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Review #1, by puresilver Prologue

25th March 2007:
Can't wait!

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Review #2, by xxlaura Chapter II: And so it Begins . . .

21st March 2006:
and yet again, you've done it. my review is slightly late on account of my internet being as crazy as i am and i just got back from my spring break. but i LOVE it. you've characterized delphia gorgeously. and i rather like lucius like this. though, is he married? i mean, is this set during harry's fifth year? or much earlier? or much later? maybe i missed that explaination. but mr. lucius is quite the player. i like him like that. i want fenrir. lol. anyways, keep up the good work. i'm glad you like the banner. :) ♥

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Review #3, by xxlaura Chapter I: Purity and Pride

13th March 2006:
YAY. i love banners. they make me happy. i just made one yesterday for one of my un-posted stories (which is going to be amazing, might i just add) and i keep like opening it up and just saying "wow. i'm pretty good." post the next chapter! do it! lol. ♥

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Review #4, by xxlaura Chapter I: Purity and Pride

12th March 2006:
heeeeey. i don't know if you've checked your email recently, but i sent you one because i decided to randomly make a banner for this story. just so you know. lol. if you wanna use it, yay. if you don't, it was fun to make. ^_^ i'm looking for the next chapter! can't wait!

Author's Response: Omgs, that's awesome! I was actually thinking of making a banner, but I'm not good with that sort of thing. It's very simple, but pretty and elegant . . . I like that. Imma use it n_n Hopefully it'll help catch more attention. I do have the next chapter done, I just . . . Well, I'll post it anyway. I can always get critiqued and edit it later :P

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Review #5, by xxlaura Chapter I: Purity and Pride

7th March 2006:
oh. my. god. i love it. no other words for it. why has no one else reviewed this?! they're all crazy. they'll flock here soon enough. mark my words. it's different. it's captivating. it's beautifully written. characters are detailed. i'm pretty much in love with it. ♥

Author's Response: Thank you n_n Not many people are interested in Fenrir stories, but as long as a few are, I'll keep going with it. There should be another chapter soon.

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