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Review #1, by CharlotteMarie a doll in the making

21st May 2006:
Grr... The site will only let each member post one review per chapter now. So I found a way around it–not signing in. Clever me! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, where the hell are you?! Please don't tell me you've left! Come on, I love your stories! And I love your reviews! *cries until a reply is received*

Author's Response: hiya yeh sorry i have kinda gone bye bye hehe im soooo sorry i migth be back one day ur never know byeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxx

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Review #2, by CharlotteMarie the sweetest thing

21st March 2006:
Hey, You! I got a chapter for you to read! :P Hehe.

Author's Response: wooohoo i can wait and off i go to read lol.

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Review #3, by Trish a doll in the making

20th March 2006:
I think that since Keira became a vampire, all her human memories were lost? I'm just speculating. LOL! Anyhoo, good chapter again! I really pity William... :( I hope he gets more attention from Keira in future chapters. haha. :D <3 Trish

Author's Response: yeh she has for now anyway!!! lol. i no poor william but you never what will happen and what he does have on vladimir hmm i wonder!!?!? anyway thanks so much for reading this and i will be reading yours soon!! soz if i take long im really busy soz xx

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Review #4, by Trish teasing and pleasing

20th March 2006:
Finally, I made it here and I'm happy to finally read your latest chapter.

Okay, I absolutely love the character you gave Cecilia. I don't know, I just like her. LOL And poor, poor William! And that Harry in the bar, that's not Harry Potter, is it? Haha.

Okay, gotta read Chapter 3! <3 Trish

Author's Response: aww thanks for reading this. yeh i love her too she soo much fun. and yes poor william and no it anit harry potter it the only name i could think of lol!!

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Review #5, by CharlotteMarie the sweetest thing

13th March 2006:
Hey, hey, hey! Chapter ten is now submitted! Just letting you know! And, I must say, I am pretty darn proud of the cliffhanger that is waiting for you. :D

Author's Response: woooohooo i can not wait!!!!!

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Review #6, by CharlotteMarie the sweetest thing

10th March 2006:
HA! Chapter nine is up! I think I beat you to it, Georgia! ;)

Author's Response: oh darn it you beat me that is soooo unfair!!!!!!! :( lol rigth well off i go to read it!!!! ~georgia~ xx

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Review #7, by CharlotteMarie a doll in the making

9th March 2006:
I love it! And if you hadn't just updated twice, I would have shouted at you for leaving that little cliffy! Gr! Lol, this was a very gooooood chapter! Ooo, what does William have on Vladimir? Should I know this already? Or is it supposed to be a secret for now? Hehe, in the last chapter, when I read the name "Harry" I just had to giggle. ;D Anywho, my chapter should be up. You'll probably know before I do, lol! ;)

Author's Response: awww thanks. Dont worry it is a secret for now!!!! you will find it out in coming chapter and im working on the next chapter now. lol Harry was the only name i could think of that monment. and yes i will know before you lol i cant wait!!!!!

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Review #8, by CharlotteMarie teasing and pleasing

9th March 2006:
Lmao, I really liked this chapter! Cecilia is one of a kind, no? Poor William... Anyway, I must be off! Gotta read the next chapter!! ;D Great job!

Author's Response: yeh she is one of them. aww i know poor william!!!!

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Review #9, by CharlotteMarie the sweetest thing

8th March 2006:
Hiya, Georgia! I just thought I would pop in and tell you that chapter 9 of Unexpected Love should be here by this weekend, and, once again, tell you how great Midnight Beauty is. I'm eagerly awaiting your next chapter! ;)

Author's Response: yah!!! i can not wait!!!!!!!!!! awwww thanks chapters two and three should be up very soon either tomorrow or friday!!!!!

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Review #10, by CharlotteMarie the sweetest thing

23rd February 2006:
Damn, this is really nice! Wow, it's so dark and edgy. I love vampires! You did a nice job with the characters, too! Poor Keira, though. That was sad... I'm interested to see how the HP characters play into this. I'm so, so, so, so, sooooo sorry that it took me sooooo long to read and review this. I've had a rough week... Anyway, I think it is an all around awesome fic, Georgia!!!!!

Author's Response: awwww thank you!!! for reading this!!! aww i hope your week was not that bad!!!! you will haveto wait a long time untill hp characters are in to but hey lol!!! the next chapter should be up soon yah!!!! lol thanks agian luv ~georgia~ xxx

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Review #11, by Duck the Duck the sweetest thing

20th February 2006:
Good start, though I did notice quite a few errors - there were several times where capitalisations should have been used, some spelling and grammar errors too. I would recommend finding a beta reader, and possibly altering the format - the text is quite bunched up which makes it difficult to read. I hope you don't mind me saying all this! Now onto the more interesting stuff! I did like the story, and I like where the plot is going. I think your descriptions are great, and the historical context is interesting. I also like your characters and the premise of the story, vampires are always fun! I'll be looking out for your next chapter.

Author's Response: aww thank you for reading the review!! yeh trish said the same thing about it!!! cill said that when she comes back ishe will beta it for me!! yeh i am quite good at history so that helps quite abit and yes vampires are always fun lol!! the next chapter i post it yesterday so it should be up soon thanks agian. xx

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Review #12, by Trish the sweetest thing

20th February 2006:
Ah, really great start. It was like this movie in my mind. You captured the mood of this story perfectly with your descriptions so it played really well in my imagination.

But, you really need to proofread this. LOL. I've seen a lot of typos, uncapitalized words, misspellings, lack of punctuation and grammar mistakes.Plus, it would be better too is you put spaces in between your paragraphs.

Despite of those, I commend your skill with words. You are very good in choosing and using them. Your words are very artistic and uncommon, so they are really fun to read. Great Job with this, George! Looking forward to the next! <3 trish

Author's Response: awww thank you!!!! yeh i really need to work on that i will and cill said she will beat it for me when she comes back thank you so much for reading this!! the next one should be up in a couple of days yah!!! thank agian george xx

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