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Review #1, by Ly ~I Will Remember You~

9th March 2006:
I enjoyed it but it was a bit depressing. Oh and just a note meant is spelled 'meant' not 'ment'.

Author's Response: I wrote that so long ago that I forget all that is in it. Thanks for noticing the spelling error, that's back in my can't spell for beans days. :D What I do remember of it though, is that it was suppose to be depressing, or well at least a bit. Glad you enjoyed it, it is by far one of the most different song fics (or even fanfics for that matter) that is out there. Thanks for reviewing. :D

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Review #2, by acciowand ~I Will Remember You~

10th June 2005:
Good job. The story and the story matched up well. But you never said the song belonged to Sarah McLachlan...

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Review #3, by Meagan ~I Will Remember You~

18th May 2004:
i love it

Author's Response: thanks..i know it's rather strange

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Review #4, by Harry-n-Hermione 4ever ~I Will Remember You~

29th December 2003:
That story was interesting. I liked it alot! Please write more on Harry and Hermione some time after you finish "Back to Hogwarts" (Which I also have read and I love it. Harry and Hermione together just seems so right doesn't it? I wish it would happen in the real books. Well anyway see ya!

Author's Response: thanks your my first reviewer for this particular songfic, and i'm glad you liked it. i'm gonna add more of back to hogwarts this week before school goes back in. the songfic is based on back to hogwarts as kinda like a sequel. thanks again :D

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