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Review #1, by chelsie_potter338 Abdera Nox Noctis Donum

29th March 2007:
what is the vampire is he the really dangerous one or a different one out of the 3

Author's Response: well it looks like he can be controlled even while he can hear the teen's blood in their veins in the classroom probably. he's the more laid-back, not so dangerous type. but remember, a vampire is nothing to laugh about. they are dangerous >>all of them =]] thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Lei Gray Tears

15th July 2006:
Oh no! Where's the rest of the story???!!!
Can't wait to read more, sounds like this is gonna be one dark story!!
Come on write more!!!!!

Author's Response: lol im so crazed and giddy tht u liked the story!! thank u sooo much 4 this awesome review!! update is coming (sadly) in september...cuz im currently abroad and its hard without a computer...going 2 friends' houses...u get the idea lol cheers:)))) ~Karla~

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Review #3, by Pheobs61 Abdera Nox Noctis Donum

4th July 2006:
Is that one..the...well I can't remember the name but the beautiful one? Because Hermione...well...... she doesn't even know what she feels....:)
On to Chapter 3!

Author's Response: lol i kno everything is confusing 4 her....but thats not the beautiful one...its the normal one:P but still..:)))) thx 4 review pheobs61 ~karla~

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Review #4, by Pheobs61 Vampyres

4th July 2006:
Interesting...I'll have to read on! :)

Author's Response: thx 4 the review!! so very kind lol

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Review #5, by Snitchsista Gray Tears

21st June 2006:

Author's Response: hah this is the shortest review ever:)) thx so much!! ~Karla~

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Review #6, by LovNyoU Gray Tears

7th June 2006:
goood more please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: wow thanks so much! i feel so giddy:) updating sooner than u can imagine! ~Karla~

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Review #7, by octopudding Gray Tears

22nd May 2006:
whoa. its kinda scary. like the whole story. with malfoy being accepted back into the school and all. draco's hot anyways. =D sorry. couldn't help it.

Author's Response: lol i know it just came to me while i was thinking about how the 7th book wud be like...and no, i dont think draco will come bak in the real book...anywayz thx again for another warming review!! lov u! and yea i think draco is the hottest!!!!!! :P

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Review #8, by octopudding Abdera Nox Noctis Donum

22nd May 2006:
oh. my. gosh. wouldn't they totally be scared with the vampire in the classroom who might like kill them and drink their blood and all that? Ooh! does he wear a weird red/black cloak thing and slick his black hair back like the vampires in weird picture books?

the beginning of it is funny though. ron and hermione's conversation. about ron not being able to recognize one if it "waltzed naked with Voldemort's corpse in front of you, grinning with blood smeared on its long fangs" that part really had me rolling on the floor

Author's Response: ppl were very nervous as u could c lol...he's a more modern type of vampire but he still wears the wierd capes (grins)...especially cuz he barely looks 3 years older than them even though he's about 500 yrs glad u found the joke funny im not sure evryone does lol u rolled around on the floor? omg ur like the greatest haha thx for review!

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Review #9, by octopudding Vampyres

22nd May 2006:
wow. lots of stuff about vampire. made me kind of confused. interesting, though

Author's Response: lol i know it confuses me 2 even read the first chapter sorry about that lol...

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Review #10, by fairgirl Gray Tears

15th February 2006:
well this story is really excellent!!!! and Draco....double wow....his character is excellent....can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!

Author's Response: wow some enthusiasm from my dearest readers, i see (grins happily)...well....about the vampires...I really loved writing about them because mystical and dark creatures fascinate me and i like using them in my fanfics. my faves are vampires (bites lip only when thinkin about them lol i just loooove them!), mermaids ( i find them fascinating and mysterious, and werewolves (yay for remus! lol)....and draco really has to cling on to his horrible self, cuz this is likle continuing HBP. but next chap, he's gonna start seeing herm in a different light....truth is, he's always had something 4 her, from their third year when she slapped him(or punched whatevr). anywayz i'm sooo very glad you liked the story so far and thx for this dazzling review i am flattered. read on!:)))

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Review #11, by john-cena-rox Gray Tears

14th February 2006:

Author's Response: omg hey! i like john cena! lol anywayz thx for those omg so very great compliments such a heart-warming review. this really made my day. the story will be update soon (few days cuz i have to work on about 5 otherr stories also lol) thx again 4 review glad u liked it its good 2 know my work is appreciated:D

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Review #12, by john-cena-loverrrrrr Vampyres

14th February 2006:
wow!!!!!!!!!!!that was...if possible even better than JK rowling herself!!!!!!amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing beginning *****-five stars frm me

Author's Response: oh lol u flatter me! really! better hope JK doesnt hear you (grins evilly). aww ur review made my day. so happy u enjoyed the story--i enjoyed writing it myself. thx:))(grins again and woops)

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