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Review #1, by Cassidy Evans His Last Words

29th October 2007:
AW! At least they've reconciled, in a round-a-bout way characteristic of the Darkheart family.


Author's Response: Haha, you'll see more into the Phoenix/Mordicus relationship in other stories. The Gate of Fear will have a good bit of it, but my new fic is where you'll see it the most...or at least Phoenix's view on it.

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Review #2, by ant122992 His Last Words

25th February 2007:
AW. Cute!

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Review #3, by Caty His Last Words

30th July 2006:
Sad, but wonderfull!!!

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Review #4, by Demon_Darkheart His Last Words

27th June 2006:
well i must say that was depressing!!!
but it did clear things up a little bit!!
i think it showed more of the relationship between Nyxie and Mordicus which is really a love hate relationship more than anything else.
awesome one-shot by the way!!
rOcK oN!!!!!

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Review #5, by Bookish_Beauty His Last Words

22nd June 2006:
that was so sweet! actually more like bittersweet, cause it was so sad. but i loved it, because it's kind of like an epilouge to 'marauder magic'. all your stories are so good!

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Review #6, by TanyaRiddle His Last Words

7th March 2006:
Wow! Such a sad one-shot. :( Finally! I have caught up on you! ^_^ I used to read the Marauder Magic, but then I started reading other stories, so I ...kind of forgot about it. ^.^ ...But 4 days ago I read Marauder Magic again. Then 3 days ago I read The Dark Years and 2 days ago I started Ghosts of Past and Present . Today I also read Letting Go and the one-shots. Whooh! Just to let you know: You rock! It has got to be one of the best series EVER. I mean, where the hell do you get these ideas? They're brilliant. I laughed at the jokes. I cried when somebody died. And I refused to leave the computer at 1 AM when I was reading about the Final Battle - so cool o.O Oh! And another thing: I think Disturbed rules! So I was very happy when you used their lyrics :D [Korn rules too ;)] Your new fan! -GK ^_^

Author's Response: WOO! Thanks for the review! I'm glad I can do to others what some authors do to me. LOL! I hope you continue to read on, because I'm nowhere near being finished!

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Review #7, by Profjack His Last Words

23rd February 2006:
Quite an interesting incident.

Author's Response: Er...thanks, I guess.

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Review #8, by Golden_Snitch His Last Words

19th February 2006:
OMG! Sooo sad! I really love your style of writing, you're one of the authors that I find an inspiration, take it as a compliment. Aged twelve, I might not be be as good as you but I'm learning! Lovin it.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

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Review #9, by Lyn Midnight His Last Words

13th February 2006:
Well, I have read the first two fictions and now I am reading Ghosts of Past and Present. They are all so interesting and original! However, I love reading one-shots and I am waiting for your next one. Don't worry, I like cute. In fact, I have had enough angst already! Don't forget to update :)

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! I hope you enjoy all of the fics. ^_^ I love fans.

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Review #10, by Cserri His Last Words

10th February 2006:
*sniffle* I love it! *huggles sissa*

Author's Response: ^_^ Glad you like it!

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Review #11, by sydneybristow His Last Words

10th February 2006:
omg...soooo least she didn't just walk in and set him on fire though.....

Author's Response: LMAO!!! Haha, no... Phoenix isn't that cruel. Not even to her enemies.

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Review #12, by Lyn Midnight His Last Words

10th February 2006:
OMG! That was the greatest! And I'm the first to review... This one-shot was extremely moving! I like Phoenix very much /from the other wonderful fics/, and I hope you'll write more about her... She's a strong character and deserves happiness. I hope she will return to Remus b-se he is my fave canon character! They are meant for each other :) You are really good with action and angst. Keep updating! Great chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! How many of the other stories have you read? 'Cause Phoenix & Remus do get back together. In fact...they get married and have four kids. Hehe...

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