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Review #1, by lestrange123 Attempted Vow

4th January 2009:
the best story ever
keep writing

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Review #2, by joannie Attempted Vow

25th November 2008:
you've taken so long to update chapter 13 and 14 that i've completely forgotten about your fic..
your fic is still among the best...great plot..
hope you update soon:)

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Review #3, by mystical_pirate Attempted Vow

13th June 2008:
merlin's pants!
you can't just end it there and not update!
you need to update. NOW.


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Review #4, by mystical_pirate Detention

13th June 2008:
uh oh, he's got her locket! nooo! evil him.

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Review #5, by mystical_pirate More Fighting? Or -?

13th June 2008:
aaaw, this chapter was sooo sweet.

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Review #6, by mystical_pirate The Blood in My Veins

13th June 2008:
darren called her a stupid girl!
now that's not very nice. *glares*
hehe, i'm sounding like a softie myself. i shall toughen up and read the next chapter.

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Review #7, by mystical_pirate Don`t Know Anything About Me

13th June 2008:
aaaw poor hannah...but she is a bit of a softie, well to me she seems like one. the poor thing...i feel so sorry for her.

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Review #8, by mystical_pirate Pureblood Mudblood

13th June 2008:
i can definitely see the hermione and draco in your hannah and darren. nice job.
off to read the next chapter.

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Review #9, by silver_and_gold Attempted Vow

12th June 2008:
you're really getting to something here aren't you?
this was a wonderful and suspenseful chapter. i'm glad that draco and hermione seem to be getting along better than hannah and darren started off after reading the last sentence of this chapter.
the idea of using a pensieve and old memories was very clever and you've turned the cliche 'headboy/headgirl' story into something better and much more exhilirating to read. good job, hun!
the previous chapters with the darren/hannah scenes were very sweet and passionate in a quiet and subtle way. however, the scenes with darren and hannah moved very quickly and their love was found easily as there were no obstacles in their way but i see here that you have created a situation of which tom riddle is included. is he? i'm really curious.
the dramione-ness is finally here. yay! :)



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Review #10, by mm24 Attempted Vow

27th May 2008:
Haha! Really good! Confusing. But really good! please update soon! Please! Thanx!

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Review #11, by CutieBritty31 Attempted Vow

10th May 2008:
Liked the chapter! It was really good!

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Review #12, by moon_black11 Attempted Vow

7th May 2008:
aw hannah and darren! love them!
great chapter, more more!

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Review #13, by mm24 Peniseve

31st March 2008:
I liked that! So glad that you updated! I missed this story! Keep updating! Thanx 10/10

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Review #14, by miss_lee Peniseve

13th March 2008:
cute story i want more more more more
please tell wen u hav updated please

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Review #15, by CutieBritty31 Peniseve

10th March 2008:
Nice chapter! Can't wait to read more!

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Review #16, by x_hbprincess_x Peniseve

3rd March 2008:
Please Get The Next Chapter Up ASAP !!
I Like The Hannah/Darren && Hermione/Draco Thing Going On =]

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Review #17, by SnowyHedwig Peniseve

28th February 2008:
I only found this story yesterday, and am really enjoying it! I love the idea of the pensieve, and can't wait to see what Tom's up to - we all know it's no good! I'm glad to see Hermione & Draco now, and am looking forward to what's going to happen with them.

I like your writing style, and loved how you developed Hannah & Darren's characters - great job!! Update soon!!

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Review #18, by moon_black11 Peniseve

25th February 2008:
ah hurry and update!!! i love it!!

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Review #19, by moon_black11 DM + HG

25th February 2008:
oh but i LOVE hannah and darren. i've gotten so attached! how does it all end up or them!? tell me please!!

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Review #20, by usyagitntn Peniseve

25th February 2008:
hm interesting. I actually just started to read this story, so far the story has been well... like the normal Dramione Head Girl/Head Boy story (with the expception of different characters and the presence of Tom Riddle). However, this pensieve part sparks thing up a little bit. I`m looking forward to reading the next part :)

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Review #21, by Dru Dreams Peniseve

25th February 2008:
Very entertaining chapter. So, will we be seeing more of Hannah and Darren's memories or will it just be Draco and Mione from here on out? Either way, wonderful story. It's very original and magnificently written. I can't wait to read more and see how Draco and Hermione end up falling for each other. Please post soon!

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Review #22, by Dru Dreams Pureblood Mudblood

25th February 2008:
I am just starting this story, and so far like the originality of the plot with the penseive and all. I will review again when I reach the final chapter thus far posted. Can't wait to see what happens.

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Review #23, by gryffindor_princess21 Peniseve

25th February 2008:
wow...i wonder what happened next! can't wait for Hermione and Draco to eventually get together! emma :)

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Review #24, by marissaeugine Eye Bulging Head Boy

15th August 2007:
heyy, the story is great! do you make banners or know anyone that does??
i really need one for my story waiting to be approved. could you tell me how i request a banner?? email me at

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Review #25, by Britt_anyyy Pureblood Mudblood

31st July 2007:
heyy i was wondering if you were EVER going to update? I have this on my favorites and im always checking to see if you have added another chapter. I thought it was going well. But i mean am i waisting my time checking up on it? Are you abandoning it? I thought it was a good fanfic but just let me know, i think you should continue but its your choice.

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