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Review #1, by Athena Malfoy My Dark Angel

25th October 2007:
I really love the short story in a way is how I pictured them..

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Review #2, by ginnypotter My Dark Angel

31st August 2006:
very beutiful story. what happened to your story cold beauty ?

Author's Response: lol im trying 2 update all chaps on bitter sweet darling;;) so cold beauty can wait...:D:D:D 4 a lil more..lolz...thx 4 review--glad u liked the story! ~Karla~

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Review #3, by Darkest_Days My Dark Angel

24th July 2006:
That was so good. I liked the way she mentioned the 'rules' of being married to a Malfoy. It made me happy to think of them actually loving each other, if they can, anyone can. The Malfoys are all awesome.

Author's Response: it sometimes made me wonder in the past, when reading HP books..why the malfoys were always so came sort of like an inspiration that they might hav some sort of rules or something lol i dunno...and right u r darkest days--if they can, anyone can;) thx 4 review!!! Karla

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Review #4, by Snow Angel My Dark Angel

19th June 2006:
I've got goosebumps from reading my fallen angel then this.

Author's Response: wow thx it kinda ticks something inside when u realize that ther actually was luv, besides their cold appearance...or at least in my fic;)) thx again snow angel!! ~Karla~

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Review #5, by octopudding My Dark Angel

22nd May 2006:
Yay!!!!!!!!!! that fic made me happy. I dunno why. Lucius is awesome. so is draco. I liked how you had narcissa avoid the question.....that sounds funny. but...yeah

Author's Response: omg ur making me so HAPPYYYYYYY!! i cant believe it...r u actually reading all my stories now?? wow i simply adore u!!! i was in a happy mood when i wrote this fic so...yea,.....and narcissa was avoiding the question lol becuz u know...its tough being married 2 a malfoy...she didnt know how to act anymore when he started getting mushy...shes afraid of change like the rest of us...well thx soooo much for ur delightful reviews!!!

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Review #6, by sammy lupin My Dark Angel

29th April 2006:
aww....this is a very good story!!!! i really like it.

Author's Response: thx so much 4 the review and i'm glad u enjoyed it. i was confused when i wrote it i didnt know if ppl would like it!:)) hope u read My Fallen Angel, the sequel...;)

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Review #7, by misses-charlie-weasly My Dark Angel

17th April 2006:
this is really good please continue!

Author's Response: i am writing a story that includes Dark Angel and My Fallen Angel in in a way i'm continuing it:)

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Review #8, by Ms.RealMadrid My Dark Angel

18th March 2006:
Really touching! I liked it... but y the hell is Lucius Malfoy crying?!?

Author's Response: welll lol i kinda hoped nobody would ask me that cuz its suppose to be a surprise....u c, i'm going to post soon a longer fanfic called 'Fallen Angels' which is gonna include this fic and of course it will be longer--about 10 or 11 chapters. it will explain everything in there. and it will also include 'My Fallen Angel'. thx very much 4 the review:))cheers

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Review #9, by Mrs_Lupin My Dark Angel

17th March 2006:
Oh my gosh, That was perfect. You captured the essence of the characters so well, and you did it for a couple that most ppl don't even dare to write about. Good Job.

Author's Response: Mrs Lupin thank you 4 the 'perfect' review:P I actually enjoyed making this fluffy little fic. Be sure to read (if you want teary stuff lol) the sequel, My Fallen Angel. Believe me, if you like angst, thats what u shoudl read. Anyway, sorry for ending this fic with a sad sequel (shrugs) I like angst lol. Cheers:)) and thx again 4 review

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Review #10, by SiriusGal My Dark Angel

25th February 2006:
That was really good. I like the stories that are written about the characters that we really don't know much about. and i really like the narcissa ones. good job!

Author's Response: thx again. its an impact for this fanfic to be fluff when the sequel is so angsty....ah well not everything is flowers and fairies and happy endings in the world;) glad u enjoyed it:))

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Review #11, by ginny'slittlesister My Dark Angel

14th February 2006:
I love your idea and your way of writng. Really good and easy to read. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for the compliment (grins widely) and for the review i'm glad u liked the way i write. i try to make my fluff stories really easy to read and understand becuase, unlike angst, its easy to understand the story anyway, so i wanna focus more on the details:))

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Review #12, by ginny'slittlesister My Dark Angel

14th February 2006:
I love your idea and your way of writng. Really good and easy to read. 10/10

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Review #13, by Pitt Viper My Dark Angel

14th February 2006:
How's this a Draco/Ginny Story?

Author's Response: i'm sorry, but the story says its about Narcissa and Lucius. Its a prequel to My Fallen Angel. I'm sorry if you didnt get that (try reading it again if you want to) thx for update anywayz:) (smiles weakly)

Author's Response: i mean review--sry my brain is all squiggly 2day cuz i got my report card from skool...ciao:o)

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