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Review #1, by ihate coming up with usernames Thoughts

2nd November 2013:
eh. not the best. Everything was so poetic, it didnt seem like what they woukd actully think. Only bill, george and freds, sounded even in the same area of what they would say.

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Review #2, by AshHa Thoughts

6th June 2007:
Nice one-shot. I'm glad you wrote in how Ginny could forgive Fleur for being concieted, it's just like something she would do. I liked the point of view of each of the Weasley's. Percy may learn the value of time, but he also needs to learn the value of love from a family. Good job. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks, Ashley! I really enjoyed trying to portray so many emotions in so few words.

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Review #3, by Siriuslymissed Thoughts

14th December 2006:
Brilliant! Your an amazing writer, it's so well written. I thought for the most part everyone was in character and I absolutely love that last part about Percy missing them [even though he's still a prat!] Lol, good job. Another wonderful masterpiece! :]

Author's Response: Percy is still a prat and I despair to see what becomes of him. Still, I hope that at the very worst he is uninvolved, rather than involved on the wrong side. Thanks for reviewing this story, Jess, and thank you for all of your warm reviews, they really mean a lot!

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Review #4, by Anony_Mouse Thoughts

29th November 2006:
Cool idea! That was neat that you let us into the minds of all the Weasley siblings, I wouldn't have thought of it! It's cool.

Author's Response: Thanks, Anony Mouse. I wouldn't have thought of it either except it was a challenge on the forums. It was difficult to write each of them in a hundred words, but I enjoyed trying!

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Review #5, by la la lexi Thoughts

7th November 2006:
so cute!! i love it! perfect~~
stay cool

Author's Response: Thanks, Lexi! I had a lot of fun with this one.

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Review #6, by HermioneWazlib Thoughts

3rd August 2006:
oooh, that was really good! awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks, HermioneWazlib! It was definitely a challenge, but it sure was a lot of fun to write!

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Review #7, by hi Thoughts

9th July 2006:
wiked stry. wat does ooc mean? lol

Author's Response: Thanks, hi! OOC means out of character.

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Review #8, by ron_and_hermione_4_ever Thoughts

2nd June 2006:
i liked it a whole lot! good job! also, i wrote a story called 'not a muggle' and the first chapter's in cue - i hope that when you rea it you like it!

Author's Response: Cool, rah4e! I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for all of your kind reviews. *hugs*

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Review #9, by Irishladybugz7 Thoughts

27th May 2006:
Different Good but different. I liked it makes you ask for more though. Dawnlee

Author's Response: I'm proud of this one, just because it was the first challenge that I responded to. It is different, though, because it is so short. Thanks for reviewing, Dawnlee!

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Review #10, by andharrywokeup Thoughts

18th April 2006:
This was beautiful. And Charlie's wasn't OOC, it just showed him underneath the facade we know. That last line made me want to cry.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it, andharrywokeup. Thanks for weighing in on the Charlie debate. It's a bit difficult to write him, particularly in such a small amount of words when I don't know him at all.

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Review #11, by gabzi27 Thoughts

22nd February 2006:
i liked it it is so true

Author's Response: Thanks! I hoped to write everyone in character. I'm glad you think so!

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Review #12, by Paloma Patil Thoughts

16th February 2006:
Isn't it lovely that Bill remembers Hogwarts as a truly beautiful place? " I am in awe again today as I see my bride coming down the aisle, her beauty matched in my mind only by that first glimpse of my home of seven years." I really liked that line. I also liked the fact that Charlie's outward appearance of bravery is perhaps masking the fact that he's in Romania because he's running away from something. Interesting that, and I didn't consider it OOC at all. Loved them all, Ron's was sweet, and Ginny's broke my heart. Well done - a sweet story born of a (very) tough challenge. Hats off to you, PPP. Paloma

Author's Response: What a great review, Paloma! I'm glad that you liked Charlie- we know so little about him that he's hard to write. Percy's was probably the easiest... scary! Thanks once again!

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Review #13, by PureBlood Muggle Thoughts

14th February 2006:
not bad at all!!! well done

Author's Response: Thanks! It was my first challenge fic and my first attempt at something as structured as drabbles.

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