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Review #1, by Dramione_4ever Ring Of Fire

29th June 2010:
absolutly heartwrenching! i dont know that i've had a one-shot move me like this one. beautiful, simply beautiful

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Review #2, by londonmarie Ring Of Fire

12th February 2008:
Wow this is really good. little sad they died, but i liked it.

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Review #3, by mirrormask Ring Of Fire

3rd January 2008:
As always I admire your work Sara
I really enjoyed this, the way your descriptions flowed, the brief passing of hermione's memories. I liked that, the fact that you did not dwindle on a memory, and came right back to the present situation.
It was wonderfully written, apart from the few grammatical errors. ^_^
I think you did an awesome job with this little fic.


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Review #4, by Ofelia Ring Of Fire

8th July 2007:
I love love love this song! Oh have so made my whole day by using it in a story. You are also very quickly becoming my new favorite writer on here!!! This is the 4th story I have read of yours and I love them I have to go read the rest!! Thanks
p.s. started with the checkout chick...I work in a grocery store so I loved this one!

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Review #5, by dolphindreamer20225 Ring Of Fire

6th April 2007:
I love it. You never cease to amaze!!

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Review #6, by Layla Ring Of Fire

11th December 2006:
Bloody brilliant! I'm gonna cry!!!

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Review #7, by aSzAshEen Ring Of Fire

1st November 2006:
wAaAaAa ivE heArd tHat soNg bEfoRE !!

in RockStAR suPernOva ! hMM !

i rEALLy tHouGht tHe sOng aS an HP sOUndtRack

i wOz miStaKen By tHen .. hMPh !!

OooOoH WhAttA BuRn !! yoU knOw WhAT ??

you rEminDed me oF soMethiNg,

i cUdn't rEMEMbEr it tHO ...

AaAAH.. !! tHe tin sOLdieR !!

hE tOo diEd wiT his LovEr thE baLLeRina

iNsiDe thE UnForgivAbLes fLaMEs. !! hmmMm

hOw tRaGiC, 'ciAo ! gOtTA rEaD Yeh'r oTHeR stOrieS,, hEe

0_o zZZ

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Review #8, by lunadragonfly Ring Of Fire

13th October 2006:
even tho they died, that was wicked,..... very well done.... :D i loved it.... It was a great story... the whole way through :D

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Review #9, by Of LioNs aNd SerPeNts Ring Of Fire

1st October 2006:
NiCe oNe!!! I love it. Short and sweet

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Review #10, by pygmyhorntail19 Ring Of Fire

4th September 2006:
It's a really good story considering the fact that I (and probably alot of other people) had thought that they would have gotten out alive and killed Voldemort and have had a happy ending but I like it the way you did it.

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Review #11, by MeganH Ring Of Fire

7th August 2006:
A new take on the familiar dramione romance...Very refreshing, in spite of the story's setting and plot. Is there really love so strong as what you write about, Sara4Harry? 'Cause, if so, I certainly hope I experience it one day...though, preferably with an ending like Checkout Chick's. :)

Author's Response: Thanks Megan! :) Lol I hope so too! And yeah I think Id prefer an ending like the check out chicks as well....geez I really better update this story shouldnt I? I mean its only one more chapter! Get a move on Josie!

Lol k better go before I give myself a lecture.

Love Josie
a.k.a - Sara4Harry

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Review #12, by reviwer Ring Of Fire

13th July 2006:
awsome story- so emotional! they had wands though- at least malfoy did- why didn't he just use a spell to get rid of the flames? there must be some sort of water spell... well anyways good story!

Author's Response: I don't know, maybe they forgot they were wizards in the heat of the moment as theyve done so many times before (At least Harry, Ron and Hermione have) Thanks though! :)

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Review #13, by HispanicPrincess Ring Of Fire

1st July 2006:
AH! THEY DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AW SO SAD! But nicely written!

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Review #14, by catriona Ring Of Fire

28th June 2006:
Hello, I would like to translate your beautiful fanfiction stories. I would like to publish them on my personal webpages and also Can I have your permission to publish them? Your name is written as the name of the autor. I am looking forward to hear from you

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Review #15, by lazybones Ring Of Fire

26th May 2006:
WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND DEPRESSING ENDINGS?? *cries hysterically and runs away* wah!!!!! *runs back and blabbers* you write the best stories ever! *runs away to find herself some ice-cream*

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Review #16, by crookshanks7 Ring Of Fire

9th May 2006:
awww so sad but once again you have written andother brilliant story! you are officially my all time fave dm/hg author!

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Review #17, by Allyssa_Malfoy Ring Of Fire

6th May 2006:
That was beautiful, I'm gonna give you ten stars!!!!

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Review #18, by dracobabe1 Ring Of Fire

29th April 2006:
rasies eyebrowns ---- seriuslygood!

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Review #19, by aharrypotterobcession Ring Of Fire

25th March 2006:
wow that was amazing. a one shot like i've never seen it. brilliant.

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Review #20, by gemini69 Ring Of Fire

21st March 2006:
I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan and loved Walk the Line so this story is great just cause of the lu\yrics. lol. No but seriously it was a really good story especially for a one-shot. I loved it. Brai

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Review #21, by FutureAggie09 Ring Of Fire

18th March 2006:
nice job on this. It was sad, but not too sad; very well written

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Review #22, by MistressEva Ring Of Fire

13th March 2006:
loved it. done real well!

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Review #23, by Life is 42 Ring Of Fire

10th March 2006:
My Mum would listen to that song and i love it! Oh this was such a sad fic. I cried my EYES out reading it, but is seemed so...true. I haven't seen Walk The Line yet (my parents did...i didn't go =( ) but i love the song...*signs*... this was so sad though...Life

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Review #24, by dylan Ring Of Fire

9th March 2006:
i love it!! i would have never thought to use a Johnny Cash song for a fic.

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Review #25, by skinnycook Ring Of Fire

6th March 2006:

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