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Review #1, by weaselredhair Thinking of Him...

23rd October 2011:
thanks for keeping it Potter. Love the banner btw!

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Review #2, by 1_Ginny_1 Thinking of Him...

7th July 2007:
bloody brillant. I cant think of anything else to describe it. Honestly, I cant. great for a first fanfic, can you read my first? (Once the first chapter can be READ, because it isnt validated quite yet...)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, its not often I get such enthusiastic praise for this one... I keep meaning to go back and re-write it, but I think that if i did that, I'd make it all more angsty- and I dont think that thats what this one was supposed to show. Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Rebecca Raven Thinking of Him...

30th May 2007:
Wow. . .
I feel really sorry for Ginny. Espically since I know how she feels. I get like that too.
But I really liked this story. I was really convinced by it that Harry and Ginny should be bf/gf I always thoght it shoud be harry & hermione. . .
but not any more. . .
thanx 4 writing
ur fan-
oh yeh
I AM over 12. . .
I hate it when people who are over 12 read 12+ stuff. . .

Author's Response: Thank you so much, thats the best compliment anyone can give me!

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Review #4, by OneDamselsKiss Thinking of Him...

7th May 2007:
hey... im finally back into the calmness (lol well ok the chaos has calmed as good as its ever gonna get) of my life, so ill be on more and if u remember my fic... its gonna get some serious updates! so if ya wanna chgeck it out once its validated and tell me whatcha think itll be amazingly nice of u! Onto my review for ur fanfic one-shot, i love this one girlie! The banner is adoreable too! I really like this one and i cant wait for you to update the other story of Lils and Jamie-boy! lol hope to hear from u soon! Great job!

X's nd O's as Always,

The Damsel

Author's Response: Thanks, as always!

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Review #5, by IMPATIENT TOONA Thinking of Him...

3rd February 2007:
"Chapter one isn't that long, but wait until you read chapter 2 to judge it!"

^^ ive been waiting for chapter two for years [literally, my last comment was posted in feb 2006 aahaha] sas where is it!1

Author's Response: Thinking of him is a one-shot, sorry!

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Review #6, by Ms Fred Weasley Thinking of Him...

19th June 2006:
This is cute...I think that Ginny will find away to go with Harry but If she can i could see her like this...

Author's Response: Yeah, I think the same way, but this was just a small plot that I couldnt get out of my head one day in class, so I wrote it anyway!

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Review #7, by wired2damoon Thinking of Him...

18th June 2006:
Aww so cute! 10! well done! goin in my faves 2! ur a fantastic author i really like ur other James/Lily fic also...:o)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, its so cool to have people like my stories so much that add them to their favorites!

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Review #8, by ten_oclock Thinking of Him...

27th May 2006:
Ooo...chapter fics, how exciting! Well I came and reviewed! I really like this fic, it's cute and you describe Ginny just how I imagined. That odd mix of anger, love, sadness and the will to forget. Love it - you have serious talent and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work! Luff it! Bethan xxxx

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Review #9, by Princess_Potter Thinking of Him...

13th April 2006:

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Review #10, by Ignatz Thinking of Him...

22nd March 2006:
Awww! I got all misty-eyed! Seriously, good use of characters, you kept close to canon, and it was very plausible. Any time Harry gets some reminder that life can be sweet is a good thing.

Author's Response: Thanks! Thats what I was going for!

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Review #11, by purple_peppermint_25 Thinking of Him...

18th March 2006:
You told me to check out your story, so here I am! I liked this, you have no idea how much I love Ginny, therefore I love Ginny and Harry, therefore I loved this fic! = ) It was very canon-based, Harry and Ginny were very in-character, and I think that this or something similar could happen in the seventh book. Don't worry too much about the length, my first song-fic was short to the point of embarrasment! Not that I'm a very skilled and experienced writer, I'm practically still a baby = P But I just wrote a 3300-something word chapter, so that shows that a little time does alot of good! And reviews help too ; ) This was great, be sure to keep writing! -Purple

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Review #12, by Komal Thinking of Him...

21st February 2006:
wow this is really great! can't wait 2 read the next one!!!!

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Review #13, by ethug Thinking of Him...

21st February 2006:
story's ok, very dramatic and emo

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Review #14, by TOONA Thinking of Him...

21st February 2006:
omg. i loveeeeeee this. keep wroking on these cus this one was really good and i wanna read some more!!! and hurry cus im not the patient one. x]

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Review #15, by Anna Thinking of Him...

21st February 2006:
Very cool story! It talks about some of the main points from HBP, i luv it!

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