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Reading Reviews for The Bracelet
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by killsdracowithspork Strange Feelings

3rd June 2006:
Heh. Complicated love triangle type thing going on there.

Author's Response: Umm... wowee, thanks *smiles*

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Review #2, by killsdracowithspork  Bracelet

3rd June 2006:
Oh, Fleur. Pretty princess indeed. She was so in character by saying that Ginny was "almost too pretty" instead of "too pretty". There seems to be a lot of drama in the Weasley house.

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Review #3, by killsdracowithspork Old Crushes Die hard

3rd June 2006:
So Lily is Hedwig... an even more interesting concept. The ending, with the conversation between Harry and Ginny, was very good too. Ginny's one of my favorite characters and you wrote her very nicely.

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Review #4, by killsdracowithspork Prologue: the Flight of Lily Evans Potter

3rd June 2006:
Wow, that is a really interesting concept. Lily really didn't die... she turned into an owl. I'm curious to see where this is going. I also loved the scene at the beginning, where they're all just a happy little family. It was very cute.

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Review #5, by MeganBauer  Bracelet

5th March 2006:
I LOVE ITITIT . . . . write more , . . . . PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!? i love it sooooo much!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!!!!!!! I sooo enjoy reviews, it makes me feel lik i'm at least doing something right. lol. I'm still working on the Fourth chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to submit soon.

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Review #6, by MeganBauer  Bracelet

3rd March 2006:
wow i love it!!! please write more!!!!! i really want to read more!!! loooooovvvvvveeeeddddd it!

Author's Response: umm... thanks?

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Review #7, by Hot48cricket Prologue: the Flight of Lily Evans Potter

17th February 2006:
Good story, but too short of a chapter. So - Lily turns into Hedwig??? And what is with the bracelet?

Author's Response: You'll see if you read it.

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