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Review #1, by hermioneanddraco She Finds Out.

14th October 2007:
do u plan to continue the story w. sequel?

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Review #2, by madison_rankin She Finds Out.

20th August 2007:
dude it has nothing to do with anything. all it says is she and draco are head boy and girl

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Review #3, by Beth Weasley She Finds Out.

16th March 2006:
Ok, but you need to start a new line for each new person speaking. It got very confusing. Sorry!

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Review #4, by harrypotter151 She Finds Out.

9th September 2005:
please update asap

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Review #5, by AllisonJS She Finds Out.

19th April 2005:
nice story. keep on writing.

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Review #6, by AllisonJS She Finds Out.

17th March 2005:
That was a great first chapter!! please keep writing!!

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Review #7, by Rosie Granger She Finds Out.

30th November 2004:

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Review #8, by Rosie Granger She Finds Out.

17th November 2004:

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Review #9, by Baby~D She Finds Out.

6th June 2004:
Oh but I enjoyed your other fanfic. Now that i give a perfect 10.

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Review #10, by Baby~D She Finds Out.

6th June 2004:
Only one thing I can say... Hated it. Why does everyone seem to think Hermoine needs a new look for Malfoy to pay her any mind? She doesn't need hair dye or makeup maybe to straighten her hair but that's it! She could be just a snotty as Malfoy and maybe her actually standing up to him would actually attract him... a confident Hermoine! Maybe someone ought to put that in their fics for once. and another point, even if she did change her look he'd make a smart remark not compliment. Think twice before you write these... please! I wish I could go lower.

Author's Response: yawn.... thank for for the lovely review.....i needed a good laugh

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Review #11, by fantasy She Finds Out.

11th April 2004:
Please please please keep writing.

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Review #12, by PERSON She Finds Out.

29th February 2004:

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Review #13, by Marz She Finds Out.

21st February 2004:
I like it!!!! Keep goin!!! Update soon!!!!!!!!!! : : ) : )

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Review #14, by harrysgirl125 She Finds Out.

9th December 2003:
me likey. write more or i may have to blow my head off. (just kidding about the head thing. but please write more)

Author's Response: Ok lets not blow our heads off K????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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Review #15, by Diana She Finds Out.

21st November 2003:
It was great but the clothes were not.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I am glad that you liked the story. Its ok if you don't like the clothes, i don't mind. Well once again thanks for reviewing! -Morgan-

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Review #16, by lil kit Z She Finds Out.

20th November 2003:
hey this is gonna be a reat story. keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't get much of a response to this story at the other website, I was going to give it up. I am still thinking about it, but, if i get some more reviews like yours I will continue it. Thanks for reviewing! -Morgan-

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