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Review #1, by HPluvergirl The Best I Ever Had

1st July 2012:
Love the story! Please do a sequel!

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Review #2, by dolphindreamer20225 The Best I Ever Had

8th January 2008:
Please, you could continue this into a short story at the veyr least. Please? I like this fic. Its short, but really sweet. And I love the song, its one of my favorites. Garry Allen is great. =) But anyways, great story, and i hope you decide to take it farther.

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Review #3, by SheWouldChangeEverything The Best I Ever Had

29th August 2007:
I'd like to point out that Best I ever Had (Grey sky morning) was originally done by Vertical Horizon, and it remains one of my favorite songs of all time. Gary Allan completely BUTCHERED it. Just thought i'd let you kno. but that hasnt got anything to do with the actual story which i thought was pretty good! Harry/Hermione? I'd rather kill myself.. Dramione for life! or Ron and Hermione to be more realistic.

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Review #4, by winky3412 The Best I Ever Had

13th May 2007:
this is a really good story, but it's a bit short. I feel like I'm left hanging. I'd like to see what happens next. I hope you'll write another chapter or two. I'd also like a bit more background info, like what Hermione wrote to Draco.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. But, I wasn't planning on writing anymore on it.

Thanks for reviewing.

Cara Nicole Luvitz

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Review #5, by Moody The Best I Ever Had

17th December 2006:
It's really good. Really well written. Poor Draco, losing his girl to the Ever-Perfect Potter. He must've felt major unjustice. But I still loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks again for reviewing!

Cara Nicole Luvitz

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Review #6, by _alechia_ The Best I Ever Had

6th December 2006:
owch, pain... but very good though. if you have a mo could you please read something of mine and tell me what you think? thanks so much

Author's Response: Sure. I'd love to read something of yours!
Which do you recommend?
Thanks for reviewing!
Cara Nicole Luvitz

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Review #7, by Dark Princess 06 The Best I Ever Had

9th October 2006:
Please make a sequal.

Author's Response: I have. It's called Welcome To My Life.

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Review #8, by Emma The Best I Ever Had

5th March 2006:
OMG! is this the sequel to Welcome To My Life(the storie i just review)???????????????!!!!!!!!!!! this was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv that song!!!!!! it's on my ipod!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm lisening to right now!!!!!!!!!!! 1000000!!!!!!!~Em

Author's Response: You know what's funny? I just realized that this one would work as the sequel to Welcome To My Life, but I wrote this one first! HA HA!

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Review #9, by outcastbychoice The Best I Ever Had

25th February 2006:
Hey, this was pretty good. I totally <3 this song, and I'm not ashamed to say that I sang along as I read.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing! I love this song too! Cara Nicole Luvitz

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Review #10, by Blue Moon The Best I Ever Had

22nd February 2006:
This was such a well written story. The only thing I would add to it would maybe be a past memory or something. Like that one time they went to Hogsmeade or somethiing to give us a better dea of what their relationship was like. Overall though, I liked it. Another question. Who was the song written by?

Author's Response: The person who wrote it was um...... Gary Allan....yeah! That's his name!

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Review #11, by Lady Kat The Best I Ever Had

19th February 2006:
:D When I looked at the catagory page, i was thinking, "pft, I'll bet anything I won't see ONE country song." And this one was the first fic on the page!! Buuuut anyways... I loved it! Wonderfully written.

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad I could provide you with a country song. If you can recomend a few good ones, I can try to write a few more. I really liked this song and I started thinking, 'Hey, I could write a songfic with this!' So, yeah, thanks for reviewing! I'll have a couple more up soon! Cara Nicole Luvitz

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