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Reading Reviews for the perfect ending
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Review #1, by Hannah chapter 2

14th December 2005:
Why do you have question marks instead of apostrophes? Again, you need to capitalize Hogwarts. You need to spell Dumbledore's name correctly. You spelled Penseive incorrectly. When you say Merlin the great it should be Merlin the Great because it is a title! You also spelled Parseltongue incorrectly. You also spelled Voldemort incorrectly. Honestly, your story is severely lacking.

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Review #2, by Hannah chapter 1

14th December 2005:
You've made quite a few punctuation errors and you really need to make new paragraphs every now and then. You also need to look at your dialogue a bit more closely. You don't have any commas where there need to be. You also made some spelling mistakes as well as capitilzation errors. -The 'uncle' in Uncle Vernon needs to be capitalized. -The 'Hogwarts' in your hogwarts owl needs to be capitalized because it is a name of a place. -The Daily Prophet must be capitalized because it is the name of a newspaper. -You have spelled Dumbledore incorrectly. It's Dumbledore, not Dumbledoore. Plus, his name needs to be capitalized. -Follow is spelled incorrectly in the snake's dialogue.

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Review #3, by Charming Chick chapter 2

14th April 2004:
Keep going.

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Review #4, by LilyPotter chapter 1

20th November 2003:
Good start keep it up...

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Review #5, by patronus chapter 1

19th November 2003:
seems a little quick. But it's a good start! please write more!

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