKt716 Finally reunited

16th July 2006:
Not as popular?! I liked it. It was fast, but pretty good.

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Review #7, by Kitty2213 Finally reunited

12th July 2006:
cool story. kinda wierd but i enjoyed it. you have a good imagination.

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Review #8, by Hermione want to be Finally reunited

30th May 2006:
OH! So fluffy! I loved it! and no, i do not want to hit you upside the head with a fish! You made me cry it was so good! and it wasn't a depressing cry either. i have read too many depressing stories today and this one had a happy ending! thank you for pulling me away from depressing! On a scale of 1-10, I give you a 12! I only put 10 because that is the highest that is avalable.

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Review #9, by Hermione want to be Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

30th May 2006:
I will review. Don't worry! the story is really good! I love it! It was cute what Alex said in the end too! LOL

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Review #10, by WeasleyandGranger Finally reunited

15th May 2006:
This was an awesome story!! You wrote it very well and...oh I just loved it!! Keep writing!

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Review #11, by KK Finally reunited

13th May 2006:

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Review #12, by presi Finally reunited

11th May 2006:
u need a lot, i mean alot more description of both suroundings and feelings. i will call this a goos story outline. u need to go in to more detail.


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Review #13, by Emma_M Finally reunited

11th May 2006:
great story loved it

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Review #14, by firebolt1001 Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

9th May 2006:
i like it its sad no ones reviewing the story has major potential. I would liked to read the rest no sorry LOVE

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Review #15, by MrsHermioneWeasely Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

27th March 2006:
cool plz update

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Review #16, by Rory Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

24th March 2006:

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Review #17, by Lizzie Destiny comes knocking and the key to the past

23rd March 2006:
I like the books, whens the next chapter coming up?

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Review #18, by Ali A day in the life of Hermione Collins

14th March 2006:
I liked it but I think Ginny should have noticed hermione. bUT Hey what do I know it's your story

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Review #19, by Robyn A day in the life of a lonely Weasley

9th March 2006:
An interesting fact: I live in Australia on the gold coast... lol not interesting but a fact. I like the way you write... look forward to next chapter :D

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Review #20, by maggiedalena A day in the life of a lonely Weasley

7th March 2006:
Love it so far. Please, continue! lol

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Review #21, by MrsHermioneWeasley A day in the life of a lonely Weasley

7th March 2006:
this was to short make the next one longer!!!!!!

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Review #22, by irishladybugz7 A day in the life of a lonely Weasley

6th March 2006:
My name is Dawnlee and I love mystery of any kind. My hubby hates me because I know who done it before the 1st break lol. Your story is a wonderful work in progress i hope to see it move along. I can't wait to see how you bring them together again. Good luck oh , and HURRY if you can lol. Looking forward to your update. Dawnlee

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Review #23, by LadyMione A day in the life of a lonely Weasley

6th March 2006:
Hey. I really like this story but it's a bit rushed. Otherwise keep up the awesome work. :)

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Review #24, by Mrs Ron Wealsy Prologue

1st March 2006:
WOW sums it up i totally love this story !!!!!!!! plz hurry and update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I have already submitted a next chapter about a week ago but it hasn't yet got validated so bear with me and don't loose interest in my story!!! Everyone who had reviewed I'm really thankful to!

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Review #25, by halfblood_princess A day in the life of Hermione Collins

28th February 2006:
even the "wizard ness" as you say can not m ake a baby talk at the age of one. It is way to young. Iknow a 4 year old who can't really talk that wel, so I hink you should change the baby's age. The young boy knows too mjuch for his age make him like 4 or 5 years old.

Author's Response: Thankyou for your helpful criticism! I have paid attention to it and edited my story accordingly because I thought it was a bit far out myelf! Thanks for helping me come to my senses

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