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Review #1, by keycampwizard Her Voice Within

16th December 2009:
Okay... Intresting and also sad

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Review #2, by megan webb Her Voice Within

3rd March 2007:
i'm crying.

Author's Response: OMG. Really!? I didn't think I could make anyone cry with my writing. Thannks so much

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Review #3, by veelaprincess72017 Her Voice Within

4th December 2006:
Excellent story! Adding to favs.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks.

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Review #4, by Belle_Rose Her Voice Within

10th October 2006:
OMG! I can't believe that I didn't revieew before. I'm glad that Adrianna finally accept her dad's death and relises that her dad really does love her.

Author's Response: Of course he does! And yes, she's mature enough to accept it, you're totally right. It wouldve been foolish for her if she didn't/

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Review #5, by LovelyMioneWeasley Her Voice Within

25th June 2006:
you mentioned that Harry died when his daughter was 7; but the text said the beginning was worst as she heard her mother sobbing at night when she was 10 then it said that Harry died July 2 and his gravestone said June 2nd. just small mistakes right there and i believe that this was a great idea. an awesome plot, but you didn't give this much life to your character. she was just kinda there to me, you know? i love the story i really do, but Adrianna has so much potentail as do you as a writer i just wanted you to know that. maybe if you rewrote the one-shot and gave Adrianna more emotion before making up with her father because that part was good, but perhaps more angst in her mind if shes a bad temper like Ginny or Harry or if she's a quiet temper all her own. Just give your character personality. I would absolutely love to see this with so much more emotion because it would make the story, perfecto. you don't need to take my advice, but im offering it up.
I love the story though, truly. I give it a 10 and im adding it to my favorites.

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Review #6, by Lily Jane Her Voice Within

14th June 2006:
Awww...I absolutly loved this story! It was sooooo good. You are an excellent writer! Ahhh....this story was so perfect! Keep up the great writing!

P.S. Do you make your own banners? If you do, I was wondering if you made them for other authors to, because I am looking for someone to make me one. Well if you could get back to me, it would be great. Thanx!

Author's Response: Aw thank you. I am quite proud of this story; and thanks ^_^

And yes, unless the summary says "Banner by ____", the banner is made by me. I make them at HPFF's graphic site, The Dark Arts ( so yeah. :) And have a looksie around there.

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Review #7, by Brittany Her Voice Within

8th June 2006:
I loved your ff.
It made me cry so much.

Author's Response: Aw. Thank you so much. I'm SO glad you liked it :D *dances*

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Review #8, by doesn't matter Her Voice Within

9th May 2006:
Dude, you need to make this into a full series. I bet it would be pretty good. Yeah.

Author's Response: Really now ... ?? Hmm. Wow, that's such a compliment, heehee. Maybe sometime in the future. I quiet liked writing Adrianna; once i'm done the lke 45934798 fics I'm writing now, I'll consider it :) But for now, it's just a one-shot. Thanks for your review.

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Review #9, by xspellxboundxx Her Voice Within

30th April 2006:
awww I loved the story. I wish i was Harry's daughter lol. Your fic was really good. I'm glad that you had Adrianna forgive him. I don't know what I would do if I lost my father at such a young age lol. I loved Ginny's personality in here to. She did not seem like a pushover like most Ginny/Harry Fics i've read. You made her actually seem like an adult instead of an annoying child. lol. So yea, keep up the good writing. I love your style!

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much. Yeah, neither would I. I would like die myself, nvm. Thank yah =)

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Review #10, by illusionalmystic6 Her Voice Within

26th April 2006:
aww this one made me cry!

lol what can i say, i'm emotional :-)


Author's Response: Aw, it acctually made you cry? *feels accomplished* :)

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Review #11, by ginny'slittlesister Her Voice Within

15th March 2006:
Hi! Haven't reviewed in a while. very well written story. What happened to your other story on SIYE? I really liked it. This story was so sad. I cried. Good job. 9/10 -Christine

Author's Response: Ew, erm, what was it called - Love Shall Previal? Yeah, well, uhm, it didn't go so well, lol, so I deleted it.. I'm glad you liked this one. Thanks for the review.

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Review #12, by HarryPotter is my LIFE Her Voice Within

2nd March 2006:
This story was very well written. The language gave me the feel of everything that was really happeneing. I like how you made Ginny show up because now Adrianna and her mother have a bond of some sort.

Author's Response: Yea, that was sort of what I was aiming for. Thank you :)

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Review #13, by SiriusGal Her Voice Within

19th February 2006:
It was really good!! Poor Adrianna!

Author's Response: Thank you =) Yes, poor Adrianna. It would suck to be her.

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Review #14, by Kaira Devin Her Voice Within

18th February 2006:
Wow, the story was really good, it was loverly! it's just really awesome potterfan, i lurrrrrrrrrrved it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you did ^_^

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Review #15, by nisreen Her Voice Within

17th February 2006:
Awww..That's a really sweet story...i hope it doesnt happen would be so sad if harry dies when his daughter is a little kid. Your story's really well written tho. The only thing I don't understand is Harry being moody and obsessed with catching death eaters. First, Harry's not a teenager anymore and he would be more level headed and not really obsessed and he would realize what it was like not to grow up with his dad and he would try and spend as much time as possible with his daughter. Also, you say death eaters but wouldn't voldemort already be destroyed by that time thus there would not be any death eaters but rather just other dark wizards (unless you bellieve that voldemort will not be destoryed in book 7..) Anyway, i enjoyed your story overall, it was an interesting perspective.

Author's Response: Yeah it would be so sad =( But yeah true, but I didn't think or care about keeping Harry In-Characters, as well .. he isn't really in the story, except through like memory :S But it just kind of flowed. The story was just a go-along, I wasn't really thinking of what I was writing. But I'm quite please about the finished product =) And I have no idea if Voldemort will be destoryed in book 7 or not. I dont really have any theroies.

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Review #16, by Ginevra_Black Her Voice Within

17th February 2006:
i really loved's in my favourites!

Author's Response: Thank you =) *blushes*

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Review #17, by narges Her Voice Within

17th February 2006:
Loved it. So cute...and sad.

Author's Response: lol thanks.

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