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Review #1, by pens82 The definition of hurting

11th May 2007:
aww that was sad

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Review #2, by phoenix ever rising The definition of hurting

27th April 2007:
Well, that was thoroughly depressing, but in a good way! I like the emotion you portray. Rating 8/10

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Review #3, by lupa_mannera The definition of hurting

12th December 2006:
Yes, Remus is stubborn but he means well. Good job on this fic - I like their back and forth convo near the end. It's dramatic!

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Review #4, by sarah_belle31992 The definition of hurting

4th November 2006:
The story was still really good even though it was short. I think that it would be grat as part of a story. Remus is too stubborn, anyways.

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Review #5, by KathrynAmy13 The definition of hurting

31st August 2006:
Ahhh. quite sad at the end, but good! Well done & keep writing!!

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Review #6, by Amanda The definition of hurting

7th August 2006:
I like happy endings.

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Review #7, by Lyn Midnight The definition of hurting

10th July 2006:
Lol, yes, he is and yes, she does. It's sad but you know, that;s life and that's the way people are. They don't just change. They can't. I feel that you kinda repeated some parts a bit too much, but all in all, it's a good way to show your readers that those two are meant to hurt each other, as sad as it sounds. Good job, there were only two type-ohs, but I am too tired to point them out. Good grasp of the dialogue part. You should write more with this ship. ;) Have a nice day!


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Review #8, by Nymphie Lupin The definition of hurting

6th July 2006:
You write well, but I think it would have been better if he gave in. Of course this is coming from a person who lives for the Remus/Tonks ship, so don't get mad. I like the way you write.

Author's Response: Yeah, he gives eventully, but this is just a one-shot in which he's just a terrible bastard, lol. I also live for the Remus/Tonks ship, that's why I know i'm going to have a break down if JKR kills one (or both) in the 7th book! Thanks for the review!!

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Review #9, by iluvgreenday The definition of hurting

19th March 2006:
aww...poor tonks! And poor remus! I hope they get it

Author's Response: not this fic, or any others that i might write, i couldn't write a love scene to save my life, lol.

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Review #10, by Paloma Patil The definition of hurting

19th March 2006:
A pretty new're on a roll, eleen!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm no photoshop wiz but so far I've managed to make pretty writing.....

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Review #11, by Wicked Vixen The definition of hurting

15th March 2006:
Aww...thats sad. But its nice..

Author's Response: thanks! hopefully their canon story will have a happy ending...

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Review #12, by Wicked Vixen The definition of hurting

15th March 2006:
Aww...thats sad. But its nice..

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Review #13, by brunettesrule The definition of hurting

22nd February 2006:
Hey eleen! I KNEW you couldn’t resist the pull to post a fic sooner or later! You didn’t tell me, you evil woman though! (Thanks Paloma!!!) And it’s Romance/Angst, which is… well… my obsession basically! I must say there’s more to it than I thought there would be… Proves not to judge something by it’s word content. Seriously though, for every second sentence it echoes their relationship or characters, like Tonks saying ‘running, are you?’ and you can imagine that in either a depressed, or slightly annoyed, or bitter, or sad tone. Even the way she laughs “hallowly.” They’re both trying to convince each other, she is that they are meant for each other, and he is that they’re not… Trouble is they’re both failing aren’t they? Even the way he can never fully come up with an answer, like when Tonks says ‘I only want you.’ And he can only reply with ‘Why can’t you accept…’ etc… and the beautifully painful words ‘you’re living with it now’. And how Remus ‘couldn’t keep this up’. I love how you left the ‘this’ part slightly questionable. Is it the argument, the love, or the resistance? Maybe all three, and I think it’s lovely the way that that line is blurred. Maybe it’s just me… Anyway, great fic, I better see more! Lol jk take your time, though I see you now have two posted! Can’t wait to read!

Author's Response: yes the pull to write fanfiction was too great! I couldn't resist! yes it is rather short, I started with a piece of looseleaf with 350 words written in september and had to totally revamp. I just loved pitting 2 terribly stubborn people against each other, I hope it didn't come off to repetive, though. Glad you like the whole "this" phenomenon! I had trouble with how much i should put about their past together, i originally had this horrible sobbing line of tonks' that made me cringe everytime I read it so i replaced it with something It's all three, lupin just wishes he had a time turner, because he's trying to brainwash himself into believing that the phrase 'better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all" is not ture, when he really tresures every moment of their love. the only RLNT fanfic that i have left up my sleve is some fluffy diner fic, which sence I have another non-RLNT-fic and an original short-story in the works, it probably won't get posted for another...month. Thanks for the reveiw!!!!!!

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Review #14, by lunadragonfly The definition of hurting

19th February 2006:
:( Thats Sooooo RUDE!!!!!............ Stupid remus......, Way i ask you WHY do that.....*give tonks a hug*...'its alright tonks he'll come around'..... *Covers tonks' ears* Hey why dont you start a RL/NT........ I'd be in that and i think its might bust this poor tonks up...... go on you know you want to....... *Smiles* ........ i mean come on look at how sad she is.............. lol............ yes i am crazy, you can ask paloma she'll tell well i enjoyed it it was sad and remus sucks....... but i really like it...... :)....... Keira-lee

Author's Response: thanks for comforting Tonks, she needs it, if i could wright a second chapter (it'd be possitivly gashtly dear, trust me) there would be someone who's shoulder she could cry on. thanks loads for the reveiw Keira-lee, every 1 brings me farther from depression, lol.

Author's Response: i must also add that yesterday i found out that my Drama teacher Mr.pratt named his first grandaughter Keira-lee, weird Coincidence, eh?

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Review #15, by MarieC The definition of hurting

18th February 2006:
Awww that's so cute and so sad... I just love it ;) It's very original too, since everybody assume that they made up that night after what happened in the Hospital Wing. That one is going in my favorites :) Good job, two thumbs up :D MarieC -xxx-

Author's Response: thanks for the thumbs up! yes, we really can't assume to much about the remus and Tonks story, and everyone has their own version of how the characters handle the situation. I do enjoy reading things that think outside the box! thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by mirime The definition of hurting

17th February 2006:
Very good story. It shows just how stubborn Remus really is. Well written.

Author's Response: Yes, classic stubborn remus, eh? thanks for the reveiw!!! Have a great day!!

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