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Review #1, by AloneintheDark Just One More Day

29th December 2006:
cute, very sad. I am in near tears (the sequel by anony had me crying) wow, thats all i can say is wow. i dont know what else to say... sorry *crying now* beautiful absolutely beautiful !AloneintheDark 20/10!

Author's Response: Well, thanks for your tearful review. I am glad you enjoyed this story. I was also moved by the sequel! Thanks for reading our stories!

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Review #2, by ValaOssas Just One More Day

11th December 2006:
That was really sad...I think I might have shed a tear. Keep writting

Author's Response: Oh, no need for tears. Thanks for that review!! I have two new stories I wrote a couple of months ago that I will be posting after finals. Thanks!!

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Review #3, by HiJane_2 Just One More Day

9th December 2006:
Oh what a sad story! It was so well written it almost broke my heart, well not really, but it was an excellent story and I loved it! I can't get over how well written it was! Great job I loved it! ~HiJane_2

Author's Response: Thanks so much for that review. It is kind of sad isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thought is was well written as only just today I have deciede that next fall I am going to persue a masters degree in creative writing.

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Review #4, by alisonlynn Just One More Day

22nd November 2006:
that was beautiful, just beautiful. you really captured the essence of harry and ginny's love.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That is a sweet review!

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Review #5, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Just One More Day

6th November 2006: sweet and sad! I enjoyed it, and I would have enjoyed it more if it had been a little easier to read. I suggest spacing the writing, which makes it easier. Beautifully written though, and very touching!
Great job!

Author's Response: I am glad you enjoyed it! This fic was amongst the first I wrote and so it is lacking a bit in form (thankfully not function) I have been changing the spacing in a number of my stories this one is next on the list. Thanks!

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Review #6, by Anony_Mouse Just One More Day

13th October 2006:
You know, this is a selfish request and I'll really understand if you won't allow me to do it, but here goes: Even though I don't normally write HPFF (see my profile), I would like to see how others react to my writing and this story has captured my imagination. I was thinking about writing a AU One-shot about what happens if Lily met the memory of Harry (see my other review) or if he left another memory for her (I know you said there was just one, but that's why it's AU). I would give you full-credit, if I were to post this, of course, and if you really want, you can use my idea and expand on this story instead. I read a story of another author that wrote an alternate ending to another story, so that's what gave me the idea. If you agree, I will post the story, and if you don't, I might just write it for my own benefit and not the public's. I understand how strange it is to have someone else toy with a story and characters you wrote, so I will totally understand if you don't allow me to do it. Just tell me what you think in a response. Thanks, and whatever you decide is fine with me! :-) I was so happy to read that next chapter of "Changing Seasons" as well!

Author's Response: That is more than alright with me! I think it's great! I really have no intentions of ever using the story anywhere else but on this site and in my very small literary circles here in Utah. Do what you will! I think that is a great idea. I will post my e-mail address in my profile just for today so you can let me know as the stroy progresses. Take the idea and run with it. Post away! Love ya!

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Review #7, by Anony-Mouse Just One More Day

29th September 2006:
I liked it, but I wish Lily could have met Harry!

Author's Response: Me too! I am not fond of sitting down to write a good H/G and creating something so sad! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Your a peach!

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Review #8, by navygirl529 Just One More Day

30th July 2006:
i am absolutely speechless. that was one of the most beautiful and original stories i've read in some time. i love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it. I think it was a great way for Ginny to deal with loss and find some closure.

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Review #9, by Serenity0047 Just One More Day

24th July 2006:
hey, a first for me! this is the first story i've read that made me cry. thanks for the beautiful one shot!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for such a sincere and emotional review!

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Review #10, by Izzieluv Just One More Day

29th May 2006:
I almost cried, how did Harry die?

Author's Response: I thought I'd leave that up to the imagination of the reader. Harry is such a part of us all that his death (should it occur) is personal to the individual. Imagine away.

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